Made in Abyss

I think she would get along well with the other school kids.

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Why is she so disgusted all the time?

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because Reg is such a horndog.

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She'd do better in killing bites.

Guide me, Lord Wakuna!

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my granddad is Wakunda btw

He's a legend! I hear he can speedread right through the Sea of Corpses!
Teach me how.


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I think she would get along just fine with other delvers.

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Thread in abyss

Most delvers are asleep. It was a long day.

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Well I'd like to see you keep your pants clean after getting stung by an Orbed Piercer

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>he still likes Nanachi

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>she still likes MiA

The bun is done.

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daily reminder that the anime is better

daily reminder that they both have their strengths and weaknesses and you should go through both

that picture is so damn precious I cant

>Tiny bit of Bonderdad

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>manga doesn't have a soundtrack
>anime doesn't have Bondrewd
Strengths and weaknesses.

You can listen to OST while reading manga.
You cant animate Best Dad by yourself.


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Your imagination is weak user I have a Bondrewd tulpa and he tells me to put kids in cartridges

Riko will meet Lyza at the bottom of the abyss!

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>manga doesn't have a soundtrack
>Not composing your own soundtrack in your mind

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my papa is the best papa in the world

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Does he have the best rod?

Yep, just look at Prushka.

If you wish to speedread through the sea of corpses here's what you do:
0. Not be a loli or shota
1. Go to idofront
2. Break in
3. Don't say hello to Bonedrewd
4. Go to his elevator.
5. Invade the sixth layer
Optional: Instead of not saying hello to Bonedrewd call him a furry.

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something something, Srajo, something, something, predictions.

> Srajo has a necro fetish
> Srajo's artifact is a "plague" or "cure" that's similar to the effects of the Abyss
> Srajo's artifact is invisibility/phantasm which renders him undetectable and immune to damage for a period of time
> Srajo's artifact is a fuckton of crows
> Srajo's artifact synergises with Wakuna's artifact and when they do it basically obliterates shit
> Srajo's artifact is flight and gliding
> Srajo's artifact resurrects dead monsters
> Srajo's artifact is basically Cthulu insanity
> Srajo is friends with Wakuna
> Srajo's idea of the "plague" is Narehate's and hes about to basically gas the fuck out of the village.
> Srajo's idea of the "plague" is the desire everyone has to go into the Abyss
> Srajo isn't human
> Srajo doesn't speak but instead uses gestures to communicate
> Srajo is actually a chill researcher of the Abyss but everyone just thinks hes a strange and eldritch fuck.
> Srajo's coffin is actually a bookcase
> Srajo's coffin is actually a wardrobe and he's fashionable.
> Srajo's coffin has his dead child inside and he's delusional.
> Srajo is actually the mask and it possesses people, making them "Srajo"

This was most of the predictions, Sup Forumsnons made about Srajo, so go buckwild with a few more. I'll try and record every prediction possible.

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Remember Prushka? This is her now, feel old yet?

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>4. Go to his elevator.
>5. Invade the sixth layer

You need WW to activate it faggot.

Forgive me for being retarded but do any of you fuckers know what going on with the releases/scanlations of the manga? Last I saw out was Ch. 45

Smug Bun, the staff notes have some cute art, at least what little I have seen on twitter

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They deleted the MiA bonuses from YouTube.

But how can I become your adorable apprentice, Lord Waku?

What the fuck is behind Lord Wakuna, hair? fire? a ripped cloak? aura?

By the time any of you reach the 5th layer your love interest will be fucking dead, providing you with a life reverberating stone.
If you don't have a love interest, steal a loli or a shota from Bondrewd or something.

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It looks like an aura in the manga, they made it look like hair or a ragged cloth in the anime


What bonuses?

BD bonuses.

Are you a loli or a shota?

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Yes! I just got my red whistle a month ago!
You were always my favorite WW. The other guys scare me...

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Do you guys want me to put them in the MEGA? I'll have to either re-encode them or start paying for a subscription (which I don't mind really) to get them up as raws. Re-encoding them will also make them upload a tad faster.

That's adorable

Sure, that stuff might be easier for you to upload since there are no subtitles to transfer over.

gf started reading this and literally will not stop complaining about the "sexualization of minors" every time it comes up in conversations. how am I supposed to tell her that I actually enjoy that aspect?

Buy her the school uniform and roleplay during sex.

When in doubt, naked hanging.

If anyone does have subtitles for the making of's (1 & 2), the live show thing, and the music making one, I would greatly appreciate those. But I'll re-encode them for now so they're still an acceptable quality. They'll be in the final iso's anyways when I get there.

Good, she won't be a retard now.

>You were always my favorite WW. The other guys scare me...
Well, time to put those stolen cartridges to good use. I'll be there in a month. tops.
Just you wait kid. Best WW Wakuna will take you to all the adventures you could ever wish for!

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For a second I thought Wakuna was holding a musket

It’s really happening...Apprentice to the Lord of Guidance...I’m gonna cry.
I won’t let you down!

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stand your ground lad

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Anyone else want a side chapter where Ozen goes down to talk to Bondrewd and hes like "Oh you want to know more about the White Whistle Riko." and thats how her legends spreads?

Aw geez, Ozen looks adorable

Strong enough forces can dent and break artifacts (see reg vs ryusazashiziwhatever)
Shaped charge on the elevator cable, ride to the bottom, if the sudden stop at the end kills you you weren't worthy in the first place

Why do my 2 favorite mangas have to be this and berserk... life is suffering

>Strong enough forces can dent and break artifacts
>Shaped charge on the elevator cable,
>Breaks the Elevator for good

Thanks pal.

The cycle is close, no time for dilly dallying with whistles and shit

You are not allowed to die. You have to stay alive for 2 days.

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how exactly did he put her in a box?

reverse this

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Sometimes i think that Praying Hands are just single minded Bonerdadfags and there is no grand soul splitting conspiracy going on.

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There is no Bondrewd, just a chuuni black whistle conspiracy trying to imitate him.

Lyza is so cute, prequel when?

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who is more autistic, ozen or bondrewd?

Stop bumping this dead thread of a dead shitty series


Fuck off Faputa, no one liked you anyway.

I did

This series died too fast tbqhfamlam

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Get out normalfag


Something something "difference of culture", one of them's an android and the other's basically a humanoid animal

Call her a faggot.

hurr durr why didn't boku no infantile shit win muh no name award

>Pull a random boku no hero shit
This is really sad, even for MiA pedos

>not boku no pico
Tis a sad day that we didn't see Reg and Mark (or Natt) together

>boku no boku awards
>lol pedo
When has this community gone to shit?

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>creator doesn`t reveal gender of nanachi
>tells us just to "imagine"
>normal people want her to be a girl
>homosexuals want her to be a boy
>nanachi is bait for homosexuals in denial to come out of the closet

You want to find out whether your best friend or dad is gay or not? Tell them to watch mia and what they think of nanachi.

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>Homosexuality is strictly related to male on male attraction

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Bon might be so into his ‘blessing’ that he’d appreciate the insult.

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Spoken like a true pedo

>thread is dying, quick, let's call each other pedo!
You pedos never fail to disappoint.

What did you expect from a dying series and a dying fanbase?

Go back to molesting your trap maid Ozen. This has nothing to do with you.

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I just realized something.

Hanezeve Caradhina is probably supposed to be given Japanese lyrics, but for some reason they decided to keep the original gibberish version.

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Isn't the gibberish supposed to be the abyssal language or something?

I really wonder how long is MiA going to be by the time it's finished, there don't seem to be many layers left but we still have some white whistles that have yet to be shown outside of info dumps.