Draw challenge: megumin, paint only

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OP, she looks like Woody gone wrong.

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shes my favortie girl

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I need to actually finish this show, ive been too busy to get past episode 3

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Breddy gud

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Good hat.

its a masta piece

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Well, at least everyone is remembering the thigh gap.

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I've never watched LWA i just wanted to try my hand at ms paint. hope yall enjoy the oc i took way too much time on this shit

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larger version cus that one was ant size

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Not fair, everybody is using a drawpad while I'm the only one using a mouse here

I make no claims to artistry!

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Why does she have a bloody dick!?


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what did he mean by this
tbqh i also thought megumin was from LWA before looking her up online

I used a mouse for this shit, just zoom in real close at like 300x300 then upscale it and hope anti-aliasing doesnt screw up everything.
What the fuck.

Also new version cus colour scheme of the old one was kinda weird, so I just decided to keep it mostly monochrome.

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Megumin is from Konosuba, not LWA.

my friend drew that after never seeing anything but a quote and a picture of her :)

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thats paint only? how long did that take

Her true form is without these.

Something went wrong

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Yeah. Like five hours.

But I don't have mspaint.exe.

Is that you, Archer?

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I fapped to this

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Crayon Drawings!

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You're my favorite

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OP said megumin, not your waifu.

9000 hours later, replying to dead thread, oh well

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Good, now draw her lewder

i love you


i will lewd aqua but not megumin. explosion girl 2 pure

actually i'm going to do that, and post it in this thread anyway

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Please put it on the fridge mommy

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Beautiful, have a well deserved (You)

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Yesterday I had a dream where I made sweet tender love to Megumin and she loved me.
Why did I have to wake up?!

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well I decided to lewd megumin anyway, hope you're all happy

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Oh my

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Sorry if it lacks the lines cuz its so hard to do it on MS Paint.

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Forgot to cover the belt with the side hair.

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veri naissu

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Both are clearly Megumin. Get your eyes checked.