The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

here's something you weebs probably never thought could happen...
i just watched The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya and i never seen the show, i have almost no clue what the fuck just happened and i don't care if you try to explain it to me, just know this has now happened and want to watch the show

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Watch the fucking show.
And become faithful follower of Church of Haruhi!

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just watch the damn show
tv broadcast order

>tv broadcast order
Fucking this!

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No proper capitalization, ellipisis, Namefagging, and announcing what he just did just to attention whore as if he matters.

You're a fucking obvious newfag. Lurk the fuck more or fuck off.

i think i'll just illegally stream it like i did with the movie

Well then, lets ignore the OP and make this Haruhi thread!

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Listen here asshole, I'm new to Sup Forums board but if you want to know (i doubt you do) i am always on /x/ talking about the reptilians so shut the fuck up about newfagging

Do you believe in our god and savior Haruhi-sama?

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welp... your turning me off to her with that photo. but i'm already half way through episode one so... maaaybe?

What kind of pictures of our Goddess do you prefer then?
Sexy? Cute? Funny? Romantic?

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all of you here..

Watch this..

so far... funny
is it dangerous to my mental health?

>actually engaging in a conversation with such a cancerous newfag that is OP
As a fellow haruhifag, you disgust me.

>so far... funny

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Funnily enough, I just rewatched this a few moments ago. It's pretty odd to think someone was watching the same thing as me at the same time. Watch the show in release order, then in chronological order and finally watch the movie again.

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welp episode one review...

i'm hooked
flaws: it's really hard to find one

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Dear lord, was haruhi really that thick?

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>actually giving advice to OP
Are you people alright?

No one fucking cares
Sup Forums is not your blog

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has the author of this never watched the show? Kyon literally had to be stopped from beating the shit out of her

You would have noticed this if you had spent less time eyeraping Mikuru-chan, Kyon.

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>Liking a show that’ll never get a proper ending.
Don’t make me laugh.

You obviously haven't read the LNs.
Haruhi changes a lot since then.

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Why did you watch the movie before the series?
It is a time travel movie that involves time travel back to the TV show. You could have never understood it out of order.

Do they become an actual couple in the LNs? This is important.

They are lovingly married in my headcanon.

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That doesn't sound very good.

Shut up, I love maids.
Can't help it
Especially this cutie from a TV show saw once.

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it was first on the list of the website i use so i just assumed it was the first episode then when i noticed the video time i said fuck it... i was already watching it and might as well connect the dots when i actually watch the show... which i am right now

Go away.

Ah, today's Haruhi thread.

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I love how they troll each other in this comic.

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Go watch the first season, then watch it all in chronological order again in a few months. It's a very satisfying experience.

what would it feel like to not even be able to bait properly?

already half way through the second episode...
so that's where the bunny outfit came from...
funny... i guess you can say i'm a master baiter (lol i'm not actually baiting this is all true)

Disappearance is animated kino.

The TV series (both seasons) is a pretty fun coming of age story mixed in with scifi elements.

Kyon knows how to play Haruhi.

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Bunny suit Haruhi is great!

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