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Kokoro is best girl

The answer is yes.
I like to have both.

I'd rather fuse them

I like both.

Both are best girls who BTFO nerds.

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Imagine having the both of them whisper sweet nothings into your ears.

Beta buster Kokoro >>>>>>> normalfag enabler Hatoko

Pick none. I hate both.

Hatoko has a great speech, Koko doesn’t.

Lose weight

Stay fat.

Left is less of a turd than right.

dat shit taste

>similar personality and design
>both are terrible people

Tomoyofag detected. Hatoko was the only good thing about Inou Battle.

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Fatties pls go.

Same seiyuu as well

>both are liars and a terrible friend to their respective partners

How about no?

they did nothing wrong unless you're an obnoxious chuuni faggot or a fatass

They're also both cute, so everything is forgiven.

Left only wanted to get along with her childhood friend and only blew up at him because of her frustration at not being able to understand his chuunibyou tendencies.

Right lead on her partner after saying yes to his questions about being together. Then promptly dumped his ass for a new partner not 5 minutes later.


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They're both darling angels only the biggest losers hate.

I'm still waiting for a epic speech


Shit taste. The loli with reality warping power was best girl. Heck, every girl was better than your normalfag waifu.

Left: Girl that tries to understand her partner. Can cook and will do her best to be your ideal wife.

Right: High maintenance, likely cheating, and dump you.

Nope. Hatoko was best girl, had the best scene and made the show memorable. Kokoro is on her way of making Franxx a hit as well.

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I cant decide so I pick half of each

>what a Kokorofag actually believe this

I like it when Kokoro wears a braid.

You just wait. Nips are already jumping on the Kokoro wagon.

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>checked this
>it's legit
Dayum. I didn't recognize Saori. That's another one of her characters that I hate.

You're delusional x 2.


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Nips fucking hate her. Only tumblr and reddit shits thought she was unironically great and nake fanart about. Your pic related is proof.

That's not how you spell Mirei.

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I only see fanart of her increasing after the latest episode.

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>another tumblr fanart that he saves and post
Kill yourself. Nips will never like to make her popular even if they hate the fatass.

Why are you so angry at this angel and the fact she's saving the show like Hatoko?

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>the autistic Hatokofag is also a Kokorofag
Sasuga. Your shit taste is par for the course. You really love shilling infamous scenes. Protip: people ironically like Kokoro because the shitpost is fun.

>not more popular than 02
>not more popular than Ichigo
>not even more popular than Miku
You're an annoying and delusional shitter.

>t-they are just being ironic!

Nice mad. She caused the biggest shitstorm in years in Sup Forums and is now dominating the threads thanks to people realizing she did nothing wrong.

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They are, dumbass. How daft are you?
>biggest shitstorm in years
Delusional as fuck. Doesn't even reach 1/10 of any list of biggest shitstorms Sup Forums has experienced.

It's called proxy. She was 3rd place for over an hour until proxy and ironic votes kicked in. Naturally 02 and Ichigo were higher than her.

I hope this means we will have more NTR anime in the future. It needs to happen.

At least 50 votes are mine.

I don't think you've even been to a Franxx thread since Saturday. People love Kokoro and defend her against the small but vocal detractors who self-inserted as the fatty and got NTR'd and thus irrationally lash out at her. She's now the face of the series and its threads.

>smalltime shitstorms =epic and best in years!
>people love her because there's fun shitposting
You seriously love shilling shit for your waifus. I hate her and still partake in shitposting on both sides. It means nothing like you think it is.

Nice falseflag. Kokoro had fans since the early episodes and her popularity exploded when she ditched the fatty for the superior boy.

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>screaming and crying because she doesn't understand something
>great speech

Nope. Some people see in hindsight that she may not be wrong, but that doesn't mean that everyone who do like her. Fatass is wrong too and isn't any better. Your whore is still not going to be popular in Nipland and sure as hell won't surpass 02 or Ichigo in the long run. Shitposting memes can't make your girl better.

>state a fact because it's what I did
>call it false flag
Good damage control.
>early episodes
Good joke. She hardly had any fans to stand out to any relevant degree. Everyone was too busy over Red vs Blue and Asuka/Rei flings to care about her

It's scary how Kokorofags think their bitch and whore is suddenly most popular and best girl. Reality is going to crush them soon enough once the memetic hype fades.

Kokoro a best, literally best wife and mother material. Only fat lardasses seriously think she did anything wrong

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>b-but weren't you guys being unironic like I was?
This shit is going happen.

>is still not going to be popular in Nipland and sure as hell won't surpass 02 or Ichigo in the long run
Only a few days have passed since the latest episode, give it time

You're a shitposter and you don't represent Kokorobros. Now we are too busy discussing and appreciating Kokoro in the main threads, deal with it.

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The one autistic Kokorofag is in for a big world of hurt.

Kokoro is best girl

>the face of the series and its threads

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Why don't we talk about the superior pairing that has just formed?

Fatoshi is going to turn Ikuno straight and she will beg for his fat cock.

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>an ugly dyke and an overbearing fatty
Wow what a combination

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I'm skinny. Try again, retard.

stop projecting

People can't stop talking about best girl.

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That's more accurate.

Amazing how one girl managed to sustain so much conversation in 3 consecutive days. Truly best.

>denying facts that anybody can look up in archive
>but muh "bros" are talking about her, that must mean so popular and liked!
Enjoy your ironic "bros" and "split"t Sup Forums.

Anal hurt fatty detected.

>6 threads
02 generated a dozen and more when she got the focus.

Why would I need the archive when right now Kokoro has been dominating the threads since Saturday? She overshadowed everyone else and is generating more discussion than 02, Ichigo or MIku ever did

Not for 3 consecutive days like Kokoro

s generating more discussion than 02, Ichigo or MIku ever did
How can one Kokorofag be so delusional?

Wrong. 02 is too strong. Your girl is small-time.

Kokoro is truly a Saint who made their lives better

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Everyone will hate Oni when she betrays Hiro

>calls /r9k/ discussions and meme fun dominating and is proud of it

Nice wishful thinking.

Their baby-making sex is going to be great.

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>made a claim for early episodes
>gets refuted
Epic discussions that have a ton of trolling and ironicposting. So awesome.

Cecillia a shit

Left is not a liar slut so the choice is obvious.

what face is he making there
is he having a stroke or smth

They're sterile.

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Japan loves Kokoro and MitsuKoko

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But Hatoko is a bitch instead.

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But there were fans of Kokoro since the early episodes, and people genuinely like Kokoro the most now. Fuck off

Hatoko is pure.
Kokoro is a slut.

I bet she'd give birth to rapebabbies.

>doesn't even know how babies are made

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Kokoro is bitch too.

>Miku a best.
>Whorekoro a worst.
Seems right.

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theyre both shit

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Nope, they're both a best

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Left because she isn't a NTR lying whore.

At the very least left's art style seems to be higher quality.

>Left was the victim of what right commited