You'll watch her anime, right user?

You'll watch her anime, right user?

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I don't watch anime with losers in it.


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Unironically the most excited I've been in months.

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Why would I watch an anime with a middleschooler MC?

Because you’re a brainlet.

why wouldn't you?

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takagi was the biggest disappointment of the season. didn't even make it more than four episodes it was so unfunny and uncute.

>has like 10 friends

Of course I will be watching my wife's anime

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I'll masturbate to the hentai that is going to be released because of her anime.

Nigger, I've been waiting for this for some time. I got really mad when colors got their anime and Bocchi didn't

Why do you have a JC for a wife?

A few episodes, probably.

I just can't put my finger on what was so wrong with it but I couldn't enjoy it one bit even though I love the manga.

Bocchi belongs to no one

Aru will be a favorite girl of the season I just know it

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>bocchi will never faint when you tell her you want to be her friend

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And then proceed to strip her and leave her naked.


This scared me.

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I didn't even know that they can upload gifs to Dynasty Scans

third panel on the left

Stare at the third panel on the left while repeating "Bocchi" and something will happen

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This will do until Mitsuboshi Colors S2

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When will it come out realistically? Winter '19?

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I haven't read Bocchi, but if it's as good as Mitsuboshi Colours then absolutely.

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Fall 2018

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its better

Even better!

Nako pls go

no passion from the animation team.

Wha..? That's the best outcome.

source on this? can't read moonrunes on the official anime website and official trailer says airing date is not decided yet

Yea, I hope her voice is very airy.

You can hear her voice in the PV.

You bastards made me think it was going to be a jumpscare

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I'm not her friend.

Who is best 2nd tier Bocchi friend and why is it this creature?

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I wonder how the episodes are gonna be, cause I usually wonder how 4koma stuff translates into full blown anime

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What are all the tiers of Bocchi's friendship and who is in each one?

1st tier: Kai, Nako, Aru, Sotoka
2nd tier: everyone else

Like always, padding time with silence and dragging jokes.

>2nd tier: everyone else
Even us anons?

Ah yes, that's right. I watched that and completely spaced it. It had nice animation and her voice was cute.

All except those who lewd Bocchi. There is a circle of hell prepared for those animals.

Is it okay if I lewd Nako

Nah, but Aru is fine.

>wanting to lewd a loser


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What exactly is "Bocchi comedy" anyway?

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Should i be happy?

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You've got it backwards, as expected.

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Fo you remembe the academy she made while teaching Nako?
Is like that but animated.

why did they make an anime about me

But that's not about you loser.

why would they make an anime about a loser?

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May I lewd Bocchi?

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Who is this dork?

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wait until the anime and there will be some lewds guaranteed

Just ask Bocchi

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No you faggots I was just predicting when Bocchi might air. Not "Bocchi is airing Fall 2018"

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Sotoka deserves it.

Now I'm sad.

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I hate you, you don't deserve to be friends with Bocchi.

I'm willing to make Bocchi my sex friend

I want to make you my dead friend

You are all fools. Bocchi would be a saint if she decided to befriend you.

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Nako go away

w-what are they doing to Geniewiz?

What the fuck why would you say something so hurtful to me? Bocchi is cute and I would like to be friends with her.

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So it's just a watamote rip off?

I'm with you.

Of course.

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I didn't feel like killing myself after every chapter so no


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It's Bocchi's fault she isn't popular.

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I like Bocchi.

I like Bocchi (sexually).

I like Bocchi's JC pussy

Nako stop posting

This was a shit plan, most people are not friends.

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__ _____ __ ________ ____ ______

>wouldn't watch his own animè

Built for headpats.

It's a shame the artstyle is off from the manga, even more than the Colors from the look of it.
The colors had more QUALITY though I bet.

I wish I was in Bocchis class.

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Bocchi is old and busted. Hikkikomori double bocchi is new hotness.