Opinions on pop team epic?

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Unfunny show

Rick & Mort: The anime.

>mfw Bobunemimimi

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I like you

Only part worth watching.

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The new CD should be coming out today in Japan.

Looking forward to when someone rips it.

It's shit
not even nips like it

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Best thing this season hands down.

Good show, great manga.

I like manzai comedy, so I like the show

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10/10 It's shit

How’s many months for your s2 killing bitefags?
Oh right, your show got cancelled.

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But I like the show, user. That doesn't mean it's not kuso.
Also PTE is not getting a second season either.

It isn't fair, dammit!

He just wanted to enjoy having the house to himself while his parents were on their trip.

It was never meant to turn out like this.

Now Daichi is....

Daichi is...

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Who's done this?

Vote for Poputepipiku and your other favorite players to represent Sup Forums in the Spring Cup:

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here is me wishing for a Chen by bkub anime.

Seriously? I thought Sup Forums is bob epic team.

literal autism
fucking trash tier worse than Franxx somehow
stop making this thread

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Yeah, no.


I felt like this had a lot of potential at first. I remember when the first episode aired. That whole weekend I howled with laughter over how assblasted people on the internet were over how retarded it was. I think in ep1 they said something to the effect of their goal being "complete dominance of the winter season". I saw tremendous potential for lulz and humour through the power of audience engagement/participation/shitposting. At the very least I knew the absurdist aspects of the humour would be funny or at least watchable.

Unfortunately the anime rapidly devolved into being dominated by lazy reference humour. In my view this is the lowest form of entertainment. Seriously, I fucking despise reference humour.

I appreciate that they took risks in many respects but overall I am very disappointed.

Of all that is written, I despise only what man has written in his references.

It was ok, but I couldn't get into it. Too Japanese for my American ass at times, didn't understand the references. Dropped it after 7 or so episodes. I may go back and watch it later.

i watched yesterday was really fun to watch, i dont understand certain references but that's aside, and like the bob team epic.

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It's just not funny.

>forcing consolewar shit
Kill yourself.

The parts with the frog animator were amusing. Also hearing them Frog VAs.

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Don't use Joker for your shitposting purposes Sup Forums

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I have something funny to say.

I'd fuck Popuko.

>implying you would have a choice

successful false flag thread is successful

The comic was good and it was adapted well for anime, if you "didn't understand all the references" you should know that a lot of it was essentially inside jokes with no intended audience.

Hellshake Yano is AOTS.


Loving it, in particular the short stories. Also girls are cute and ED makes me smile