The luckiest angel

>the luckiest angel

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k... I take the silence as a yes.

I suppose she is the luckiest angel considering she 'survived' through to the end of evangelion, was sentient, felt love, and got godmode. She still got NTR'd by her sacrifice for shinji though

He meant the angel that got to feel up on Rei not that Rei herself was the luckiest angel.

I think he's talking about how the angel is entering Rei

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Die, Reifag

>wanting to touch toilets.

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>asuka gets mind-raped by angel
>rei gets groped all over the place, every fucking where, at the same time
guess even angels knew
>who to fuck (with)

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I want to neon genesis, Rei's evangelion. If you know what I mean.

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Joke.exe has failed to execute

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I think its time to rewatch this masterpiece


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God I wish that was me

>mfw I didn't get the joke either
Maybe I was the autistic Rei all along

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Is it ok to find this hot? Especially the ones on her boobs.

I'm okay with that.
If it's wrong I don't wanna be right

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angel > tentacles > ... > two shitty hands
does that clear things up for you?

you guys remember the angel that went for Magi instead?
What a fucking nerd.

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He was turbofucking Ritsuko's mom in the matrix.

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Rei is probably very loose from all the diddling by gendo since she was little.

Vaginas need less than 6 months to adapt to the penis of their partner so, you know, whatever. you can always fuck her ass in case you really need a tight hole.

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