New Girls und Panzer episode

Has anyone seen it? And if so, share your thoughts.

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I thought it was underwhelming

I thought it was amazing

Fun character moments, the battle itself is kind of disappointing though

Same, but it's practically the first half of a movie so understandably not so exciting. Why couldn't they push out full movies, or make a new season is beyond me.

I loved it.

It was alright but felt incredibly short.

Probably the first time I really enjoyed the SoL parts.

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Both the pirates and frogs seem like a fun bunch, comedy/sol stuff was top notch. The battle itself was nothing special and Oorai's plot armor was pretty tgick but we'll see how it goes in ep2.
I can't say I'm happy with this distribution model but I guess they have their reasons.

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I love team Shark.

The pirate team is pretty neat, and while I do feel sorry for Momochan, it seems like Ooarai's dishonest attempt to make sure she doesn't have to repeat a year is going to bite them in the ass pretty soon.

Frenchies stole the show, makes me wish we could see some battles between teams other than Ooarai for a change.

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the cgi is terrible as usual but imo das finale has better cgi and less cgi usage

sorry i mean der film

Cutlass is so cute

>Why couldn't they push out full movies
Theatrical releases are in a revival in the anime world in Japan, they're big events that make a lot of money. That's why you often have events where the first two episodes of a new anime are shown in theaters.
Having theatrical releases for OVAs is widely accepted, is more profitable and means that the deadline isn't as harsh. The real question is "Why would they even push out full movies or make a new tv season ?".

It's not because Im a frog but I really liked them as well, they got Oarai good but somehow they didn't manage to land any good hit on them because plot armor. Kinda reminds me of the Pravda fight where Oarai manages to retreat into the building with all their tanks even though they were encircled and shot at from all sides.

i love it

Dumb frogposter.

Are you mad that Miho was played like a fool and exposed for the dumb filthy cheater she is ? Pic related is the smartest GuP, her QI is so high she needs to constantly supply her frog master race brain with sugar in order to keep it running at full capacity. She's got more brain power than 12 Mihos or one million Momos.

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>145 cm
>95 kg
Her brain might be big, but that doesn't explain why she's so damn FAT

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Marie is fat.

So Marie is L and Miho is Light?

where is she hiding that weight? or is she just super dense?

>loses every single tournament in the first round
>frog master race
She's just a fat, lazy cunt that got out-fucking-skilled by Miho, as expected

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Surprised that no tanks got white-flagged yet..........

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Everyone say something nice about my wife

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So she's a 0.3 Darjeeling?

Marie = 12 Miporin
Katyusha = 8 Miporin
Darjeeling = 4 Miporin
Anchovi = 2 Miporin
Miho = 1 Miporin
Maho = 0,7 Miporin
Kay = 0,5 Miporin
Rosehip = 0,001 Miporin
Nishi = 0,00001 Miporin

1 Miporin = 100 Rosehip = 10 000 Nishi = 100 000 000 Momo

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>they all lose despite being supposedly superior to Miho
>except Darjeeling who only wins when Ooarai is crippled
Just face it, Miporin is the best commander

now this is autism

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>Katyusha encircle Miho, somehow Miho gets out unscathed. Miho wins by a hair's breadth.
>Anchovi has shit tanks and a team of bakas.
>Darjeeling wins against Oarai not once, but twice.
It doesn't account for the teams intelligence as a whole, their equipment and Miho's plot armor. Best commander is Alice not Miho, Miho is fourth best team captain behind Marie, Darj, and Kat. And she's the fifth smartest GuP.

The data is clear.

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>wining against a team of beginners in pathetic outdated tanks makes you a good commander
>enemy that breaks your encirclement by not taking your bait has "plot armor", you're still a flawless commander
>losing against a team of highschoolers that you outclass in every way, shape and form makes you the best commander of them all
You're anti-Miporin bias is too harsh to take serious

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Why her butt is so heavy?

>Rosehip = 0,001 Miporin
>Nishi = 0,00001 Miporin
>1 Miporin = 100 Rosehip = 10 000 Nishi

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all the better to sit on my face

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who made this connection

holy fuck fucking 95kg?
where the fuck did she hide all that fat?

I don't want the frogs to lose

>roughly 300kg

Gloriana also use outdated infantry tank, in urban environment so their main tactic can't be used, against enemies at their own home town. Second battle show how much Darjeeling can work with other commander, even adapt to their bait & switch tactic, while Miho just say Eh? when Chi-ha use their infamous suicidal tactic. The game give more detail from Gloriana side and Darjeeling really outwitted Miho there.
And her battle record against other commander is very good, she only lose against Maho due to unlucky bounce and run out of ammo.

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Here's the real rating

Miho = 1 Miporin
Alice = 0.9 Miporin
Darjeeling = 0.8 Miporin
Maho = 0.75 Miporin
Marie = 0.65 Miporin
Katyusha = 0.65 Miporin
Kay = 0.55 Miporin
Anchovy = 0.5 Miporin
Erika = 0.1 Miporin
Nishi = 0.01 Miporin
Momo = Too low to measure

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How much Miporinium do I have to take to become a cute tank commander?

All of it.

She really deserved to win that game. It sucks that Ourai plot armor will prevent that.

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garlic munchers are gonna lose aren't they?

What about it did you love? It was very meh to me.

I want to hug Erika

> Thinking Erika is a bad commander
spot the guy that's never read any of the manga

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>caring about non-canon sidematerial

>And if so, share your thoughts.
Its shit. I'd rather watch more meaningful Monogatari movies than that distasteful OVA.

> Ignoring all material you don't agree with

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It doesn't matter unless it's animated. Erika remains a shit person and shit commander.

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Wasting brain power again by posting when he could be watching his precious Monogatari.

she's never commanded in anything animated so she can't be a shit one then

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She's still super.

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you're goddamn right

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Her part in the KMM battle lets you see quite well what kind of commander she is. An incompetent, arrogant twat that loses her temper the second something goes wrong and starts yelling and throwing bitchfits.
KMM is fucked.

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your wife gives mean handjobs

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Best rabbit

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What's she scheming? This can't all be about Momo.

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>What's she scheming?
More corruption and laziness.

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Falcon like grip.

what did she mean by this?

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Alice is not good com. She still lose to unorganised schoolgirls having better tonks and artillery support from Karl.

>Ran a slum filled with teenage girls which went undetected for years
>Defeated the conscientious and hardworking chief minister of MEXT twice by using blackmail and shadowy business connections.
>Took the credit for running an aircraft carrier why doing absolutely none of the work.

"I wonder if there's a role for me in government after all"

>perpetuating the slum meme

Shark team doesn't need the Mark IVs cannons when they've got Murakamis sick guns right there

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I want to drink grape juice for adults with Shizuka!

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she isn't afraid of a little hard labour

Absolute unit

I want ribbon girls to be animated

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I want to drink Shizuka's juice for adults!

I mean, you can. She is the heir to a large brewery after all.

If I bop her on the nose, will she cry cute tears?

I really love the hair in Ribbon Warriors

Mate you wouldn't even come close.
She'd suplex you to the shadow realm

I want to bully Jajka.

most of them look like pastries

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jajka wants to bully you

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More like Marie is heavy and Miho is light

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Even better

You know what Russian Girls are thirsty for?

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Maybe it was a little out of hand, but anything to get manhandled by that fine figure of a woman.


Truly the patricians choice

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Your souls?

/ak/, please sub this line properly, you can clearly hear her say oppai.

Shizuka's nickname is cinnamon bun head, so you aren't wrong there.
Ahh, the food Bonple had looked so good...

why is the gup version of Sakkijarven polkka so fucking fantastic
using the kantele really nails it


who's the best baka?

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I wanna ruffle the fluff.

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What country are they using for inspiration?


Miho Blanko...

I want to sing pirate enka with flint!!

Miho kowai...