Here, I fixed your manga

Here, I fixed your manga.

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Based editor

It is either this or no HxH. Gon is never coming back.

(Dotted lines)

C-could you fix the drawings too? Would honestly love a TL that cuts out all this shit.

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Meh. Too wordy and pretentious.

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Where's the joke Buckley

What editor?

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Not bad.
Now let's see you have Shueisha by the balls and still be a top seller with a legion of fans despite taking two year long hiatuses.
You still haven't taken down Precure and won the respect of your children who you're rarely there for.
Family is where it really counts and Togashi stomps you hands down in that department. His wife is a respectable mangaka, while yours is just some gold digging cosplayer that people joke about having an affair with Sanji's VA. While you were spending 20 hours a day slaving away on your series and spending time in the hospital, Togashi was actually being a father.

It's easy to be around your family when you don't work.

the wordy pages are the best

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>legion of fans
The word you’re looking for is drones

fucking kek
why are you bragging about the achievements of his WIFE? and if being a father gets in the way of his work as a mangaka we shouldn't be happy about it, since all people care about is whether they get the manga weekly, or atleast OFTEN

to translate a page like this, it would've taken less work to just blank out the bottom frames and redraw the entire thing. it's not like the art would've taken a hit - it's already garbage

MS Paint

Still too many word, make Thog headmeat hurt.
Thog need less word! Less!

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Those would be the shitposters.

You fail to understand the genius behind that page. All he has to do is add insane amounts of text and he DOESN'T"T EVEN NEED TO DRAW ANYTHING. In addition, one of these panels have backgrounds. The lazy fuck has perfected the art of not working.

It makes the chapter longer to read, so he can deceive us and make us think he didn't go in hieatus again without doing nothing

I expected a lot more bitching in this thread, considering how often "You're just too dumb to understand HxH, if you can't even read a few words" is repeated whenever someone complains about all the words, words, words and words in a new chapter thread

All the experts of storytelling have gathered here today.

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Because we know only shitposters bumping this thread after being BTFO'ed in previous threads with fanbase wars to pass the time. If you guys never gonna read the manga, what's the point arguing with the likes of you ?