Tsuredure Children


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Oh yeah, there's volume 11 stuff but I've been too busy to scan it or anything.

Hmm, I missed redraws there.

Oh you got it already. Okay then.

>it's a "sometimes things don't always work out, but you will always have your friends to pick you up and push you along" episode
Good shit. Yamane's and Motoyama's friendship is a true inspiration.

Motoyama-dono is too good for this comic

pls proofread
I have more cups of coffee in me than hours of sleep.

Man shes such a good girl

Suffer Yamane! Suffer!!

Uh sure. Just the phrasing though since you already went through the translating trouble for me.

Unless there’s a part you’re not sure of, of course.

A man could never ask for a better wingman.

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>manga gets axed
>have all current in-the-air relationships solved
>make a new spinoff about Motoyama's redemption

Would it be Motoyama-kun no revenge, The world Motoyama only knows or Yahari, Motoyama's love life is wrong as expected?

Yeah, tweaking some of the phrasing would be great (provided it fits into the bubbles well enough)

What kind of memories did she want to do while alone at her house?


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Motoyama raises a boring girlfriend

Take a guess.

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Play video games gently.

I'm not looking at raws now, so if there's a part you feel is inaccurate, let me know.

pan 3 side 4: I'm sure there's no weird meaning behind it, but still,
pan 4 bub 2: What time shall we convene this Sunday?

pan 1 bub 4: I see, I take it...
pan 5 side 1: It seems
pan 5 sides 2 & 3: [I think it'll flow better if you switch these around]
pan 6 side 2: But I'm sure he's having a hard time...
pan 6 side 3: At times like these, I should...
pan 7 side 2: To make some memories... [Assuming it's an imitation of pg 1 pan 2 bub 4]
pan 8 side 2: [Spread out the 'ie' and lessen the 's']


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What a good girl.
... UNLIKE a certain WHORE!

You don't actually know, do you?

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The Motoyama who cried wolf tells a lie today also

I crid

I still feel like shit after this. It's not like Motoyama became more of a bro or anything, he was always this great, now he's just gotten his heart stomped on. The only thing that really came of it is that now Yamane knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that he has the single greatest friend of all time. Not saying this isn't a reasonable conclusion, but it leaves you just a bit empty

Whoops, meant to quote How about Motoyamagatari

How much suffering does he have to go through?

>anti-harem manga, Motoyama is always unlucky in love but he helps and inspires others to get over their own insecurities and love problems
Eventually he gets a happy romance of his own of course, but you have to have people sweat a bit more. Twist that knife.

All of it. But it will make him stronger.

Where's the Botan. Motoyama deserves a Botan.

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>you will never have a friendship like this
It hurts

pan 1 bub 1: Come, have a seat.
pan 2 side 2: I was going to check up and see how he's doing [after that incident] [Note: I decided to make the heartbreak thing more vague since maybe it's the more sensitive thing to do, be free to argue with me about that]
pan 2 side 3: Maybe I shouldn't have c...
pan 5 bub 2: Please don't stare too much!!

pan 1 bub 4: And they'll get back late.
pan 2 bub 2: I'd be delighted.
pan 4 bub 2: I like it here.
pan 7 bub 1: [Less accurate alternative] Thinking about it,
pan 7 bub 2: We're together right now,
pan 7 bub 3: [Maybe it looks better as a period than a question mark]

pan 1 bub 2: We weren't very proactive before,
pan 1 bub 3: So if it wasn't for Motoyama-kun,
pan 7 bub 2: The fact you chose me over Motoyama-kun

pan 1 side 1: Sigh...
pan 1 side 3: Yamane-dono must be having a lot of fun with Kurihara-dono...
pan 2 side 2: I never felt lonely
pan 2 side 3: Before I fell in love...
pan 5 bub 2: For not being with you in your time of need...
pan 5 bub 4: I'm actually fine...


Uhh, if you have anything you wanna dispute with me, go ahead. I knowingly deviated off script a bit so I could make it sound better.

Yeah, you deviated in some places that I already deviated, haha.
Most of it is good. There's like 1-2 I don't like and 1-2 that don't fit in the bubbles nicely.

Bring out the full harem. To-Motoyama-Ru Darkness

I might be able to change those if you want to point them out, or should I just leave those to you.

But is it with Enomoto from a different dimension?

It's fine.
Shit doesn't have to be perfect and I'm a sleepy baby.

yes, the 2nd dimension.

mmmm good shit right there

Good end for Motoyama?

Fuck, this made me cry.

Don't remind me.

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i cry everytime ;_;

That man was de-fucking-srtoyed.

Well Motoyama is still young and he still has his bro. A lot of people when they get into a serious relationship spend more time with their partner than with their friends, so if that relationship ever ends they end up coming out of it without a supportive network.

Would you like to be my friend?

Don't we all?

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>ywn play together with BROtoyama so you can ease his broken heart

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He won the lottery

thank god, i was about to fucking lose it

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>Ditches the chance to bang his girlfriend so he can suffer with best bro
I couldn't be more prouder for this guy. He really is worthy to stay on Motoyama's side. Fuck Enomoto, it's all in the Motoyama/Yamane town. You earned my respect and acknowledgement you based frogface

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>bromance chapter

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she's an angel

He didn't ditches her, both of em want to help Motoyama. She's a good girlfriend.

I'll make sure to treasure this edit you made user. Takao Yamane the spaghetti-spilling adorkable frog, along with Tomomichi Motoyama the Wingbro, and this manga as well. They will all hold a special place in my heart

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Use this one. Fixed the uppermost right panel.

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Let's not talk about Jezebel anymore, this is a Bro-Zone, a place of healing.

...Is this it for Motoyama?

I...I guess I'll have to be happy with this.

this hit way too close.. fuck

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I mean, it's a great ending for Yamane, he's got the greatest bro ever, a great understanding girlfriend, he won hard. But it's hard for me to get happy for Motoyama when at best, he's in the same place as he started

Well at least Motoyama learned an important lesson

>at best, he's in the same place as he started
No, he's not, he is now certain that 2D girls are better. The next time something that felt like the beginning of a love story comes upon him, Motoyama will know how to avoid that 3D woman.

Well thank goodness his much better off friend deigned to hang out with him a bit to make him feel better. I was afraid Motoyama would get a bad ending.

Good shit user, thanks

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I want to hug all three
There's only wonderful people here

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Both of these guys are too good and Yamane won the lottery with Kurihara

>Yamane won the lottery with Kurihara
And Kurihara won the lottery with Yamane.

Motoyama clearly clicked on the obscured "you're the 10000th visitor" e-mails.

what a bro

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He's a greedy man who wants both. And that's what separate him from the rest.

>He's a greedy man who got both

Just poking the wound, are we?

Is it just me or Waka is going out of his way to make his girls sexier these past two chapters?

Oh, get off it. Enomoto didn't do anything wrong. She saw him as just her friend.

Official best boy rankings:
Motoyama >= Yamane > Kaichou = Renai Masta > Gouda > Sugayan > the rest

Just to make you miss them harder. Also to show that love makes girls better.

Hopefully to entice those Japanese youths to make children.

It's true
Sup Forums really has been invaded
You forgot Suna

Go away.

Where's Ogiue and Chiaki?

I didn't wanna make the hassle of remembering everyone, you can make your own if you'd like.

How could you forget stoic boy

>Enomoto didn't do anything wrong.
Never said she did though? She's blissfully unaware of the wound she's poking.

>Just to make you miss them harder.
I already do ;_;