High School DxD

My dick is pleased.

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When is the skin cancer meme going to end

Not bad

god damn dose armpits muh dick

Diggin those armpits.

Momo mght not get much screen time in S4, but she's the one I'm looking forward to seeing the most.

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Cuter, but more generic than the old art. I still prefer this tho.

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Akeno looks nice

kys newfag

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It's the name of the series you idiot.

Created for paizuri



Ready for QUALITY?

Issei, Rias, Akeno and Asia all look ok but the rest are dogshit

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She is fucking hot stuff. But the biggest question is. Will we finally get to see her naked?

They look so soft

skin cancer meme?

The red rash on their boobs

Give me Kunou and I'll be pleased.

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Better res.

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Both her and yasaka show up in the pv.

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Her looking good here means she would loom godlike in the old art style.

Go away TNKfag you are drunk and wrong.

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Ise will get his hands on these holy tiddies right?

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>12 heavenly breasts
>Gabriel somehow isn't one of them

Ok ishibumi

Look at Rias clearly has bigger breasts

Ishibumi ships azazel and gabriel, so issei cant get more than a good handful of those titties...

I wish.

But seriously Ishibumi doesnt seem to like the idea of including mature women in the harem, at least right now.

>who is Roygun

Not really canon, in that picture Rias looks even bigger than akeno and we have both of their sizes and know that akeno is bigger.

Titty size in DxD art fluctuates like crazy, with ravel early on being the most visible example but it happens to all the girls

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That's some quality armpit action

Why they ruin her, I don't feel any loli in her

thats true, then it has more to do with there already being an angel in the harem, or Ishibumi just doesnt want to give ALL the girls to issei, just most of them.

user that is pretty loli, from the sound of it you want a toddler.

Gabriel was made for Ise.

New PV when?

Who knows.

holy shit the new art is cute

This looks like shit

You'd think after having tits stuffed in his face so long he wouldn't act like a middle schooler

I reckon Azazel and Serafall is a better ship

Give me new Ravel design you fucks

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>That Akeno
Jesus christ

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...what? no seriously, what?

Gabriel and Azazel kinda make sense because they are both from the OG angel crew, and Azazel always seemed to want a piece of those heavenly titties.

Azazel and Serasfall never interacted much, and there is nothing that really implied any interest between them at all.

It's still the best newfag detector so hopefully never

She is for me

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Azazel wanted those titties alright, but he left that task to Ise.

At this point in the series its been only like 3 months siense he died and became a devil.

>3 months
Jfc what's wrong with Japan? A normal person would be cool after like a week and a half, is issei 12?

I always like the idea of reverse corruption, gabriel being so pure and their "love" being so pure that azazel's wings would flicker back to white and he would ge embarrased by it, and she would tease him for it.

But im also fine with issei following the teachings of his master and going after them titties

>to save the world Issei has to go and gather the twelve heavenly breasts
I swear this is a plot of a nukige

Boob wars 3 collab

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Passione was a fucking mistake

DxD and Boob Wars crossover when?

As long as I get my fap material I don't care. They did a decent enough job with Citrus despite the ugly background CGI people anyway.
And look at the bright side, at least it's not DEEN.

Looks like shit, especially Rias. Why would they fucking change the characters' artstyle? The old one was fine as fuck...

TNK was a mistake.
its a miracle DxD managed to survive the mess that they got it in.
the designs look good, the animation in the pv at least looks better than anything in S1 and 2.

Most likely easier to animate.

Because this one is better, and closer to the LN.

blame TNK for anything you dont like about the DxD anime.

Asia looks like 30x times better than before and i dont even like Asia.

Its probably more along the lines of the publisher and Ishibumi wanting to distance themselves and DxD from the pile of shit that was BorN, the director and anything that would remind fans of how fucking awful it was.

So new studio, new designs, new director, etc.

Good for you
that was its developers intention

The only ones that look kinda bad are Rias and Xenovia and its mainly because the designs are too soft and it plays against their personalities and the old designs that were more "agressive" .
the rest of the girls look good, or better.
Akeno looks amazing, Asia looks good, Koneko looks great, Kunou looks cute and fluffy, Yasaka looks amazing,and Gasper confuses my dick even more and before so that good.

Why would they change the artstyle 4 seasons in?

I mean, fucking why when there's so much stuff using the old designs?

I mostly care about Ravels design. Too bad theres nothing about her yet.

Since Ravel is darn cute she will be fine.

well like i said, the new style favours the younger looking and softer girls.
Ravel is both of those things, so she will probably make your DxD BOOSTO!

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It's really amazing how she was a really minor character during the book too but ended becoming one of the main and best girl

It was a miracle.

Who doesnt want a manager, who you can pay in head pats or time on your lap.

>with ravel early on being the most visible example
Why did they have to give her a stupid washboard?
shortstacks are great

>Akeno looks amazing
She has the same problem as Rias and Xenovia.
She should look like a mom, not a teenager.

Its was probably Miyama just asuming
>imouto = DFC
then in one volume he got drunk on cough medicine and drew her with Akeno tier tits, and then scaled them back to what its her canon size.

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The bigger the tits Ravel has the better.

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What a cute growing girl.

Only in sandwich with Akeno.

Does anyone in this series have any hobbies other than the MC? Or do they just never talk about doing anything other than fighting?

>She should look like a mom, not a teenager.

This was never a thing.

Akeno is barely a year older than Issei and is always described as a onesan, older sister looking girl so slightly older than issei.

she acts like an older woman, but its only an act and she is just a teenage girl and acts like one any time she actually gets intimate with issei.

>Does anyone in this series have any hobbies other than the MC?
Rias is a weeb, Asia is a good christian girl, Akeno's into cucking people and iirc Koneko's also a weeb

Rias is a weeaboo.
Azazel is into mecha and SCIENCE.
Sirzechs and his buddies are into sentai.
Issei is good at sculpting... tits.
Koneko is into wrestling.
Metatron is into ninjas.
kiba likes to cook.

>Akeno's into cucking people

Good thing that Rias is a thinking woman.

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>Akeno's into cucking people
More like recreational whipping.

she just likes teasing Rias about stealing Issei from her, and knows that its sexier to be "the mistress" than just being another one of the many wives.
though she still got declared to, and wants to get married as well.

Akeno outright tried to seduce Issei and start an affair with him behind Rias' back.

What's retarded about Akeno is that she's still a virgin. The fact she acts so lewd and is so eager for sex but she has never fucked anyone before meeting the MC even though she's 17 just breaks my suspension of disbelief.

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Yes, Akeno fucking loves teasing Rias
And she knows she is shy and slow when it comes to her relationship with issei,she teases her like that to push their relationship forward.
Its why they make such a great pair, you just know akeno would get Rias to do some really fucking kinky shit with issei by just saying
>if you dont do it I will and he will love it

Akeno loves Rias as a sister and would never really steal issei away, thats like saying Kuroka would steal issei away from koneko

>she has never fucked anyone before meeting the MC even though she's 17 just breaks my suspension of disbelief.
Reeee fucking normies, just explode

What do you think they need to do to get things back on track after the shitshow that was S3?

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I'd be fine with Akeno being a virgin is she was uninterested in sex. Virgin girls who act like turbosluts are a retarded concept invented to pander to purityfags who get triggered at the thought that a girl might not be a virgin.

Just do S4 by the book, anything else could potentially ruin it, I would of course love to back track some OVAs or something for vol 5 to 7 but thats a really long shot, maybe well get some flashbacks

Well, I was kidding, I don't like it either. Especially when we're talking about demons here. But the LN audience is what it is. Even experienced male MCs are rare

As long we get more mecha Issei BOOSTO, I'm glad

Ok new animeonly friend, its clear you dont know shit about dxd or akeno so here are a few pointers

-Akeno's sextease is just an act, and mostly comes from her fallen angel side.

-she is straight up mentioned to hate men and hate being touched AT ALL

-the people that actually knew her were surprise at how much issei managed to change her

Also, its not crazy for teenage girls to not be whores and sleep around 24/7 remember the story takes place in japan and not america.