Yama no Susume S3


>Duration & Episodes
Season 3: 15’ x 13 episodes

Was hoping for full length episodes this time, guess we should be grateful it's even getting another season though.

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This is a lie.

Fuck Kokona

Please don't

Don't worry, S4 will have hour long episodes and be 2 cours long

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Hinata's smile is very encouraging.

Kokona, what are you implying there.

She's gotten plenty of practice blowing stuff.

Hey, I'll take it!

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I prefer the shorter length, and 24 minute episodes may use up too many manga chapters. Hearing Hinata and Aoi again is more than enough for me.

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How far have they gone?

I’m surprised this anime was popular enough to warrant another season, but I won’t complain about it

I don't really like that they are making Yama no Susume lewder as the show goes on. The first season was as pure as it gets, not diluting the mountain climbing theme with fanservice (not that they had time for it). Then we get S2 with loads of bathing scenes and the whole special dedicated to bras.

I don't know for sure, but my estimate is about 24~ chapters in.

No, I mean, how far have Hinata and Aoi gone in bed?

I don't know, ask the mangaka or Yukachi.

I bet they kiss a lot.

>season 1

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That's from the special though

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But everyone told me S3 will have 4-cour 48 minute episodes.

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I want to climb these mountains

Is this appropriate for children to watch?

I'm not sure what's the problem with it.

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All of the lewd parts are from the manga, and the manga is plenty lewd.

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will there finally be lewds of the boy in s3?

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Possibly not in the way you were thinking...

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