Is there anything redeeming about this show? Why do so many people love it?

Is there anything redeeming about this show? Why do so many people love it?

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The animation is good.

It has Kyoani's name slapped on it and that means that mouthbreathers will defend it to the death despite it being trash, like 90% of the anime that creatively bankrupt shithole puts out.

^ this it have good sakuga and this salmon haired Kumiko.

>Why do so many people love it?

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The main character wears tights, glasses, and a big sweater, so she's incredibly fuckable.

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It's better and more interesting than Violet Evergarden.

I haven't seen a single episode of Violet Evergarden and I can promise you that is wrong.

Doesn't make it any more 'redeeming' if it's still shit

user you'd be surprised.

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Last 4 episodes were great.
Characters were fun.
Idol episode was meh.
Watch prequel episode.
It's decent. I liked it.

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I love most kyoani shows, but I found it hard to actually get emotionally invested with this show, I don't know why. Beautiful character design, art, interesting characters, great OP and ED... but just meh? Like, I just couldn't really give a shit?

The movie was good enough tho

>Why do so many people love it?
They do? Everywhere I go that thing is hated to no end.

The same reason they like Violet Evergarden: shit taste.

I have it on hold on episode 9, I know there's things going on but everything feels so aimless for some reason. Like they don't know if they're trying to be a comedy, a SoL, or a high school battle fantasy, what is it? The glasses bad guy has no charisma, and the two main couple is just not fun or entertaining to watch.

Glasses is my fetish

It’s a good train wreck.

While it’s not profound or anything, it’s entertaining enough if you have tolerance for some melodrama and turn your brain off. Most of sol fantasy romance is worse.


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Good love story and production values.

Here's a sticker for being a very good drone.