Why do people like this character? She's used goods

Why do people like this character? She's used goods.

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Yes, and?

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This anime was cheesy as fuck

I want to use her again and aagain and aaagaain!

Lucky for you, you will never be used goods!

You're a fucking nigger.

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Virgins are overrated.

Virginity is not like wine, it loses value over time. A young girls innocence is valuable, while a milfs experience is one of her selling point

>Virginity is not like wine, it loses value over time.
Yeah no

would you really be into a milf if she was a virgin? she couldn't even be a milf

I'm used goods myself, so I can fuck whoever I want without being spooked by the virgin meme.
Yeah, yes. Virginity has an expiration date, I'd argue it's around the 25 years.

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GBF Had Mega milf
GBF Try had Fumina and Gyanko
Gundam Build Divers has ????????

t. Roasties.

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because anyone over the age of 21 who hasn't had sex has somthing wrong with them and you should stay away from them. They would be really ugly or dirty or just plain retarded.

Because you can trust what some woman said in the 70's about not having sex before marriage

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Was that really necessary man?

Sometimes goods are such high quality that even when used you'd take it anyway.

>STD infections are up
>marriage and long term relationships are decreasing
>birth rate is decreasing

Yes, apparently you can.

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>because anyone over the age of 21 who hasn't had sex has somthing wrong with them
I think you're on the wrong board

>in the 70's
>all studies done in the last decade or so

I think he's exactly where he needs to be

Oh ok. Sure.

A wife belongs to her husband, a mother to her son.

It's true though.

>"my hobby is building gunpla and fucking my mom"

>Why do people like this character?
I'm sure you can figure it out, user.

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The only problem with that are the STDs and you can always plastic your willie (and maybe try to have a real sex ed for the kids). Why do you care so much, though, it's obvious you don't have sex at all.

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Get lost normalfaggot

I still don't understand why Iori's father works for international gunpla police shit when he got babe like her waiting at home.

You're the only normalfag in here, promoting moral shit like marriage and wanting the world to keep having babies. I don't give a fuck about your ancestors heritage or whatever makes you think that the world is worth a damn. I'm an outsider just like you but instead of REEEEing like an autist at people who have sex I happen to have sex ocasionally and not in the normal way.
Seriously, fuck you and your retarded logic.

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Nice blog, where can I subscribe?

You faggots are missing the point, it’s a milf! Of course she’s used goods, but she’s hot so it’s ok. It’s not like you’re gonna marry her

Just because a girl is a mother doesn’t mean she’s not a virgin.

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>reading this autism
I remember when I was 15 too, stay edgy boi




youtube.com/watch?v=ytHjdArnPJQ actually meant this one

Baby's first milf

I will as long as you stay a virgin.

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Not that guy user, but you autism was so off the charts I had to make a comment.

This must be stressed. Belonging to someone is important. Beautiful things belonging to someone else can be desirable, that after all is the soul of NTR.

>marriage and the native birth rate aren't important

Good goy.

Nigga, sex ed is the reason we're in this mess.


Why do people like this character? She's used goods.

Yet she is purer in heart and spirit then the virgin childhood friend.

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who is she?

Sometimes a used game is half the price with like new quality, in which case you'd have to be a fool not to snap it up.

Divers better have a token semen demon.

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She's not used goods. She's used greats.

furrfag and fujo pandering

because you weigh the pros against the cons. as long as you have enough pros to outweigh the cons, everything is fine.

>Why do people like this character?
They don't, they just like her body.

There is nothing wrong with used goods
You just got to treat them as such

MILFs are different than Teenager or any used goods. Can't explain it properly, because my dick likes it.


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probably because the main appeal of young girls is their innocence. if that innocence is already gone, they lost most of their appeal.

Used means it's good.

She's married and has a loving family. Picrel is the real used goods of the franchise.

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And you're completely right but being used has still left an imprint on her if she is going to project her dead husband onto him.

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Just gotta fuck it out of her.

You mean give her what her husband couldn't and leave your own stronger imprint on her..

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If a 30 year old girl told me she was a virgin i'd automatically think something was either seriously wrong with her or her social upbringing.

common in my country.

Isn't this true of all MILFs?

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popular thread btw

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Is it worth watching her show for her?

Mommies are for being made into mommies again.

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Sometimes the husband is always busy and the daughter is an asshole so the mother needs to receive headpats

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As my grandpa used to say
"When the errand is short any ol' mare will do"

So it's your mom

Milf, Milf, MILF, MILF!


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The point of being a milf is that she isn't a virgin.
Do you fags even know what MILF stands for?

>anyone over the age of 21 who hasn't had sex has somthing wrong with them and you should stay away from them
My mom says there's nothing wrong with me