Steals all the skills

>steals all the skills
>smiles at girl, she wants to become his slave
>practices his own special unique martial arts style
>trivially crushes all his enemies
>all pussy within fifteen miles instantly moistens, retains his purity anyway
>status screen covers entire field
how can other isekais even compete?

also posting chapter 1 so that you people learn what good anime looks like

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and yet won't dick the slaves because he lacks a condom

is he afraid of isekai std's?

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It's a legit concern y'know? In shieldbro, the previous shield hero died to STDs

>post manga
>good anime
what a way to start the thread lad.

lmbo at not retaining your purity by forcing your slaves to dress as maids and flipping their skirts instead

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>status screen covers entire field

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>MC a cute
If anything Nips did right, it's cute MC's

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trap MC > female MC >>> male MC

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>Dying to STDs
This is why you should level or have a white mage, viruna would solve that problem.

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So wait, is the real reason why authors are afraid of making their MCs dick their harems is because they're afraid of giving the MC STDs now? (well that and some editor shenanigans).

This is why you are the party cleric or your waifu is the party cleric. To cast cure disease often and for free.

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So it’s not a unique style
It’s literally just mma

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Then what if there isn't a "Cure Disease" spell then, or if healing magic doesn't cure diseases? You got to use medicine for that. There's this panacea-like medicine that's' awfully hard to make though. They didn't use it because they wanted that shield hero dead because he wasn't following the demihuman leaders whims

Does MMA allow you to channel ki?

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That's out protagonist, the perfectly ordinary student

Isn't one of the heroes dying supposed to fuck everything up?

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Here's a thought.

Is TRON technically an Isekai?

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Get a dancer to use healing waltz I guess, but nobody wants those annoying fucks around.

And this concludes the chapter 1 of adventures of ordinary high school student. Please like and subscribe. Next chapter: slaves

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so is this like a parody of shitty isekai?

Standard /tg/ response is "Depends on the setting". So really depends on how you want things to work. Making healing magic and potions do the same thing but work differently works for me. Naturally some asymmetry is nice but not something so basic and necessary as cure disease or cure wounds.

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That was done while the waves were not a thing to it's ok. The world risks damnation only if the heroes die during a wave. Kizuna was summoned to glass's world to subjugate that world's dragon emperor and there weren't any waves happening then. They happened some time after she was thrown into that interdimensional labrynth. That also explains her lack of knowledge about the waves in general

And even if it didn’t, that still doesn’t make the martial arts style that borrows moves from various martial art styles not MMA

>history's strongest disciple kenichi: the isekai.

what is this garbage saged

>keeping slaves

How dare you

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Not really, you see virus are very specialized so you wont catch something that targets canines because you arent one.

The real reason is that they cannot show it because of whatever magazine it runs but still it have a fucking hentai plot going on without the actual H, at least some series have the balls and started to have sex, even if not shown.

yer getting banned son.

An ultrafaggot then

Yeah that too.


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looks so cute with the crown


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>you see virus are very specialized so you wont catch something that targets canines because you arent one
The avian flu and the swine flu would like a word with you.

>30 inch long bee

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Plot Twist!

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I'd say not, the Grid exists entirely on a computer is this dimension.

>travel several months back in time
>say something cheesy in the passing to Ester they happen to run into since he felt nostalgic seeing her act before the memory loss
>finish their business in the past and return back
>Ester now has her stomach bulging with his child
>though technically the current him didn't do it
The madman literally NTR'd himself
I'm fucking dying here

>harem is the best
Who took this footage of me

Mutations exist, even the AIDS virus started out in another primate species.

But if you believe every single virus can and will mutate so it targets human, you are beyond paranoid, it can happen but it doesnt happen enough to be common.

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How did that even work?????????

If that is the case he literally has no excuse to not fuck her anymore.
He fucked her un-virgin cunt once and got her pregnant he can do it again.

I'm guessing that whatever he said encouraged Esther to just go and rape the fuck out of him

Haven't read the next chapter yet but my guess is she got too wet to hold it and just went and raped him shortly afterwards.
It was around the time he went to the dark continent.

>Fr-amia + Kin-an = Fran
So if Fran was a boy her name would have been something like Kimia/Kiia?

Also I can't believe Amanda is her grandma. It explains the stalkings I suppose.

So is he still a virgin or not? god damn time looping shit is fucking confusing.

Unless there are some tricks to time travel, yes he is.

>The THOT won

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Past him lost his virginity, but he hasn't

Wait, an elf banged fran's mom?

Adoptive grandma
She raised Fran's parents and tried to discourage them from becoming adventurers on basis that they were kinda shit at it.

you guys really like this or just shitposting it for the laughs just like kino seeker and kino healer, can't really tell

>No way fag

This is just about the least bad reason I've seen.

I'm just shitposting because I have nothing else to do, I can't speak for the others.

Nah just adoptive grandma. Fran is a nigger cat through and through.


kino healer?

One of the first anticonceptive methods registered were invented in ancient egypt, it was a cream made of crocodile dick. So yeah, even if it's not a condom they would have another kind of preservative, just imagine the reaction.

Already seems like a mary sue.

>One of the first anticonceptive methods registered were invented in ancient egypt, it was a cream made of crocodile dick
Did it actually work

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>made of crocodile dick
It wasn't dick. It was shit. According to Wikipedia, it was acidic and neutralized semen leading to sperm death.

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You know... I am probably missing some good shows and manga because of my absolute hatred for the setup of anything being Absolute normal regular everyday student that degrades into what in the fucking christ is even happening anymore what even.

I mean I've seen quite a bit already I believe and some were good, but god damn this line became hot-garbage and instant-drop whenever it showed up after a while of seeing it.


No, it's just a really shitty isekai.


Stopped reading there.

I assume it was kinda shit as contraceptive

Real reason for the whole 'no condom, no sex' is because it's a lesson to kids

What's retarded is that he supposedly wants to fuck but won't due to lacking a condom, but he never assfucks, titfucks, gets blowjobs or does anything beyond groping his harem. Then again this series is like a perfect storm of isekai shittiness, so it makes sense that it's retarded in this aspect as well.

Do humans from another world count as another species now? Why the hell would you compare diseases found in a different population as affecting a different species? If anything an isekaied human should be incredibly vulnerable to that world's diseased. If they weren't almost all OP demigods then you'd expect them to drop dead to disease the way native Americans did when Europeans arrived.

Meanwhile, Japanese Cold wipes out 2/3 of the summoning kingdom.

What kid would read a manga like that?

What kid would read something like that?

>so cucked that he doesn't done the job but still got someone pregnant through timeloop fuckery

Tanaka is truly thinking man's anime

>Do humans from another world count as another species now?

Well the innkeeper girl is certainly non-human, he got a female Knight as a slave that is human as far I can tell.

You could make the argument its the same since same species but many harem Isekai have no-humans , Shield Hero is pretty much non-human and from what I recall the previous Shield Hero was on the non-human side so I am going to assume he was Shield deep in Tanuki Pussy.

But this is the problem with world building, the whole "disease" tends to be gotten very wrong, also they fail to account for magic as if they can regenerate a entire limb but cannot destroy some virus, granted its rarely played (maybe they do put some thought into it but then again, used as a excuse) but still ...

>Shield Hero is pretty much non-human and from what I recall the previous Shield Hero was on the non-human side so I am going to assume he was Shield deep in Tanuki Pussy.
Naofumi had Melty in his harem in the end so it wasn't entirely non-human. Be it as it may, just stay clear from cult fanatics or else you'll meet a grim fate.
Since we're talking diseases, the MC in runaway poison user is practically immune to diseases since all the poison, venom and toxins he's absorbed kill all the viruses and bacteria before they can affect him.

>Naofumi had Melty in his harem in the end
>tfw you threw your future wife into rape box with lusty animal
>tfw she implied that it's ok because it wasn't the first time

I'm pretty sure that rape was the first. The thing she implied doing with firo before was kissing. If we're talking lusty animals, Sadina would be a better fit. I'd assume she'd come running as soon as naofumi or Raphtalia popped their cherries.

We all know Tact was bad already but holy shit. This latest chapter i read of the second spear hero gaiden series really makes him look like a stingy and miserly asshole.
He and his harem got the majority of the money earned, even when they had to pay the local authorities for use of the land and etc. He had a ton of factories(guns, cars, planes, paper etc) with worse working conditions than fucking china. He also had his employees drink an addictive "corporate drink" that let them work for 18 hours straight but had poison and addictive substances mixed in.

We got a update,next one is coming soon

how many elf nomads are there

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