Do you guys enjoy idols who also happen to be cakes with drinking problems?

Do you guys enjoy idols who also happen to be cakes with drinking problems?

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Sanae is a womanlet

That just makes it hotter.

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I don't usually appreciate cakes, but Kaede is love.

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Sanae is basically my ideal wife.

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>Kaede will never get you drunk while teasing you
Why even live

Every night at my house

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... but that's because I've never heard of this before. Looks like my right hand will be busy from now on.

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That's more like early mornings for me, when I invariably find out the kids crawled into bed to wake us up and fell asleep.
Well, thank fuck they're as lazy as I am if nothing else.

>ywn party with cakes

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>also happen to be cakes

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It's cute that she has to jump to be part of the picture


Also, them Shino legs. Unf.

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I want Kaeda to stab me in the stomach after i blackmailed her for sex by threatening to fire Producer

Hasn't heard of iDOLM@STER, or Cinderella Girls, watched any of the 5 seasons of im@s, Cinderella Girls or Puchimas, nor played any of the games.

Well fuck man. What the fuck have you been doing with your life?

Goddamn it man. Go download BOTH phone games and get to work.

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I love all kinds of Idols.

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i want to go wine tasting starred by Kaeda, she will get drunk and we serve cheese and liver sausages on her naked body

Gonna pinch those cheeks!

That fucking hippie in the background should be thrown overboard

I think only one of the cake idols is even older than me so to me they are all young ladies!

>tfw no cake feet in nylons to rub

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The reality in that pic is better than the ideal.

They have that much cakes in IM@s in the anime?