Which JoJo protagonist resonates with you the most?

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Did the last thread get deleted? can't find it in the archive

part 5 anime when?

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yeah wtf


Johnny had the biggest growth over the course of his part, and though he's not my favorite, I think he's the most interesting.

I hope voiceanon managed to see the requests before it went kill.

I rushed to make a new thread because I figured it'd suck for him to come back from recording to see the thread had died.

Jonathan, because he’s a combination of all the best elements of a husbando. Second favourite, Gohan is still the bae.

Yes, it became an ERP shitfest the mods purged but then they started again immediately except this time some writefags and voicefags joined in so it was deleted outright.

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>a couple of ERP fags ruined it for everyone else
go figure

Rai gets me high

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Ty user.
Hopefully someone will archive the other posts.

Thank you very much. I'm glad you enjoyed.


I'm proud of myself

>doppio domming diavolo awfully
bust a fucking nut laughing

How do you improv so damn well?

That is a really good Polnareff, why are you so great

After hearing how great your Melone was I have a mighty need to hear him actually seducing/raping someone.

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Thank you. I appreciate the sentiment.

I don't know where the origin of my improv comes from. I guess just talk like I would if I was that person thinking about what things I would know. I try to remember their personalities and that's where the acting comes in.

Mission accomplished.

Thank you, I appreciate that. I am really committed to giving characters accents that they would actually have and the dubs have been hit or miss on this.

That's something you'd need to commission.

>kira chimps out over thot not wearing a bra
top kek

It made me imagine diavolo sitting in the dark, shouting at and slapping himself.

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May I please request a keyboard warrior Josuke after someone talked shit about his hair online?

Diavolo Ultimate Tulpaman

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The post itself:

Why do I love voiceanon so much and why do I want to protect him at all costs?

Gyro reacting to being sincerely confessed to.
You don't really get any Gyro requests and that makes me sad. I asked for Gyro reacting to being told his grills are sexy before.

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1) his voice is nice and he has good range
2) his improv game is strong
3) he refuses to do 18+ lewds or say anything a character usually wouldn't, unless money is involved

i want to protect kakfag but im pretty sure hes dead

Would you protect Naranciafag?

I'll protect Narancia from him.

Wait people actually enjoy this? I fell asleep at the part where they rescue the people in the carriage in the first season.


Joseph is still the best JoJo IMO

I fell asleep at your mom gay

My first two requests included the cheese song. Here's your request! I'm sorry I didn't get this sooner. I think I'll eat some cheese now.

Thank you!

You can, but a keyboard warrior uses text, not voice.

Thank you for thinking such nice things. I am very grateful.

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How about he dictates what he's typing?

woops i meant
>You can, but a keyboard warrior uses text, not voice.
but he can say it out loud angrily as he types it

wow Josuke is such a thoughtful boy, offering to give out gender re-assignment surgeries for free!

We need to tone down the gay-autism a little bit.

Holy fuck I never looked so ridiculous laughing so hard in public.
I love it.

>tfw he lets you down so gently that you can't just go yandere and break his legs so he can't ever ride away and leave you
Gyro, you beautiful bastard, I love you and resent you at the same time.

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People just need to be less explicit, or at least spoiler it.

Abbacchio reacting to anons wanting to drink his piss.

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>Thinking broken legs would stop him when his protege is literally a cripple

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just wanted to say that i love you voiceanon

I want to marry voiceanon!

I realized even that wouldn't work just after I posted it. Then I considered if I had it in me to cut off Gyro's legs completely, and I do not.
If I got isekai'd into SBR and had an actual chance at being with Gyro though, I'd probably murder Johnny so he never met him and got involved with Valentine.

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digiorno is my man

>old characters with new skinny style
that's not the Jojo I remember

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Is that the best solution to protect Gyro and be with him? Isn't a huge part of who he is the development he undergoes on the journey?

You'd better benefit from intervening another way.

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Jolyne resonates my dick

Thanks voiceanon! I thought Abba would be more surprised or grossed out by the idea of someone actively wanting to drink his piss, but then again he IS a dirty cop who has first hand experience with street prostitution, so I'm sure he's a bit hardened to kinky shit.

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Yeah. My interpretation was that these people deserve to be pissed on, so why not.

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>I am really committed to giving characters accents that they would actually have
That's something I appreciate very much.
May I request pic related?

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Requesting Jotaro bullying user's dick.

Stop requesting lewd shit for a moment.

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Them D'arby boys are Americans!

>Is that the best solution
Probably not, it's just the only solution I could come to that didn't involve directly harming/disabling Gyro.

>Isn't a huge part of who he is the development he undergoes on the journey?
Honestly I fell in love with him at first sight before I got into jojo, seeing his design made me want to start reading it.

So he could have turned out to have the personality of someone like Dio and I'd probably still love him all the same.

>You'd better benefit from intervening another way.
Is there any better benefit than coming home to a house husband Gyro every day, with him waiting for you by the door and flashing you a toothy smile while the light shining off of his golden grills reflects into your eyes? I don't think there is.

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Too good, voiceanon.

>these people deserve to be pissed on
b-but getting to drink abba's pee is an exclusive reward reserved for the few.

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This one was my own decision to record. Nobody here seems to care about him.

I see. I can understand that, then. You'd be misguided to think he'd be a house husband though.

Thank you. Glad you enjoyed.

That's an ass-backward train of logic given he deliberately fed his piss to someone he didn't want to be around.

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Avdol sad that only one person greeted him happy birthday in the recent threads please?

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I'm a masochist who would honestly view getting to drink Abba's piss as a reward, so it hurt my pride as one to think he'd happily piss in just anyone's mouth.

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It seems your masochism isn't universal- shouldn't you relish in that wound to your pride?

I know he wouldn't really be happy as a house husband but I like to fantasize about him being one and greeting me with a naked apron and a smug nyo~ho~ho anyway.

I can at least dream.

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You have the perfect Avdol voice, so great. I wish he was more popular.

Of course it isn't, I'm not some masochistic slut who would get turned on by any and every insult, intentional or otherwise.

I only get masochistic pleasure out of something like that when it's someone I admire and actively want to abuse me.

Thanks to this fandom I know I'm far from being the only person who wants to get verbally abused and pissed on by a dirty goth cop.

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Me too. I mentioned this recently.

I've always thought that Abdul was the most like Jonathan of all characters to follow due to his willingness to put himself in danger, his overall tenacity, and general spirit.

The man literally died twice for others. He's the most underrated hero. He also never once lost in a one on one stand battle. He was the biggest weapon short of Star Platinum and I honestly think that had they battled for real, Abdul could even defeat Jotaro with the overwhelming diversity that Magician's Red brought to the table, at least pre-time stop.

I was cast as Abdul in an Eyes of Heaven fandub, but I was vastly disappointed in both the clips they used and the project as a whole.

I understand. You want your abuse to be centralized and focused on you. You want to be special.

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Are you writeanon 2? I think they posted something about wanting him to piss in their mouth before.

Have the draw-anons been around recently? I have been recording a lot but I really want to see more from them.

That's exactly it. I'm glad you can understand it.

I'm not, we just both love Abba. I'd happily share Abba's abuse with them, they're a great content creator.

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sketchfag sketched a doppio and a jotaro yesterday.

oh and a kira

I racked my brain trying to come up with a PG Melone request that would be as entertaining and I've finally gotten one.

Melone reacting to those MMD videos that make him dance around like a slutty stripper:

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there's a kira one where he is also dancing to toxic and he looks like a fucking chicken

I'm in pure bliss, user. Thank you very much.

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Damn that model looks WAY better than what I am used to seeing in MMD videos. That was terrific.

Not a problem. Just don't hurt yourself. Be gentle.

Hello everyone. Sorry for the long hiatus, I was busy with real life and I'm very sick once again, but I thought I could do one part of the anal sex list with just JoJos for now. Enjoy.

Anal sex (Receiving)
Jonathan: "What are you doing? Quit it!" Anal sex will never be consensual to him. If you're a woman, he will be incredibly confused as to where you got your "dick" from and why you're doing this. If you're a male he will resent what you are doing but not you. Will resist because sodomy is "unnatural".
Joseph: "Oh yeah! A new technique? Thrust harder!" Even if it's the 20's, he's still one wild man. If you're not doing it roughly enough he'll move his hips on his own. Smiles all the way through.
Jotaro: "Urgh..." Although he secretly likes it, having his prostate massaged will make him think the strangest things. Like how Star Finger can compare to your dick. Still, he's embarrassed.
Josuke: "Don't be so rough! Okay, just a little bit rough..." Considers anal sex as pure experimentation... Until he ends up liking it so much his tongue sticks out. Ahegao all the way through.
Giorno: "Put it in already." Wiggles his ass at you. Likes it when you tease him first so he can tease you back. When you enter he'll stifle his moans.
Jolyne: "God yes! Keep going!" Favorite position is anal cowgirl. She's the one who keeps going even faster until you both climax. After that, she demands round 2. Anal sex keeps her going.
Johnny: "W-wait, you can't possibly..." Let's just say he's a cripple who can feel his ass. He'll do his best to resist because sodomy is, once again, "unnatural" to such a man in his time. He'll try to pull out but he's too crippled to do so, so he'll just tell you to knock it off inbetween moans.
Gappy: "So this is anal sex~?" Has a lot of fun with it. Depending on the position, he'll even stroke your dick during anal sex.

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Glad you're here for a bit, but you should focus more on your health. Get well soon!

Praise God, also this is really fucking good

>Just don't hurt yourself. Be gentle.
Oh, no, no, I'm not the Jotaro requester. I'd never do that to my boyfriend either. I especially loved that "until he vomited blood" and "it's my own fault"

Glad to have you back.

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Yeah, I'm taking rest right now. I just couldn't get that off my mind.

Glad you enjoyed it.

I just creamed my pants. Excuse me...

I see! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I also hope you enjoy each other.

If I have to limit my options to these, who else Josuke here?

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Yeah that model in particular is high quality compared to the usual MMD stuff.

No matter how many times I watch it, when it gets to the part where Melone licks his lips I always lose it. He's such a semen demon.

>Melone's only concerned that someone's keeping tabs on him and what it means for the gang
You portray him as such a strict, work oriented professional. It's a hilarious contrast to his outward appearance.

It also made me wonder how the rest of La Squadra would react if they saw it. I imagine Ghia in particular would angrily roast Melone.

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Johnny is always the best option by default because no matter what you're doing to him he can't get away from you.

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wait your writeanon 1? nice

Most of what I do regarding Passione and particularly with La Squadra is that this sort of thing is a huge problem. If you're an assassin whose identity is known, that's bad enough. If you're working for Diavolo, you're a massive liability on top of that. That's why I can't imagine this sort of thing ever being something that he could react to as an art form exclusively.

His appearance isn't that significant given that his stand is doing the job. That someone has his appearance down so well is extremely dangerous. La Squadra as a whole has a sort of pact. The way Pesci is lectured only further emphasizes the significance of it. It's been years since I've read Vento Aureo, and it was in a poor translation no less, yet I retain this aspect of Passione and La Squadra above all else.

As always, I try to make it as authentic as I can within both my memory and my understanding of the characters.

And yes, the MMD video is quite objectively sexy.

You ever heard of Spin? Tusk? Slow Dancer?

>I also hope you enjoy each other.
Teehehe, thank you. If only he existed.

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O-oh shit, I'm sorry. G-gomen!!
One day! I'm sure of it!

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Did you see/read the origin story writeanon 2 did for Melone? Authenticity antics ensued in the making of it, pic related.

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This is brilliant. Thank you to not just writeanon 2 but everyone. I really dig this. I'm glad I've made /jojo/ the current home for my vocaroo requests.

Oh my god, that was screencapped? I don't even think I wound up using most of what I learned!

Get well soon!

New and improved Kakfag?

We're a caring community.

I'm the user who made the "Melone was a serial rapist" post, I thought it would be fun to screencap and show to future generations of /jojo/.

I can't believe you're not fucking dead