Why are there so many fujos in the JoJo fanbase?

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I don't know but I want them out.

It happens any media that has a predominance of male characters, or where there's a strong relationship between two male characters.

It's why Captain America Winter Soldier brought all the Fujos, why Toriko is more popular with chicks than dudes, and why Hunter X Hunter's fans focus on the weirdest things.

lots of effeminate yet manly, and handsome men wearing makeup, jewelry, and showing off their midriffs

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Seems like that would be self-explanatory given the main audience of moeshit, or even western cartoons aimed at girls with predominant female casts.

Tall, handsome guys that strike poses in a predominantly male cast sharing deep friendship bones with a homoerotic subtext.
The weird thing would be if there were no fujos in the fanbase.

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The girls are ugly af


At least Hokuto does not have this problem , there were only 2 gay dudes in the series

It wasn't subtext either , pretty clear and obvious

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Araki himself is a closet fujo

Name a single gay dude in Jojo

A fudan. Araki is not female.

Why was there a room in the tunnel?


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>gag scene

>gay scene

Joke moments don't count.

those 2 dudes in part 5
dio is canonically bisexual

I can name you two.

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What's your favorite stand? Pic related
also collecting jojo pepes

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