What was the last good 2 cour anime?

What was the last good 2 cour anime?

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Grancrest Senki's airing right now.

Why aren't you watching it?

neon genesis evangelion

here we go again...

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Darling in the franxx

Violet Evergarden

Because it have so bad pacing even in Japan its bombing so bad they think its 1944 again?

Steins;gate, of course

Unless you're retarded you'll be able to follow the plot. No adaptation is really well paced. Either it's paced closely to the source and only gets 1 volume in like Rokka no Yuusha or Grimgar, or its pace is too fast and retarded people can't keep up.

It's 13 episodes and maybe 14 OVA. Cool your jets man.

That's not 2-cour, it's just 1 1/6th cour desu

Garo:Vanishing Line, Saiki K and 3gatsu are this season dude.

Pic unrelated

Mawaru Penguindrum

My hero academia S2

Concrete Revolutio

violet evergarden

Not Re:Zero for sure.

Baby Steps

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It's not a matter of simply following the plot, they literally skipped over what the protagonist did to win his battle, and then fucking teased the audience about it.

I was going to say Penguindrum as well.

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Space Dandy was pretty recent.

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Ninja Slayer

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You just posted it

ballroom e youkoso


>ctrl+F Guruguru
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Glad to see some anons enjoy fun and good things, but boy does this board make me sad

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>4 years ago

Beatless and TnM are both airing right now though



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Probably Kill la Kill to be honest.

Ballroom e youkoso

Golden Time

Justice was served in two cours.

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