Haruhi Suzumiya


Haruhi will have a special magazine feature to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Sneaker. Is it finally time for her glorious return?

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No one cares about Haruhi anymore.


Season 3

So more Pachinko got it


What if it's an announcement officially canceling the series?

Disappearance huh? That's a mistake.

I have lost all hope. Just show the pachinko and let me end this suffering.

Disappearance of Nagato Yuki season 2?

That's an old issue you fucking retards. Sneaker had already been discontinued in 2011.

Let me prove you wrong.


How many times are you Haruhifags going to be like Charlie Brown getting the football pulled away at the last minute?

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I'll believe in it.

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what is the point of celebrating an anniversary for something that has been discontinued? Do people still celebrate their wedding anniversary after they are divorced?

N-no bros you have to believe in her

I'm pretty sure that they are still selling the light novels that were published in the magazine under the originl Sneaker bunko imprint.

>The Sneaker Legend issue (tentative title) will mark the 30th anniversary of the Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko imprint.

And the new volumes (for example, Konosuba) either with online previews or directly to print.

We have to have hope for S3.

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endless 8's confirm

I remember in 8th grade we had to read a book where some guy slowly died from ALS. Shit scarred me, it sounds like a horrible way to go.

>Kadokawa will bring back its light novel magazine The Sneaker for a special issue on November 1. The Sneaker Legend issue (tentative title) will mark the 30th anniversary of the Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko imprint.

>The upcoming issue will have features devoted to Record of Lodoss War, the Haruhi Suzumiya franchise, Konosuba - God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!, and other titles. In addition, it will publish contributions by Satoru Akahori (Abenobashi: Magical Shopping Arcade, Knights of Ramune & 40, Maze), Yoshiyuki Tomino (Gundam), Shō Tomono (The Damned Stalkers), Usagi Nakamura (Bokura wa Reinō Tanteidan!), Kō Hiura (Guldeen the Future Wanderer), and Misio Fukazawa (Fortune Quest Gaiden) on Sneaker Bunko's 30th anniversary.

>The magazine launched in April of 1993, and it published every other month for most of its run. It launched several popular light novel titles such as The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Rental Magica. Later, it carried Dantalian no Shoka, R-15, and other titles that would inspire anime.

>The magazine ceased publication in its April 2011 issue (pictured right) on February 28, 2011. According to the Japanese Magazine Publishers Association, the magazine had a circulation run of about 20,000 copies in its final year. At the time, The Sneaker Editor-in-Chief Kōichi Sakamoto said that his company will expand its bunko (pocket-sized paperback book) lineup even more, as well as broaden its use of the web and electronic books in response to its readers' needs.

>as well as broaden its use of the web and electronic books in response to its readers' needs.
And they sure as hell did, nowadays I buy digital copies of LN bunkos a lot.

Even Haruhi's author knows the series is shit not worth caring about and moved on with his life. Why can't fans do thesame?

Please make a season 3, there is nothing quite like haruhi out there, and there will never be.

What is he doing now?

Taking it ez making that sweet royalty money no doubt

He's on a light novel rating committee

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Except Sup Forums would explode with a s3 announcement

I expect to be disappointed, but I'll probably still get Pachinko'd.

Lmao look at this another delusional haruhi fan praying for s3. You guys don't learn to accept truth, do you?.

Fuck this meme. Kadokawa is also reviving their sneaker bunko's fresh writer award competition for 30th anniversary. Tanigawa is just final committee judge in it along with other famous authors like konosuba dude



Would could possibly be a worse job than having to read & rate shitty LNs?

Unfortunately haruhi pachinko plans never came to fruition despite haruhi hunting project.

Fuck season 3 I want another LN volume so the story has a chance of getting some actual closure.

Who gives a FUCK if the adaptation stretches a little further if it and the source material are still incomplete?

>ending anything he started
There's no records of this lazy fuck ending any series he started. He never commits to end anything.

Yeah being retarded like you is way worse

I care fuck you

>30 th anniversarry
> 30 years
Altair, Vega.
Will the gods answer the call?

I still care. Fuck you for implying I don't care.

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Why would anyone even want an s3 made by not kyoani studio?

I would rather have nothing if Tanigawa isn't going to continue the series.

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I'd rather want him to continue gakkou wo deyou first than haruhi

the next Haruhi.

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oh shit

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I'll believe it when I see it. Fuck pachinko.

Yeah, it's just a feature, nothing new

Post yfw it's an interview with the author and nothing else

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That summer fucked with my emotions.

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Haruhi was shit. Take off that nostalgia goggles faggots.

I literally watched it again last week. It's still amazing.

When will you get your shit taste right?


Every year I rewatch it and every year its great

>Magazine lauched April 1993
>30th anniversary comeback edition
>1993 + 30 = 2023
How does this work again


Nice digits bro.

I want to see this.

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I’d be more than happy with a short story, even if it’s just one page.

Haruhi is the only anime I watch. Every time I think about watching something new I just end up rewatching Haruhi again instead like some sort of endless recursion of time.

digits checked and all 8's. It's happening

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Just finished the movie last night. One of the best Kyoani ever put out imho

Writing volume 12, of course.

It’s sneaker bunko label's 30th anniversary you fucking retard.

Please don't keep doing this to me. Every time you faggots try to get my hopes up just to dash them.

Oh boy, Pachinko.

Please just animate Sasaki, i don't care for anything else.

This year is the year. I don't care if it's no popular anymore that will just mean nicer threads.

So next novel or at least a short story from tanigawa is nearly confirmed.

>I can feel it in my bones

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Seeing no mention of Sunao Yoshida in Sneaker's anniversary is understandable but still sad to me. RIP ;_;7

I didn't knew one can live solely on Pachinko Machine royalties.

I just want a satiable ending. No romantic cliffhangers, no romantic guessing...I want to see Kyon happy with one of the girls preferably haruhi

Why do you retards only care about who fucks who

Maybe if you stop procrastinating and do your homework we'd get a new haruhi

>what is Konami


Fuck you

off yourself, you homosexual

I'll never stop beleiving.

Hey, it's finally happening.
Just give me a short story. It doesn't need to be long, 50 pages are enough. Just give me anything and all is forgiven.

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I want to see Kyon succeed.

I want Haruhi to find out her powers and prove that she has matured over the course of the series by not using them to instantly remake the world.
I also want her and Kyon to fuck.
Anything else I get would be a bonus.

That's literally what happened over the course of the series. LN11 was Haruhi creating a tulpa to protect everyone with her powers without having to acknowledge their existence since it'd ruin the fun she's having. Like Kyon said, she's not looking for the supernatural but for the search itself.

Because pastebin.com/4EHJfvNd

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>I want to see Kyon happy with one of the girls
The college part pretty much implies that Haruhi and Kyon are end game.

I want Haruhi HERSELF to find out. If I had to choose between that and my ship of choice happening, I'd choose Haruhi finding out about her powers. Nothing to me matters more than that. I'd be willing to take one of those bullshit open endings that so many harems seem to go with if it meant we got a scene where Haruhi found out about her powers, and believed whoever told her.

That's apparently too subtle for Sup Forums

Not just the college part, the last 3 books or so are at least 50% Kyon describing how great Haruhi is. Having them fuck onscreen is just the next step.

wait. how are studios still not animating them?

forgot to add
>there are more materials?
after wait

Lots of things make me think she already knows on some level but doesn't want to address it because it'd ruin the fun she's having. Remember when she asked Kyon about Nagato because she somehow felt he was worried about her? She's very perceptive. The scene where she gets angry at Kyon for telling her about aliens and shit could be interpreted as her being angry about the prank, or maybe just her telling him to shut the fuck up because finding the aliens, especially so close to her, is the least of her interests.

I don't think it's too far-fetched considering the same kind of thing happened in the past with Kyon always lying to the reader by saying he hated being with Haruhi.

No new novels to sell.
Understand that most anime are glorified commercials to sell books or games.

Enough material for 2 seasons.
But if there are no new books, no anime.

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Saison 1, 2 and Disappearance only cover about 5 books. You could make another two cours season (without Endless Eight bullshit this time) and a movie with the books already out.

Kadokawa won't give the greenlight though because Tanigawa didn't release anything after Surprise

Because Kadokawa and KyoAni want to make us cry.
And yes, if you go by volume count, only about half the series has been animated.