Hugtto Precure

Where were you when Precure is saved?

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What's this? Is Ranko finally a precure?

Last I tried precure had to stop because it felt like I was watching an actual children's cartoon.

That's because it is

What's her cure name again?

Kaoru-chan da real MVP

it is a children's cartoon. why do you have a personal stigma against watching cartoons primarily geared towards children? are you insecure about your self-image or intellect?

I'll believe it when I see it in three-four days.

I bet if Tarte, Mepple and Flappi had human forms they'd look super-dreamy.

That's the entire appeal of it

A little girls show that's entertaining enough to last for 15 years

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>felt like I was watching an actual children's cartoon
Can you imagine that

This artist should update this cover asap

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Couldn't the 500th episode on the 10th Anniversary have been something else other than looking for clams and a kid trying to be a superhero?

I have a need for more art in similar nature

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Which precure would you hugtto?

Clams are oishii


Hope you weren't enjoying the new Precures too much because here come some bratty loli and Setsuna clone to fuck it up

Both sound good to me.

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Yeah boyee

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I liked Passion and Beat.
And Regina was a great bratty loli, and I dont see why I wouldnt want more.

>Blue is back

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I only wish Saaaaaaya wasn't such a doorknob

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I like Hana's faces.

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I like her everything.

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I thought she was snogging it at first

Mechokku! I grab Hana's pussy

She could have become a Cure.

So did Jun, Kay & Emily

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Has there been any official statements as to why Kirakira lacked hand-to-hand combat?

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Is Hugtto good? I dropped Maho halfway and didn't even bother with a la Mode.

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>Hugtto is getting even better.

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I'm with her.

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Lulu is cute!

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I like how her face moved just a little when she lost. It was like the closest she could get to frustration

Spooky cutie

Reika's little whimper is too cute.

How would lulu react if you told her she is cute

Huggies is better than Kira at least. I watched 6 episodes before I dropped it while Kira I only made it to 5. In another 45 years Precure will good enough to watch a full season again.

>call Lulu cute
>five minutes later

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Just like sentai, it'll take 40 years for precure to try something new!

Does anybody not like Hugtto? I don't think I've seen anybody say anything bad about hugtto.

Even pedoshits have something to look forward to.

>In another 45 years Precure will good enough to watch a full season again.
I see posts like this about many franchises, but most people don't realise that the problem is themselves and not the franchise.
Maybe something in your tastes changed, maybe you just can't get invested anymore because life, maybe you liked marathoning Precure but not watching it weekly, maybe you just don't like the new season because it's not a 1:1 reproduction of your favorite season, which is impossible to happen anyway.

I don't think that only watching 5-6 episodes is a great representative of anything, no matter the season, very few things happens besides the introduction/recruiting at that point.

has potential to be the best precure series yet. though many have started strong and gone to complete shit. lookin at you gopri


>Mahofag trying to start shit again.

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you rock back and forth in your bed at night? clinging to your knees in a cold sweat over the mahofag boogeyman?

I would never drop an anime in case something cool happens at the later episodes that would make watching the earlier episodes worth it. Happened to me a few times already.

>the problem is themselves and not the franchise.

Nah, maho and ala mode were shit. That's like blaming kr fans for ghost or wizard being crap.

Be real user, hugtto has already proved that Gopri was hot garbage, by taking the same premise and turning it into something that isn't a slog to watch.

Fuck off.

>seething gopricks can't handle the truth

user you don't have to pretend you liked Gopri anymore, we can all be friends and enjoy Hugtto together.

You keep repeaating that word like an underage


haruka is just so goddamned UGLY


Haruka is retarded and I hate her deeply.
God damn, she wasn't even retard cute like Nozomi, just braindead retarded and spoke like a baby.

I agree that some fans are reasonable and can differentiate between something good and bad within the franchise, but some people just don't care, no matter what comes out they will dislike/hate it just because they can.

their at it again

Don't worry, everyone that hates maho did try watching it.

I haven't tried maho yet. it looks cute. what makes it so bad?

Everything. Just try watching it. If you're kind of new to precure it might not seem that bad.

>no matter what comes out they will dislike/hate it just because they can.
I was seriously pre-conditioned to hate Hugtto on the basis that precure would never be good again and toei sucks at anything that isn't kamen rider. And watching the first episode only reinforced my beliefs, because I didn't see anything there that I hadn't seen in precure before.
And now here I am watching each episode with a big stupid smile on my face, taking a shitton of screencaps, collecting fanart, goddamn I love this show.

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Nothing, GoPedros were mad the show was nothing like GoPri and decided to meme it into unpopularity.

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Fuck off

What the fuck am I watching

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Are these based on someone in particular?

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Why is Mana the only pink smiling?
Has she already won?

musical precure, it is pretty goof

Only the second-best All-Stars movie! My fave is DX3

Also, that opening sequence looks like as if it was recorded irl and then animated based on it

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How poor is this school that they can't afford chairs?

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He's at his best when he picks the unexpected


The latest ep is shit and a sign of putting in SJW shit.
>I'm not a half but double since one of my parent's is a white frenchman
>I dress like a sissy because I can

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>>I dress like a sissy because I can
That's not unheard of in stuff for girls/women. For example, a couple of seasons ago we got a smut anime about a straight crossdresser.

When is my girl echo going to have her own tv anime?

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I honestly think she is never coming back

I can see them brining her back like once every 3 season, after a full rotation of the teams basically. Her being a movie only cure makes her different from the rest.

And she gonna be in the final fight for like 4 min

Or a simple cameo, like she did in Haru no carnival apparently.

>SJW shit
>in Japan
moron. do you have any idea of how common this kind of thing was in classic shoujo?