Would you fight for her?

Would you fight for her?

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She deserved better than that disgusting harlot Slutena

is this the rebel scum admiral femanon from the new star wars?

Wat? No.
Saionji, plz

No, this is the rose bride

I don't know... you guys sure?

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Fight me if I lie to you

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Am I a duelist? Has The End of The World promised me that if I become engage to her, I gain the POWER TO REVOLUTIONIZE the world?
If so, sure

Am I a Black Rose duelist?
If so, then I want to fight so I can kill her myself

Am I a prince with a saviour complex?
If so, then yes, but one or both of us are getting poisoned before this is over


And without all those ifs?

is..is that a lasersword? From the star wars?


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Oh, yes. For her love and for world revolution I would fight

Last if: Can I rest my head on her?
If so YES!

Otherwise, probably still yes

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Cool. But this means that we'll have to fight against each other

Nah shes got like no ass

I'm not sorry, Utena

This means you haven't seen the whole serires. Anthy has a great ass

>no ass

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No, she's a bitch and a whore.

She's a victim.


So are most of the characters in this series, to be fair

Nanami best girl

Why do characters in psychological/"deep" shows tend to be so unlikable?

I loved Utena, liked Penguindrum but I couldn't get into the bear yuri show. Does it get better near the end? I kind of feel like completing it in time for his next project.

She's a massive cunt. And can't share her words properly.

Because they are like us.

read deleuze

In Utena, I believe it was mentioned in an interview somewhere that the power to revolutionize the world essentially means the power to reimagine yourself, so the characters all having issues makes a lot of sense purely from that point. There's even that one guy who gets turned away in the elevator of angst in the black rose arc for being too nice, if I recall correctly


Of course.
Anthy is the embodyment of desire and change in me. Naturally I'd fight for her.
and lose

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That's the wrong attitude

I know.

It's happening

Change it

A bit, but yes, Yurikuma is nowhere near the same level as Penguindrum and Utena. I blame the fact that Ikuni tried to stuff his usual amount of symbolism in a single cour, that the characters aren't that relatable, and that the production team overall wasn't up to the task.

If you want more Ikuhara and haven't watched them yet, there's Sailor Moon S and Super S, though you're going to need to watch the first season before that - you can skip R, it sucks. And for the love of god don't watch Stars.

I hope Iku gets a good team and room to breathe for his new animu.

no i'd fight for utena though

>even that one guy who gets turned away in the elevator of angst in the black rose arc for being too nice, if I recall correctly
You do recall correctly. I like how he was even more naive and idealistic than even the pre-physicalactofthefucking duelists.

How do you fight for someone who can protect herself?

She can fight on her own


Was the Onion Prince actually a good person?

Saying he respects Wakaba's life choices sounds fine and all, but like a typical beta male, he's still clearly bitter about her loving Saionji more.

IIRC onion prince have been talking to Wakaba in the last episode

>Was the Onion Prince actually a good person
No. Just immature. Like Touga said if you don't protect what you love someone will take it from you.

fuck niggers

She's a divine creature.

That doesn't make him a bad person

just because he's not a good person doesn't mean he's bad

She looks really pretty with her hair down
Glasses off helps too
I guess liked her better in Adolescence

I would fight Utena, honestly.
Seeing all that sweat on her well toned legs, her angriest face, her girlish yell whenever she lunges would be too much

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>Juri focus
Nice, I love Arisugawa-senpai

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All you have to do is to go to the sport lessons.

I don't really like her as a person and pity might make me stick around for a fight or two but not a 40 ep show