Why do we love NTR?

Why do we love NTR?

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Because it triggers weak faggots?

You don’t, it’s just that you watch too much porn/hentai and it’s messing with your sex drive


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Stop samefagging and spamming your shit /h/ thread all the time, crossboarder.


As I look harder in the picture, I’m starting to think that’s a bulge. No pussy has an indentation like that.

So I can insert myself as fat and ugly man.

Speak for yourself

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I don't like NTR, I'm glad I stayed away from Franxxx after reading the threads. I watched half of the first episode and dropped it beforehand.

What are some good anime and manga that feature NTR?

Because im not a beta male who self inserts as the main character.

I prefer to be an expectator and laughs at other people getting cucked

White Album 2

Meh, its gotten boring as hell now.

We don't. Stop shitposting. It's not funny anymore.

Fuck off back to your containment board

>don't self insert as the bull
>don't self insert as the cuck
>don't self insert as the girl
>self insert as a voyeur who is aroused by the humiliation of the people involved
anybody else?

You self insert as the cuck whether you admit it or not, fag.

not me. i just don´t enjoy that kind of emotional torture porn. it´s not my thing.

I self insert as the mangaka

my nigga

nice projecing

Who's making you feel what the cuck feels. It's pretty simple.

I know myself. It's you who needs some soul searching fag.

Only cucks dislike this. These are the guys who get cucked by fuck boys their love interest meet at clubs

Because a superior girl stealing her husbando away from another woman is the best, especially if she's super smug about it. It's also the only acceptable form of NTR.

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>I enjoy watching the humiliation of the people involved


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Thats why

You're a cuck because that's what NTR is made to make you feel. I don't care how you lie to yourself or me, the only feeling NTR will feed is despair, and that comes from the cuck. Sorry you had to find out this way.

Because the ones who get NTR'd are all pathetic cucks who always deserve it. People worthy of respect kill those who try to lay their hands on their lovers.

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>A piece of media can only make you feel one way and can not be interpreted differently.

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This type? Yup. Sorry cuckfag. You're sick but it's understandable that you wouldn't want to admit it outright. Take your time. Just do it away from people like a decent human.

Why are you so angry? Did you get cucked recently?

>this case is different because I say so

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I'm totally cool faggot. you're only taking it as hostility because it's hitting your chords.

>no argument
As expected from the "thinking men".

fuck off crossboarder

>no argument

You are the one who are not giving any argument beside "because I say so"

Yeah, because there is no argument against it. It really doesn't matter what you say. You cucks are too sensitive about your fetish for me to believe you feel anything but the cucks sentiment. Sucks to suck bud.

>I'm totally cool
Yeah, I see. So who cucked you? Talk about it. Maybe it gets better then.

What's the opposite of NTR? And I don't mean vanilla, something that taints a negative work forever similarly like NTR does for a positive work.

>what is common parlance
You can see yourself out at anytime newfag. You don't have to come here just to push your poison on others.

>Lol you are not giving any argument
>Well dude thats because you need to argue first so I can answere you

trully a projective cuck till the end


I know myself fag. You're the one who doesn't seem to understand yourself. NTR is poison and you're already sick. Get help, or at least don't be a huge faggot and spam your shit elsewhere.

>fag fag fag
>do I fit in yet guys???

No, because you are an outsider. Tell you what, why don't you jot those thoughts of yours on a suicide notes, then go end yourself and I'll take a look at it.

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>I don't watch gay porn because I'm gay
the absolute state of cucks.

Okay cool but who cucked you sir?

Already did my job exposing your insecurities cuckboy

But seeing that you love them so much, I can keep giving you (you)s

>comparing porn oriented to a sexual orientation with a porn subgenre.

the absolut state of brainlets

Not digging yourself out at all eh? That's cool too I guess. Good to warn people.

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Degenerate thread

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>NTR is poison and you're already sick.
>joins a NTR thread
So you either are poisened yourself or you want to get poisened. By your definition you truly are a cuck.

You should always admonish NTR trash when they try to poke their heads user. Otherwise they might start to think they're mindset and fetish could be ok.

I'm on spring break and as a adult i got permission from my parents to browse the interwebs. I'm really interested in why you're upset by the fact that a stranger satisfied your loved one sir.

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