Dragon Ball Super

Did you like it?

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Animation style? No
Concept? Sure
Story? Liked some parts a lot and some less
Overall? Yes
Best part? The memes on this board

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What's up with this shitty writing?
Let's do some fact check:

U7 has beaten U6! and that's a fact.
Beerus is stronger than Champa(may peace be upon him), and that's a fact
Zeno observed the whole Tournament between U6 and U7 and he saw how it ended, and that's a fact.

Now how is U6 is ranked higher than U7?
>Toei shills are gonna defends this

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animation was shitty for most of the series. but a handful of tournament arc episodes were amazing

think the universes were ranked by highest power level averages

so on average U7 is mostly incredibly low power level, exceptions being them handful of super saiyens

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I haven't liked DB since the end of the demon king piccolo saga

In the entire series so far I liked the 2 movies, Hit Vs goku, kefla Vs Goku and the final 3 episodes.
Not much for a 131 episodes.

Dead show
Dead thread

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dumb newfag replying to pasta

It was far, far worse than GT, and lasted more than double the length.


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Yes, it honestly made me feel happiness again like when i was a child. The quality was irrelevant.

Yes, but mostly because I liked laughing at it. I liked watching the retarded Mexican memes that came out of it. I also kind of enjoyed the suspense as far as what would happen next in the Tournament of Power. Frieza kept things interesting at least.

>Toei created a department specifically for Dragonball
>Dead show
Topkek my dude.

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It is so funny how the loli character design harem anime Sup Forums lovers bullshiting on Dragon Ball. Truth is Dragon Ball was, is and will be most beloved Manga/Anime Series of the World with no Contest.

No. GT is better.

Of course. Zamasu was the real hero of the story.


Overall it was stupid but enjoyable

Was definitely worth it just for Hit, Zamasu and 17's comeback


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[spoilers] youtube.com/watch?v=y3_NNjgDd6c [/spoilers]

It was pretty awful and highlighted all the problems with DBZ that no one wanted to admit. Toriyama is a filthy hack.

DBS is the same as Star Wars. A popular product killed by an unpopular series (GT/prequels) and then brought back by money hungry fucks appealing to nostalgia and the fact that being a manchild is mainstream now. Then they proceeded to get rid of any quality remaining in the franchise to shit out a crappy product that the loyal children will eat up because it's popular.


You sound like a Harry Potter fan. DB has been dead for a while, just because you can't grow up and accept it doesn't mean it's not true.

Maybe you should fuck off to reddit or Sup Forums m8. Sup Forums has always liked harem and loli shit, no one gives a fuck about your closet homo trash

shonen has always been homoerotic fantasy. Remember when posting about Naruto got you banned here?

>Toei specifically creating an entire division JUST for Dragonball this fucking week
Holy shit.

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>they can't draw spots

> (OP)
>Animation style? No
>Concept? Sure
>Story? Liked some parts a lot and some less
>Overall? Yes
>Best part? The memes on this board

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Only Black arc and the last two episodes of ToP.

Could you imagine the shitfest if Jobhan was the last in the ring instead of 17?

>le jobhan xD
>jobbed the least in the series


I only liked the Trunks arc


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Goku Black was greato daze.
Hit was greato daze because he was a normal guy, without transformations, that was stronger than Super Sand Lesbian Blue King Kai Fist x 20 Kaka-Carmen Electra.
Jiren and the pride troopers were greato daze.
Caulifla and Kale can go die in a fire. Cabba too.
Ultra Instinct was pure garbage.

I liked most of DB Super, how they managed to bring up characters even stronger than Kaka-Carrotcake and Virginia.

I also loved the return of Frisbee and the fact that he remained a villain to the end.

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Bow down before your Lord and Savior.

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Post alternate characters.

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that's pushing it. it was alright

>Best part? The memes on this board

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What if the next DB series gets a simulcast in Spanish?

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Theres too many things wrong with this picture to point out all at once so I'm just going to ask me one question.
What drive them to do this?

Frieza was unironically the best part about this show. Everyone else was boring af to watch.

These spics must be stopped

no, you


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Sorry to tell you, oldfag, but we are here to stay. ;)

There is nothing wrong with new users not knowing a board's customs and interacting in only a few threads. There barely are any good anime anymore either apart from DBS, Boruto and Little Witch Academia. Maybe you shouldn't be such a triggered special snowflake?

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Post cases of bad animation in DBZ

I liked the prequels


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>Sup Forums has always been muh sacred moeshit grounds get out reeeee

Eat shit faggot, your loli infested shows are garbage

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How magnificent!

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Her name is La Chilena Del Gohan

Frieza a cute!

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Jiren deserved a better series desu.

Sorry but, I don't speak paëlla.

DBS got low ratings because they didn't focus on Gohan enough. Almost all of Gohan's episodes from the last 50 aired had some of the highest ratings ever.

If they want the new series to succeed (whenever it arrives), they better actually develop Gohan this time and give him that new form he's talking about.

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Just post her cosplay already


Dragon ball z rarely had bad animation. It was mostly times where characters were horribly off model with the most infamous being goku's fight with cell.

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It was shit


it also had a better ending than Z and GT.

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A bad show and an obvious cash grab

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Goku is so good.

Ss2 is fucking kino and anyone who says otherwise just has poor taste
Goten and trunks using it would've been great

Look I'm going to keep this shit simple, this episode is fucking beautiful.

Jiren smirking/smiling, the GoDs and Angels finally acknowledging just how different Jiren and Goku are, Vegeta's epic Saiyan Speech only from the Prince of all Saiyans, to the Zeno's fanboying straight up for Goku, the Grand Priest being even slightly shocked at what he is seeing, to all the haters saying this wasn't going to live up to the first UI form.

Goku AGAIN shows us just how fucking epic he is and the music holy shit every time the hype train all aboard bitches for shirtless Goku vs shirtless Jiren because Jiren isn't even touching ya boy, but he sure is a fucking tank because he is taking these blows and dishing back.

129.....holy fuck

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The anime series? Hell no
Thank god we are getting a movie and more manga

Mini Series/OVA when


Fear me ningen.

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>cute thread

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It had its moments. It's a series i'd never rewatch fully, only some episodes. Mainly the cutegang ones, and the few last ones from the ToP

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Yeah, with 17 again I think I'm gonna start to watch this for real. Of course, I don't expect anything that come close to Z or even less to the first DB.

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Did someone say cute

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I liked it much better than GT.

Literally a speed watcher.

The rankings have nothing to do with strength or power! Nothing! It's mortal development and civilization, nothing else! Here's some evidence:

1) When Daishinkan brought up the mortal levels in the first place, Beerus criticized Shin at first saying that it was Shin's fault since Shin wanted the mortals to DEVELOP on their own. Shin said that it was Beerus' fault for sleeping all of the time. From this conversation, we're supposed to take away this: mortal level has to do with developing civilizations. The Kaioshin support their creation, while the Hakaishin destroy the failing ones.

2) We got a glimpse of Kaioshin duties in U10. Zamasu was pissed off not because the mortals were weak, but because they were undeveloped, uncivilized, and unintelligent. His entire shtick was that mortals aren't properly using the INTELLIGENCE given to them by the gods. Intelligence = development. If this were a power scenario, then Zamasu would bitch about how the mortals weren't strong enough. It's nothing to do with strength!

3) Universe 9, the lowest ranked universe, was described as a garbage heap with the most uncivilized and sadistic people. It's literally akin to a chaotic third world country. If this were a power discussion, why are the Universe 9 characters so rowdy? It's not.

4) The gods in the highest ranked universes are described as working together to develop their universes. They are diligent and hardworking. Conversely, the gods in the lowest ranked universes are described as scheming and lazy. If high universes and low universes are to be contrasted, the defining trait is how their gods approach governance differently. And based on #1), governance has to do with DEVELOPMENT, not with strength.

5) The Kaioshin and Hakaishin in the highest-ranked universes speak with very formal Japanese. Conversely, the gods in the lowest universes speak casual & rude Japanese.


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Happy keru is best keru!

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soon, caulifriend

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I'm not done.

6) Universe 12, the second highest-ranked universe, has built the very first time machine in the manga. Their civilization has developed enough in which time travel is now possible.

7) Let's assume for a moment that mortal level is related to strength. The Zeno held the Tournament of POWER. Why in the fuck would they deliberately excuse the top four STRONGEST universes from competing in said tournament? It's counterintuitive. Zeno wants to be thrilled by the intensity of strong martial artists fighting each other. Surely the four highest ranked universes, with their massive mortal strength, should have plenty of talented and capable fighters. But no, Zeno didn't want to bring them into the tournament. Why is that? Because mortal development has nothing to do with strength, nothing!

8) Universe 7 is described as having ONLY 28 planets with mortal life. Furthermore, most of the planets we've seen in Universe 7 are filled with galactic criminals. Freeza's forces have wiped away many of the good-natured populations. Universe 7 is ranked second to last. Having very few planets with civilized mortal life explains why.

Go away.

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Yes, there were moments of shoddy art/animation and the writing was pretty shaky in places, but it's fucking Dragon Ball, anyone expecting a brilliant and well-thought-out narrative was a fucking retard. It was overall well-received by critics and fans alike, so anyone shitting on it is just being a contrarian for the sake of it.


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What is Sup Forums opinion about Toriyama's fursona?

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>there are actually newfags this fucking new typing out walls of autism in response to this ancient pasta

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Here's a better version.

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get your trash outta here

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I hate 18 so much after this arc

>old and busted 18
No thanks.

He jobbed the least because he was the least relevant.

The person who originally posted the shitty pasta was a speed watcher.

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