Nothing Happens: The Series

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>implying EE's VA didn't single-handedly save those episodes

Cant wait for S3 where we follow group of literal whos until they get killed.

Even Evileye's crystal fish magic from last week is no match for Lord Momonga's dual fish wielding skills.

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I like this arc. The lizardman shit was a complete waste of time though.

Atleast lizardmen are still relevant after their arc. Arche is only used for Entomas voicebox.

Yeah, they should have made the lizardman arc a side-series like PPP.

>lizardman shit was a complete waste of time
>not wanting to see manly lizardmen doing manly things
>not wanting to see lizard mating
>not wanting to see Shellchair
>not wanting to watch manly lizardmen going to their deaths bravely
>not wanting to watch ainz's epic entrance

welcome to nu/a/

She was awesome in Yuru Camp too

I would take whole season of lizards over these human faggots we got in middle.

Its not that nothing happens its that the characters just do whatever without much thought or care, if anything it would be "Going Through The Motions: The Series"

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>I would take whole season of lizards over these human faggots we got in middle.
>not wanting to watch episodes about manly Sebas doing manly things

more nu/a/ on parade.

It would have been much more entertaining as a stand-alone. We wanted to see Nazarick, mostly. They could have shortened it quite a bit by making the lizardmen arc a side-animation with its own direction but handling Shallchair and Cocytus's fight with the lizardmen in median res. Then we could focus very heavily on the primary story.

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This. EE herself saved S2 even. Vampire lolis are always best after all. On that note, the upcoming new arc better have some EE and Shalltear interactions.

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Why didn't they translate Shalltear's as having a country accent?

How will they adapt volumes 7,8 and 9? There is so much filler bullshit in those parts.

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>lizardmen arc could have had an experimental direction/art style like PPP and people wouls have probably found them more endearing
>first moment of the first episode of season 2 could have started with Gargantua throwing the square platform to hype us the fuck up then the Old Guard staircase
>then Shallchair and Cocytus fucking shit up
>more detail could have been put on Sebas's thought process and his relationship to the supreme beings rather than rushing it
>they could have added more touching moments to make us care about him saving Tuare and proper tension with Solution
>all cheaper because less intense animation
>anticipation could have been built up for Sebas wrecking shit
>And we could have had a more fleshed out EE instead of, "I'MINLOVENOW," and get some well written dialog.
>Not to mention interactions with Climb and Renner.
They had a pretty good opportunity. I wonder why they didn't see it? It seemed so obvious. Don't get me wrong, I liked the season but it could have been better and that's why I'm disappointed.

>cut all the good stuff
>leave only the basic storyline
>animate it like crap

Reminder that Maruyama approved this. Reminder they delayed a volume for this.

Shit, she made it memorable with one gasp (when Demiurge killed her teammates). Seriously. How fucking talented could one girl be?


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My wife

>trying to marry someone who's already married
Fuck off. She's already mine.

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What site is this from?



Which is it


Didnt work

worked for me. Stop using shit browsers.

Sorry. Try this one.

She's already loli of the season in my heart.

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>Momon makes deals with Jaldabaoth and Sorcerous King instead of killing them
What if Momon isnt as strong as we think he is

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Well, he's only a living breathing human. There's only so much he can do. Be grateful he had the power to even do this much. He's a hero.

What browser do you use?
Doesn't work please user the white back ground on skythewood hurts my eyes

holy shit this one actually worked lmao

>interrupt the climax between two apparently evenly matched foes to just wank Sebas more
Just...fucking why?

>he thinks any of the fights are evenly matched in Overlord

>Doesn't work
learn2internet idiot

user please...

Nah, Maruyama didn't do much this season to focus on the novels.
But he said that he would commit hard to a season 3.

if you want battles between evenly matched foes you're watching the wrong anime.

Go ginn vs Ainz was pretty close until Ainz cheated.

Wait, really? There's still hope?

>Nah, Maruyama didn't do much this season to focus on the novels.
he BEGGED the studio to include the lizard sex scene.

I'm not falling for it, FBI-kun.

He was testing them. Have they learned nothing reading Overlord about sasugas?


Some threads ago someone claiming to be able to read moon said it was on his Twitter/blog or something.

Please user I just want to read

>he doesn't know how to change the background and text color of a website

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skythewood blog and overlord volume 10 where? blog by nigel

I am just spoonfeeding to bait the filthy secondaries

Interesting. Well, at least that's some good news. I really hope they don't stop at season two and give us the season three we deserve.

>Its not going to be a comercial for the LN, its going to be a proper anime season, itll be 24 episodes for sure.
I told you faggots back in november not to expect this shit to be more than a High budget Promo, but you still went and ran around like idiots hyping yourselves.

Why not give him the MEGA links while you're at it

>giving a master baiter ideas


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>Climb dies
>turns out he can't be revived because of some reason
What's the princess' reaction be?

Don't underestimate the power of a loli.

Mass destruction and/or suicide. Climb was pretty much the only reason she had to get along and keep going. Basically she's a ticking timb-bomb.

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>Wants more anime with focus on character development and more time spent world building
>Bitches and complains when there isn't "le epic plot twist" every 2 episodes as they've come to expect as productive members of r/anime

you need to go back.


Wait until Just gets his time to shine. Realize TRUE despair!


So season 3 in 4 years?

I love him for this

The only "evenly" matched fight in Overlord's12 vols is Ainz vs Shalltear, so prepare to be disappointed.

>implying there will be season 3 after this disaster

Even that was one-sided.

hey this is a weird question but has anyone even seen where momon-guy sleeps?

Probably never
Lizards killed the chance for a next season.

Same as S2, like shit

They fucked up adapting this episode. All I wanted was an orgasmic scene from EE and a smug Nabe.

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The hotel. Duh.

>started reading the LN out of curiosity
>reaches vol 12 Intermission


I wanna mess with Renner and make an undead who wears Climb's armour and sword and the same stature as him but they can't res the skelligton to confirm whether it really is him.

Just got back from the gym. I'm about to watch episode 12


heard that before when s1 aired and about the possibilitys for season 2.

Sebas kills Zero


uhh so the plan is to beat jalbaoth and make momon famous right? and what happened to the drug group?
also what the deal with the princess? why is her plan to make climb her pet relevant at all?

I hope they cut the daily Nazarick stuff in volume 8 for S3. That shit was so pointless.

actually alot is happening but your comprehension is lacking so if visual storytelling isnt your thing you should read the LN.

Why can't you just read the fucking novel faggot! This adaption is so bad, it forces me to read the LN. I think this is Madhouse's plan from the very start!


no epub version

Why not just get 3 more time slots so each volume gets 1 more episode? S1 demonstrated 4 episodes per volume was not enough. Getting 1 more episode for each arc would dramatically reduce cut content.

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Is she somehow less of a autist than Momon?

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Shut up Nabe.

Why is Yuri not evil? Shes undead

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Looks like Lord Sebas-sama was only a little bit stronger than the enemy this time.

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Your wife beat up my wife. 1v1 me irl now.

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Entoma is cute ! CUUUUUUUUUUUUTE !

That she is.

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Why is he so endearing Sup Forums?

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More like it doesn't bode well for Renner's plans to get him killed by low level mobs


She just showers him with praise now. Same effect.

I do wonder what Climb's endgame will be. Is he just being set up for some good old fashioned SUFFERING like every other good guy character? Or will he actually be important to the story?