Yuru Yuri

Oh yeah, that’s the spot.

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What is kyoko doing?

Sniffing brat ass, duh. Who wouldn’t?

How can she do that when she barely has a nose?

Brat ass is just that pungent.

kyouko is a nasty slut

Kyoko living my most life engaging dreams.

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God I wish that was me

She is so deep in her cheeks!

Why is Kyoko such a slut?

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She wants that sticky syrupy Canadian cock

I heard a rumor one of the girls in this show is a lesbian.


She wants Yui's fingers up her poop shooter.

Today's Kyouko's birthday. Say something nice to her.

Happy birthday, best girl!

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We've finally come full circle. I wonder what we'll get next year.

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>Two twins
>Get two gifts when its her turn
Was this her plan all along?

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Important question: which one would you rather be in that situation?

Sakurako obviously, I'd die for a chance to have Toshinou Kyouko senpai tickle my cunny with her face

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Quite pungent eggs indeed China-chan

Then go home afterwards and get fucked silly by Himawari?

Anal with Kyouko!


>get fucked silly by Himawari

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This was the best part of Secret Flowers.

Furtive note-passing is pretty good, certainly.

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Happy birthday!!!

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Kyouko. I want to play with a cute girl's butt in public and get away with it.

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I want to burn down the school with me so that we can be together forever

>You will never be a yuru and be allowed to lewd yuri things in public.

We all agree that Sakurako is stinky, right?

I'm pretty sure I could beat her 1v1

Yes, but I don't think Kyouko cares.

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the yuru's have such suckable fingers

Rape Himawari

yurus are lesbos!