Boku no Hero Academia

The women in Shoto's family are cute

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Except that his mother is a crazy hag.

A cute hag

Speaking of cute, this is the winner of UA’s beauty pageant

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who's this?

That’s Kendo

the other girl duffus

I wonder how my sunshine's (pic related) mom looked like.

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I want them to do stuff together

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I don't think she'll ever be able to face her son after what she did to him without getting some sort of PTSD from it.

ehh it isn't realistic then

Who's the one on the left?

Shouto’s sister and my wife, Fuyumi

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You mean Deku's wife

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When will Hori stop treating 2/3 of the cast as jokes and actually do something interesting

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he doesnt give a shit about the side-side characters thats why he gave authority to the vigs guy to do whatever

Who the fuck is vigs you super autist

He’s got the whole length of the series to get around to everyone. Who do you think he’s treating like a joke?


Don't say mean things about Shoto's girlfriend.

>Deku comes home from a long day of work
>it's Friday, and Ochako is nervous because she knows what that means
>she makes all of her clothes weightless in preparation and greets Deku nervously at the door
>she's been cheating, and Deku doesn't like it when she does
>Deku says nothing, and slings her over his shoulder like a caveman
>he takes her to the bathroom, and puts her on a scale
>sweat beads down Ochako's face as she watches the number climb
>50.001 kg
>she'd had lunch with the girls earlier that day, making sure to stay within the diet plan Deku set for her
>she tried to refuse the mint when the waiter offered it, but she was weak
>Deku glares at her like a man who is mad
>Ochako whimpers and shrinks back
>"Deku, please, it was just a wafer-thin mint..."
>Deku punched her in the stomach at 2%. Not enough to seriously injure her, but enough to make her throw up everything, even the mint
>there were tears in her eyes and pain panged through her body
>she even pissed herself a little because of course she did
>he made her get back up on the scale
>she couldn't stand up straight, but she could stand
>her vision was too blurry to see the number, but it started with a 4
>she was safe, for now
>"don't let it happen again"
>Deku walks out
>Ochako drops to the floor and cries in the puddle of her own vomit
>she'll be going to bed on an empty stomach tonight

Keep going user.

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>lol Aoyama shit his pants
>lol Satou can't stop cooking
>lol Tokoyami is autistic
>lol Mina put on a suit just to fire Deku

You have to delete this, it’s not allowed

Ochako isn't for bullying. She's for lewding the absolute shit out of

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Better than the rest of this shit. There's nothing to talk about since the last chapters been discussed to death. This is just a general now.

Maka from Sould Eater

Ochunker is for expanding

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Someone post that one with shoto and kirishima beating up momo


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Maybe the better question is what kind of interesting do you want them to do? Those are 4 kids who have a comedic personality quirk, but they’ve all had their serious moments too, except for Satou, but who cares about him.

twitter oc

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noice what's her quirk?


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How would Shoto's mom react to Momo?

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Autistic head tilting.

>throws boiling water at her

I’ve never wanted to bully someone more than Momo

I would ask if there’s someone you’d want to bully more.
But Momo bullying is my fetish pastime.

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>sees breasts
>I didn't know you like them this big, Shoto
>Mom, I...
>Is it because of your sister? I didn't know I made such a siscon.
>Mom, no.

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well drawn, are there any actual well done OCs in this series

Is this the face of the winner of the Dekubowl?

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Jirou is only for electric retards

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She's probably be afraid of what Momo thought of her, considering all that happened in the past. She would wonder if Shouto told her, and if not then she would feel guilt when Momo was excited to meet her.

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He goes and visits his mother every day he has off from school. Are you a speedreader or a speedwatcher? Both, maybe?

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How strong will their children be?

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Are you gunna just keep samefagging to keep your shitty general alive?


But she would probably also be happy that her son had a girlfriend that he picked hinself instead of someone arranged by Endeavor.

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Did you guys see the synopsis for the movie? Apparently there will also be some stuff on All Might’s past.

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not at all since they wont exist

>All Might and Deku
Wait so no other kids?

This movie is literally inline with a headcanon I had about quirk researchers
im hyped now

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Is this a man or a woman? Who am I kidding, as if it matters.

>unzips katana

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Please elaborate

I guess this blonde chick from the poster is Melissa, I wonder if she'll be an inventor of sorts given that it's a 'science expo'.

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Something along the lines that there are quirk researchers that are trying to master synthetic quirks
plz no bully I just like thinking about these things

Based Iida, out in front leading the march, making sure everything is safe before the others can move ahead. What a good guy.

It sounds like it’ll just be those two on the island, so I guess the other kids will have their own, probably comedic b-story.

Iida has the sexiest back
he was destined to have people follow behind and stare at it

Sounds boring desu, and I say that as a dekufag

Sounds fucking great honestly.
Hori has been playing the support item angle pretty heavily lately and maybe the movie can tie in with Deku relying on that more.

Since Todo has his mom and sister to pleasure him I think its only fair to give Momo to Bakugou.

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But Bakugou already has his hands

Ochako is perfect for him

only NTR fags think this

not anymore, though?

but several side characters already got some development and more is on the way is to be assumed

Bakugo already has his mom

No she belongs to Deku

Yeah. Expanding via breeding

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Yeah, what a beautiful baby boy.

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Isnt this just pokemon: the first movie

Great, more bakufujo pandering. I bet after a lot of shitty bakushima and todobaku fanservice bakugo reluctantly leads the class back to rescue deku.

who cares

Morning everyone, you all doing good, having a nice day?

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Will Eri get PTSD flashbacks to the 8 precepts when she meets birb

Drawfag here
Some of you had requests, but i tought it would be funnier to draw them all togheter into a little comic rather than drawing separate shitty drawings.
Took me a while, but here it is
The shittiest fucking comic ever
Part 1

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Part 2

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Part 3

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Part 4

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>that gentle style
based af

Oh my god your shitty poorly drawn Bakugou Megumim pics are trully like radiation poisoning, i feel like getting cancer every thread.

I can't see gentle as anything but doofenshmirtz now

w-where is Endy?

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In jail for child abuse

He's with his other kids

Nice job user, the Doofishmirtz one is the best
I'd advise getting chemo then

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I'm not a fan of anime oc movies because they usually are non canon and have ultra condensed half assed stories, so i'm just hoping for the mandatory cool sakuga and qt Melissa moments desu.

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>someone actually took my gentle as doof request.
Fucking hell man, you're the best

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>she is floating but her hair is not

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shit didn't think of that

I don't want to hurt Aizawa today. I just want him to be safe.

I want Deku to be hurt every day, but come to me after so I can hold him and whisper softly.

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Wait, is that a contest character or just some random dude's twitter?

same but ironically
Deku is for handholding

>Hero Association
Damn cant they stop copying Opm?

What face does Shoto make when they're only serving hot soba in the cafeteria

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something like this

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