Which is the worst girl of the season?

Which is the worst girl of the season?

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Pic unrelated.

this one.

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Left was just a slut. Right not only is a slut, she is also retarded and is always on her period.

Kill yourself

You first, ginkoshitter

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This, everytime she comes into frame, I start frothing at the mouth and jumping up and down shaking with rage. I can only be calmed down with cute Lolis.

As if anyone would believe you, user.

>Guy going through a difficult time
>Doesn't care and she still begs him to fuck her while ignoring his feelings and the troubles he is having
Thank god shogi autist won in the end.
Only her deserves the worst girl spot.


OP said worst, not best girl.

>insulting the queen of Sup Forums
Only fatties hate her.

Please explain me how she is the best girl.
All she did the whole series was complain and act like a slut while MC was having troubles.

NTR queen of Sup Forums*

That's not what NTR means, Kokoro and Fatoshi never were in a relationship.

By far the sexiest, most fuckable, and cutest girl who wants the D but has social crippling deficiencies that perverts her from being direct about it, which any Sup Forumsnon can relate to.

I uniroincally believe Kokoro is the best girl of the season

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t.Kokoro apologist

Stay fat.

An ugly lardass like Fatoshi doesn't deserve a rare beauty like Kokoro, she did the right thing.

They were partners and she promised to be with him. Don't sugarcoat it.


>only fat people hate NTR
Go back to /r9k/.

She deserves him now for being a whore and NTR bitch.

But most people wouldn't know, since literally nobody watched it.

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Imagine being that butthurt over a few violent gesture because you project and self-insert, THK.

>only fat people hate Kokoro for NTRing a creepy fat fuck


Partners doesn't make them a couple, and the promise was forced onto her. She was disgusted when he said it.

That's funny, because most of the people hating on Kokoro have been /r9k/ shitters crossboarding in DINF threads.

You would do the same in her position.

>misusing NTR

That's not what NTR means
Over possessive fatty got btfo by a girl he wasn't in a relationship with to begin with

Kokorofags only see it from her side. They are retarded.

>implying you /r9k/ crossboarders and SJW aren't the one who do most of the defending

>hurr durr they aren't married of officially fucking going out, so it can't be NTR
Fatlard is in love with her and she didn't say no and mislead him on. Get fucked, whiteknights.

She didn't reject it and said yeah. The show is literally about pairings between boys and girls and piloting is metaphor for sex. Take the hint.

She should have been straight with him if she planned on betraying him later. She did more harm by dragging it out.

I don't know why people try to defend her when she literally said she betrayed him

Whos the slut on the right?

>Right fought for her kingdom and sacrificed her happiness and virginity in order to achieve her goal
>Left just wanted out of a relationship with a fat boy so she whored herself to a gay boy while stabbing the former in the back
Hmm. That's a hard one. The smart choice is to go with both.

Kokoro stole my 心!Kokoro is cute and she knows she deserves better than some shitty beta orbiter.
All the fags calling her a wh*re or a sl*t are just shitty Fatoshi self-inserts.

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Isn't /r9k/ filled with MGTOW fascists? Why would they love a girl like Kokoro?

can someone tell what anime right is from please?

Only tumblr landwhales and beta white knights defend a lying bitch that breaks a promise 10 minutes after in one of the worst ways possible.

Adultery does not lead to death. Adultery is death and whatever punishment occurs is a correction of the vile, unnatural state of promiscuous undeath.

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Lose weight.

/r9k/ is a cesspool. They have that and a ton of feminists and SJW and tumblrs.

Grow up dwarf

All the girls from the Antarctica show

Because of how shit the show is yet she propels faggots into liking it with her terrible character.

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Fatties are so mad


Coercion is a thing.

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This thing.

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It's a misquote. is meant for .

Literally a two-faced whore

This. Kokoro a good girl, she did nothing wrong

>innocent and pure smile and joy
Totally looks like she's being forced against her will and is expressing that to him.

Look at that lying whore. She's already planning to NTR him.

She really was the worst, the worst thing is that she was the only girl in the show, with some focus
There were the hot sisters of the small guy, but they didnt get much focus

Anyone? All google is giving me is franxx


Kokoro couldn't even look at him when she muttered her half-assed apology. No bowing either. she doesn't care

the only people that think she did anything wrong are fatfags who self inserted

You guys seem to forget that if she refuses IN THE FUCKING FIELD she will be klaxofood. Self preservation at its finest.

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>Self preservation

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This. What the fuck was she supposed to do? Sabotage the unit literal moments before they're going to fight monsters? Fat fuck put her on the spot right there and forced her to promise him and it was really shitty. Anyway, it's been clear that she's wanted out for a very long time so good that they gave her the chance.

Chadtoshi can pilot while heartbroken and doesn't shut down his mech mid battle to have shitty dialogue unlike others


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Is that tipsfedoraman drinking Hiro's manmilk?

>Sup Forums assblasted about Kokoro
Emotional underdevelopment assay complete.

>he thinks fatoshi could pull a 100% sync rate

Kokoro knew about the elixir injection. She got it all planned out for days.

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All she had to do was apologize for going back on her word the moment she found out teammate switching is possible. Possibly offer a favor of something she would be willing to do to make up for it. She didn't give a fuck and lied to until the very last minute and humiliated him in front of everyone. She is a lying whore that wouldn't get nearly as much hate if she had handled it correctly.

He literally broke down into a complete snotty, crying, angry mess just because a girl said she wanted to try piloting with another guy. I wouldn't trust this crybaby anywhere near a chance of protecting humanity. Fuck him.

She's in Antarctica now, stealing that 1 million yen.

And Chadtoshi with regular synchro can perform better with Ikuno than pegman ever did in years

This. For the sake of humanity this will work out for the best.

326 did not give a fuck during that whole period.

Now he does.

And he still had to be saved.

Damn it, Zorome, you have your timeline wrong my dude.

Genista with Futoshi needed to be saved a few times too, though.

Milkman always has to be saved though.

He still needed 100% to match Futoshi. Anything less and Genista becomes liability tier like Argentea.

Zorome and Fatso are bros man. It's actually kinda funny that the milkman self inserts have latched on to it. Zorome wasn't insulting him, he was being brutally honest.

who even is that on the right and where is she from?

Not as always as you think. He used to job when everyone jobbed too and Strelitzia had to save them.
Unironically, the one that has to saved the most is Argentea. Zorome even almost got Goro killed.

Zorome is a loose cannon. That's why he's our guy.

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Marrine Kreische.
Here's what she did
>its her wedding day with her beloved, soon-to-be husband bf
>demons from another world invade and cut her and his father's head off
>she calls the wedding off and breaks up with her bf
>wages war against the world, her bf included, for stupid reasons
>gets millions killed for war and terrorist attacks, her cousin included
>sells her virginity to buy the loyalty of some arab elite soldier

>still loves her bf

seems like a sensible and endearing character

Imagine being Kokoro in that scene and having to be all like "damn, Futoshi, you fuckin' fine, all sexy with your fat body and horrific flabby monster face. I would totally pilot with you, both as a pistil and as a person." when all she really wants to do is seduce Mitsuru in her Franxx. Like seriously imagine having to be Kokoro and not only sit there and agree with him while he flaunts his disgusting body and creepy hand-grabbing, the favorable lighting barely concealing his stretchmarks and pimply skin, and just sit there while he stares and grabs lecherously at you. Not only having to tolerate his monstrous fucking visage but his clingy attitude as everyone in the control room tells him he's A NICE GUY and DAMN, FUTOSHI LOOKS LIKE *THAT*?? because they're not the ones who have to sit there and watch his flabby fucking pizza face contort into types of grimaces you didn't even know existed before that day. You've been lusting for nothing but a baby from the angsty aloof, slick-haired, green-eyed chad for your ENTIRE CAREER coming straight out of the boonies in Plantation 13. You've never even seen anything this fucking disgusting before, and now you swear you can taste the sweat that's breaking out on the rolls of his protruding stomach as he sucks it in to writhe it suggestively at you, smugly assured that you are enjoying the opportunity to be forced to be his partner and to sit there and revel in his "statuesque (for that is what he calls himself)" beauty, the beauty he worked so hard with personal chefs in the previous months. And then the fatty pressures you into agreeing to be his partner forever, and you know you could go into stampede mode and kill every single person in this place before the plantation security could put you down, but you sit there and endure, because you're fucking Kokoro. You're not going to lose your reputation as the sweet girl, sync ratings and secret milkings with Mitsuru over this. Just bear it. Lie to him and bear it.

NTR queen is worst girl

>Kokoro is the best girl
Fuck NO!

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