Baka and Test

How was it?

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Fanservice anime imo

Over the top silly. If you like hyperactive shows that always crank it to 11, you might enjoy it.

Hideyoshi is my wife.
Solid 9/10 show.

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The Sup Forumstriggerfags who infest Sup Forums now would hate it


Dropped it after the first episode, not my cup of tea, but I can imagine people liking it. People on Sup Forums used to be really into the trap character.


A lot of fun to watch. Didn't fall into a ton of traps that anime writing tends to nowadays. The literal trap was actually funny and characterized well.

The anime was good, the novel killed me with laughter. Really fucking miss it.

>used to

It was fun. Still waiting for S3

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It's the kind of anime you shouldn't marathon through since most of the gags repeat each episode and the humor is a bit over the top. It had great visuals and soundtrack. Yoshii is one of the few dumb and oblivious harem MC's out there that Sup Forums actually likes. It has it's flaws but i still enjoyed it a lot.
The light novel was definitely a lot funnier than the anime.

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I miss stupid fun shows that are surprisingly good. The ED of Miira no Kaikata reminds me of one of the EDs from Baka and Test.

The first season was great. I never watched the 2nd or found out what happens in the LN so I can pretend best girl wins.

Second season was glorious just because of the utter shitstorm that collapsed on Sup Forums whenever it was a Minami episode.

>so I can pretend best girl wins.

Season 1 is funny, Season 2 is shit

Season 1 was good.
Season 2 should have been an OVA.

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In my top 9 personally

it was good
nice OP

also part of the exclusive club of anime I'd call funny without disclaimers

I watched it dubbed. Really good script that felt very natural.

Hideyoshi is too much of a bro. I haven't ever fapped to him.

youre missing out

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Honestly himeji is a lot more likeable in the LN

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best girl

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I wish my high school experience had as much crossdressing.

SHE is the best girl!

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Akihisa needs to crossdress more.

As part of my graduation, we had theme days for one week. One day's theme was crossdressing. Was fun.

fuck watched season 2 without watching the OVA i was confused as fuck

Yuuji should fuck Shouko.
Mutsurini should fuck Aiko.
Akihisa should fuck Hideyoshi

When is that damn OVA going to get subs? It's not fair

What trap character? Hideyoshi is female...

Didn't this have a BD-Box come out and there was some new animated material in it?

shame one of the VA's turned out to be a convicted pedophile.

You mean the mini anime with the new bd bundle?
Yes. It’s a very short animation. You can torrent it

Stupidly fun, also Hiro Shimono was really great as Akihisa.

The thing that came out FALL 2017 yes.

* **** ** ****** * *****

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Most of Sup Forums are just unconvicted pedophiles so that should be no problem at all.

surprisingly fun

My wife Himeji doesn't know how to cook