Can we get one of these threads? Or is this not appropriate for neo-Sup Forums?

Can we get one of these threads? Or is this not appropriate for neo-Sup Forums?

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I made a slowpoke thread and got banned so no, old anime memse are not allowed.

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Well shit

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Yeah ok

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I miss demotivationals so much guys. When it was macros and not memes. Does it get even worse from here?

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Good. Those threads were never funny. I'm also glad people stopped trying to copy that one see you 10 years from now slowpoke.

Is wine food?

That's good

You think your being cheeky, cunt

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thank you for this trip, guys.


I always liked impact font macros more

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As shown in this thread, 90% of the demotivationals just repeated the joke inherent in the screencap in anyway, e.g.
>Dr Pepper is an intellectual experience
>Dr Pepper is a thinking man's soda
Thank for the addition to the joke faggots.

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Merci docteur.

Motivators were never OK.