Pop team epic

I felt like this had a lot of potential at first. I remember when the first episode aired. That whole weekend I howled with laughter over how assblasted people on the internet were over how retarded it was. I think in ep1 they said something to the effect of their goal being "complete dominance of the winter season". I saw tremendous potential for lulz and humour through the power of audience engagement/participation/shitposting. At the very least I knew the absurdist aspects of the humour would be funny or at least watchable.

Unfortunately the anime rapidly devolved into being dominated by lazy reference humour. In my view this is the lowest form of entertainment. Seriously, I fucking despise reference humour.

I appreciate that they took risks in many respects but overall I am very disappointed.

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I wasn't assblasted over the first ep, I gave it a serious try and I found it lacking in funniness.

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The first episode was the one with most references and original stuff. Rest of it was much more traditional adaptation of the manga (with some wild factors like AC-Bu and the original "main story" segments).

If you "knew" there was going to be absurdity, then you should have known there would be references as well because the manga is full of them, ie. you are a retard. Go play the "family guy of anime" game elsewhere.

Watched the first episode and it sucked.

There was an extreme lack of jokes... maybe it's an Asian people comedy I don't know but I don't think I saw a joke in the entire thing.

I only like it for the music:

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and now you have become the very shitpost you have been laughing at all this time

t.retarded burgerlad who is crossposting from Sup Forums

ip police tsuduki chan anime when?

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The real poputepipikku were the shitposts we made along the way.

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yes user

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Thanks. I didn't know a kuso anime can give you that, weakling.

thank you

bob team ebin was never good and deep down you know it

>he is mad about reference humour
>in a show about reference humour
>POP is in the title of the fucking show
Good b8 m8

It's the emperor's new clothes. Everyone pretends you have to have great intelligence to understand it and nobody wants to look stupid

Honestly this, I enjoyed them here and there, but I rolled my eyes every time the title came on. I also preferred female actress', so it going back to male was annoying as well

Wish there was more out of character VA stuff

Intelligent post you made there user. Not being able to understand subjective humor and absurd jokes is looked down by people right ?
Deep down I know my opinion > shit > your opinion

You don't need to be smart to enjoy it. Some references you get, some you don't. Then if you really feel like it you look up what the really japanese ones are about. I get a few chuckles and a laugh or two per episode.

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I've never heard anyone say you need to be smart to enjoy Pop Team Epic, except for people who don't like it and are trying to make it into Sup Forums's equivalent to Rick & Morty. The show is rarely if ever laugh-out-loud funny, doesn't try to have a plot, is loaded with meta-humor and references, and if that's not your thing then watch something else.

It's weird for the sake of being weird.

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Nah, it was great, but many people who never got the 4koma were obviously doomed to not understand the anime and actually being vocal about it. I am actually glad they decided to do something new about it instead of fucking it with some serious plot or a lineal one.

This is the sad part, some type of humor doesn’t require you to laugh like a retard while you pee. It just ask for understanding the elements and playing along the joke.

Kill yourself

I'm so glad they didn't try to give the show any kind of plot. I felt that with rare exceptions (like Hellshake Yano) the shorter a sketch was, the better it was.

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Even if I didn't get quite a few jokes that relied in knowing about japanese culture, It was a pretty fun ride from beginning to end.

Damn reminded me of this.

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I have no idea why anyone thinks this shit is funny

I'm sorry. I'll go back to Sup Forums and fap to Trump tweets.

I like it

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you are dumb

Hot off the presses

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on the contrary: it was shit at first but then became better and better

The subtitles for it miss half the humor, so unless you're watching the raws none of you have the authority to talk about "getting" or "not getting" the jokes.

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Anyone out there ripping the OST yet?

it sucked

If I write in sperm any quote Nietzsche and nobody will like it.

Can I say them: "You're not smart enough. Go play the "family guy of anime" game elsewhere"?