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i love her VA

The gameshow ASMRs of her are great.

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This little slut jiiiiiiis at you. What do?

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Our boy smashed. Also manga Takagi is much more delinquent looking.

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I miss her already! Cant wait for the OVA

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someone make a webm of this

Blush and stutter like a retard.


Wish me luck, I'm going in for a headpat.

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Rie Takahashi is best

I think this scene is the most humanizing moment she's ever had.

She did a terrible job with this one.

ne ne

I heard it

Her voice was too deep for me.

Did Takagi really like Nishikata? Or was she just trolling all along?

Rie Takahashi is great, but she was a poor choice for Takagi

What was the point of including Hibino and the other 2 side girls? They didn't contribute anything at all and interacted with the main characters a total of 2 times

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"My love is forever..." too. Damn. Cute.

There scenes were much better than the main 2.

Says it all about how bad her character is. Damn 40yo OL in little girl's body.


filling the time slot

To give people something different to watch every week. The Takagi segments can all be summed up by 'psychic girl is thirsty for retard boy and will always win no matter what, here's another 8 long romantic pauses to kill the pacing despite us not taking the romance anywhere because we didn't to chapter 31', but the Mina segments are nearly always different and fresh.


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How far into the manga does the anime go?

Rie Takahashi is a cute.

It picks chapters from all over to adapt (except the future arcs). About 3/4 of the manga was adapted.