DiTF threads 1000 replies, multiple times, even mid week

>DiTF threads 1000 replies, multiple times, even mid week
>VEG threads die with 20 ips.
What went wrong? Wasn't VEG supposed to save anime?

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Franxx is fun. VEGetable is boring and disappointing.

>anime pandering to actual fans of anime is more successful than cuckflix attempt pandering to normalfag scum.
What a surprise.

It's not more successful, just more popular here on Sup Forums. VEG is actually selling better and making more money from streaming.

Franxx in enraging garbage; VEG is boring garbage. Rage generates more talk than boredom.

>VEG is actually selling better and making more money from streaming.
What a joke.
Normalfags are eating this shit up?

Anime is dead.

>crossboard normalfags shitpost and blog more than Sup Forumsnons talk about anime
Sad but true.

>VEG is for normalfags
What is this meme? Franxx threads are absolutely rife with normalfags.

Shitposting shows gain more posts
Yuru Camp has only 1 thread per day

If you want to argue about popularity and sales, stay on Stalker threads

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the state of franx threads

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reminder that violet wants to know what is love

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About what I would expect from the teens in there.

Why does this show invoke so much shitposting?

NTR content always causes discussions. Shame cause it also translates into bad sales

The irony is that those are the fans that killed filthy frank.

It's a Trigger show, meaning it attracts redditors/tumblrites/crossboarders, which inevitably results in low quality shitposts.

>Bait threads get replies while other threads are abandoned
Not like children have attention span anyways, so of course the meme-show is going to have a larger, more spergy audience and fanbase.

Franxx is not fun. AT ALL.

Darling threads are full of rampant shitposting. Shitposting is typically the best way to hit bump limit consistently. Unless it's a quality thread then it'll hit bump limit much slower and less often.


VEG is pretentious shit that normalfags eat everyday thinking shades of grey is a masterpiece.

FranXX is 100% otaku pandering so it is more successful on Sup Forums and that is why a lot of people even the ones you consider normalfags go on them.

Done wanking yourself off yet? Maybe your autistic Seiba clone will help you with it.

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I don't think you have a clue what "normalfag" means. As expected of a newfag who came here for franxx.

Both are Trashcan that killing Anime. We will never get masterpieces like Code Geass and Fate/Zero again sadly

Yeah, that's a shit post, and Franxx threads probably have a few of those, but that's frankly, what you get, when something is popular somewhere.

>Kyoani's movie budget magnum opus has to measure dicks against an anime about coed mechs piloted in doggystyle position by a meme studio because they lost to camping and shitposting: the anime

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You can't beat Trigger hype.

This. I've joined threads of multiple obscure manga series and watched the post quality in threads drop dramatically once they became popular.
Tokyo Ghoul is a good example. Threads were great during the original. Then, when it got popular during RE, the threads got progressively worse. Now they're essentially a hazardous zone.

Why do, you, write like, this?

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Because I want to.

Nanaposting is so last week.

As long as you're being retarded on purpose and not literally retarded.

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Alright, so long, as you, approve, anonymous, poster.

Why do people make blatant bait threads like these?
Why do people fall for them?

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>DiTF flopping
>VEG selling
Succeeding where it actually matters.

If only multiple threads on Sup Forums and Twitter trends actually makes money.

Not enough chinks use this site, try tieba.

>triggershit appeals to brainlet masses
Wew what a surprise. Are franxxfags insecure? Why do they have to flex muscles against vegfags all the fucking time?

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Funny you mentioned it. There are more threads and discussion on tieba for Franxx than VEG too.

Yikes. VE is a certified flop.

>not normalfag
FranXX is the most normalfag anime this season. The fact that Kim posted about Zero Two proves it.

* maximum of three threads at once, two of which were started by Franxxfags for shitposting purposes
* calm and collected fanbase of successful adults that enjoy the show a lot but are not afraid to criticize things that may look a bit off at times because no show is truly perfect (though VEG certainly comes close)
* huge success

* over 20 threads at once, nothing but shitposting
* shrieking, underage losers that will die virgins and think there's a war between studios going on, they also post on Sup Forums, Sup Forums and Sup Forums
* huge flop
* endorsed by Kim Kardashian but only because she likes the monster girl's hair

>calm and collected fanbase of successful adults
Remember Violet wants to know what is love lmmmmao

Also plebbitor please learn to use greentext.

Why havent mods deleted this thread?

Why would I use greentext?

You have to go back.

People are dumb. Kyoani and trigger fags are loud. Also both franxx and VEG are awful anime that attracts retards.

>he wrote all this wall of text just to get 1 reply

here is your (you) bro, franxx is maximum otaku pandering, VEG is shit

Better question is why don't you report them?

Thanks, bro. I appreciate that you took the time to marathon that huge essay.

Why would mods do anything when they've already let Sup Forums get this bad?

>franxx is maximum otaku pandering
Then why is FranXX liked by one of the normalfag celebrities, but VEG isn't?

Because he's intentionally being retarded to get (You)s. Just wish these kids would stick to console warring on Sup Forums.

Here's a pity (You)

That makes three then. Not too shabby considering the obvious bait. Also remember that ironic replying is still replying.

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It's the only board where they still seem to care a bit, they're much faster and active than on other boards.

>It's the only board where they still seem to care a bit

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Kim is married with Kanye.
Kanye has a fucking Zaku in his room.

Good one.

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Way to expose your ban evasion, shitposter.

less shitposting material. there's not much to talk about with regards to VEG because it mostly finishes whatever story thread it began within the same episode

>being this much of a stupid newfag
Literally gas yourself dumb franxxredditor.

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To be fair, DITF threads are nothing but circlejerk memeposting and shitposting over and over and over. All that tells us is that it's attracted a hardcore group of shitposters that keep the fire lit. While I enjoy DITF far more than VEG, I'd rather have a few short threads that actually have some discussion than the "OMG NTRRRRRR OLOLOLOL XDXDXDX" never ending shit post. Seriously just look at the catalog, there's 5 threads up with copypasta "discussion" questions about Kokoro that do nothing but trigger people to spout the same crap. It's really stupid.

Lurk for six more years. Spend at least four of them on the the homepage.

He's right though vegtard, how are those pretty colors my fellow anime intellectual and connoisseur, did violet turned herself to a pickle yet?

>normalfags watch anime to feel intellectual
Imagine being this much of a redditor.

falseflagging retard

Are you hearing yourself right now?

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Oh yeah because during a discussion about sports among coworkers at the office it's Chad who then brings up the topic of intellectual anime, right?

If you don't even know what a fucking normalfag is then you should kill yourself back to r*ddit.

>VEG fags on full damage control

Reminder that it's your shitty show that got a sudden boost of popularity thanks to NTR, not theirs.

I don't watch Franxx tho
whats the next pathetic straw man you're going to pull

That's even worse then. Back to Sup Forums

That pretty colors blinded you too huh? why don't you bring that facebook chart that you guys always brag about on stalker threads?

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Where the fuck does this competition thing comes from jesus christ both of you need to get a life or fucking kill yourselves. I've fucking had it. Nu-Sup Forums is full of NIGGERS

>Sup Forums
I expected something stupid like >reddit, but didn't expect that you'd go full retard
you're really desperate user and thats exactly the reason why everyone shits on the VEG community

>still posting after getting called out on not even knowing what "normalfag" means
Listen kid, the moment you reveal yourself as a redditor is the moment your posts lose all value. Try again in the next shitpost thread or just go back to r*ddit.

Franxxfags got triggered because Stalker-threads showed VEG outselling them.

I don't give a fuck where you come from, console war fag.

>300+ posts about "x is a cuck", "milkman" is not a shitpost

ITT: an anime only Sup Forums watches because someone from Trigger posts here.

>Sup Forums watches
Crossboarders posting on Sup Forums do not count as Sup Forums.

You realise majority of Sup Forums is "crossboarders", right? Take those away and there's almost no Sup Forums left.

What is it with franxxniggers and using words they don't understand?

I don't watch franxx.

>fresh memes every week
>not fun

Franxx fags on full damage control of their flop

If you rely on memes to make the show fun, than the show sucks.
Is Franxx actually just Eromanga Sensei but with mechs? Oversexualized trash show that is only afloat because of the memes.

>Sup Forums memes


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It's a A-1 show

>If you rely on memes to make the show fun, than the show sucks.
I watch both and while none of them can be considered AOTS despite how much their fanbase insist, darling threads are much more fun than veg threads. VEG is good if you haven't watched many anime in your life and you are not familiar with that kind of plot about a robot trying to understand what is love

All of you here look like massive normalfags trying too hard to fit in.


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