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Ebino's present.

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I've masturbated to you too.

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Goddamn it, why doesn't this translate anymore

I understand that people are angry at the developments but fucking finish and don't blueball on it.

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How hard is she going to lose? I need to prepare myself.

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What happened

It's getting translations but every translator drops it eventually because it's fucking garbage.

Oh just how the premise has made for a tragic unwinnable scenario for everyone involved.

Usual shit

I just get upset when translations just stop due to lack of interest rather than lack of sources

I was just casually following translations. Didn't even realise until now it's about 20 chapters behind. Sad. Hope it picks up again or someone else does.

So how exactly did Ebino Z go to sleep anyway? Was it just the way Ebino let little bro down?

dont give a shit about this anymore, ebino isnt going to win

Agreed Boku girl had an uninteresting and shit tier character arc/development. Eve is 100% going away which fucking sucks and Ebino is gonna get passed to younger retarded brother after getting heartbroken which I dont want to see tbqh senpai fuck the author and fuck this manga.

>younger retarded brother
Did you even check the previous chapter? Guy is literally miles better than MC.

Very hard.
The MC won't let go Eve and he's full retarded on "male" Ibusuki (the MC doesn't want to accept that Ibusuki is a girl)

Wait, really? It just updated to 100 chapter afaik. Well its konda understandable since Ebino isnt winning.

where are the spurdo edits though?

>Boku girl had an uninteresting and shit tier character arc/development
>Saying this then getting mad over Ebino losing in the same post

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Maybe your shit taste will like sth like Franxtrash or Violetgarbage.

Bokuben is shit.

No u

>actually thinking HZ is good

Because its fucking terrible
Nobody wants to read it and nobody wants to translate it
Just looking at the pictures is enough

>Nobody wants to read it
I do. Even if it only pains me to do so.

Why r u even here?

i r here 2 look at pictures

>thinking the fucking ghost had a chance

Are you guys fucking retarded? If you want a ghost winning go read Itoshi no Kana, it was obvious from the beginning that the crossdresser had it in the bag.

Is the translation 20 chapters behind?
Anything noteworthy happened in these?

Isn't a group scanlating it right now but putting it up behind a paywall?

No idea who would actually go for it though considering this shit is garbage.

No, what the fuck? Where did you even get it from?

A few weeks back someone posted chapters 100 and 101 and brought it up, might be able to find it in the archives if you look.

101 wasn't done and there was nothing about it in the thread for 100. You sure you're not mistaking it for another series?

Gimme half an hour and I'll find it for you. At work.


Here ya go.

Damn, I don't remember that thread at all. It was made and died when I was asleep.
Anyway, dropout has been working on it for a while and they did 2 chapters together with Champion. If Champion hasn't sniped it yet (that thread is almost a month old), then they probably won't and dropout will keep it. Basically, nothing to worry about.

Is Ebino wins?

>ghost doesn't win
Glad I didn't invest more time into this mango, fuck this shit.

Haven't followed this for a while. Reverse trap is going to win right? If not I'm dropping this for good

Nee chapter soon. Like tonight or tomorrow depending on the redrawer.

I'm still doing it with my own group. It just takes a while cause I'm doing it in rotation with Chio-chan and Juliet and the last 2 Juliet chapters killed me cause they were over 30 pages ( 1 setting chapter to begin the new weekly serialization and another 38 pages for a story that could've been told in 20). Like I mentionned , new chapter real soon.

>I'm still doing it with my own group
Yeah well that's pretty much what I said.

>all this bitching because of the plot.

If nisekoi can get scanned to the end, this deserves to get scanned to the end

Is this a romance manga? I might read it

Best sis.