Light hair

>light hair
>dark skin

what race is this even

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Dark elf


I'm more concerned with the hair visor.

race: badass human




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Ambiguous brown


That stupid fucking hair ruins the design

Looks like the antagonist from FFX

I'm shocked people in the US haven't seen this type of person. White hair disorders are pretty common. 1 in 100. Most of the kids I grew up with who had white hair were very tan in general, and the white hair made them look more tan than they were.

Personally I like it, it is exotic.

Diversity without having to add actual black people. Bravo, Japan.

im calling bullshit not once in my life have i seen a natural white haired person around my age

>supporting race theory
wow dude back to Sup Forums

>being against race theory
You're the one getting political here, fag.

La creatura...


Obvious japanese born you nerd.

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Dark skin and light hair is rare but not unheard of. I guess you see it in anime quite a bit because it looks exotic.

>light hair
>dark skin
This is actually pretty common in Latin countries like Brazil.

More importantly, what is it with the "red eye" clan/race in manga/anime?

And why is it that everytime this race is dead/dying/being slaughtered?

Ancient Babylonians.

Don't they actually kill albinos in Africa? They tend to have red eyes.

I like to believe they associate red eyes with something demonic or potentially evil, so people try to kill them or some shit like that

not in all of africa you dumb fuck

it's like saying don't all the americans wear cowboy hats

What's wrong with Orga Blanco?

Where in my post did I imply that they do it "everywhere" in Africa? Learn to read you nigger.

>im calling bullshit not once in my life have i seen a natural white haired person around my age
Maybe it is a southern thing. I went to school in rural Louisiana. We had a lot of white haired dark skinned white boys.

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Spic Blanco.

>rural Louisiana
Probably the wild race mixing and inbreeding that goes on down there man. You Napoleon rejects are fucking weird.

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They fear the sharingan.

Go away, Randy.

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Mediterranean men tend to look like that when they start to grey.
Also know few ppl that started to grey in their 20s so look like that is not impossible at all.

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you mean they don`t?

Either deep european south or mars and their radiation problems mutant

yeah but they are mostly just tanned a bit not straight up dark.

Mexican Shirou.

Anime race. Stop overthinking.
Pic: what race is this?

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not sure about race but ethnicity
>Native Americanspoiler]

>Probably the wild race mixing
Yeah I'm sure racial purity will be high on the list of priorities for second-class space colonists.

My grandpa is French, from Louisiana, had a full head of stark white hair at 16. All of his brothers did too. They were pretty dark complected for white people too. I unfortunately did not get that gene.