Imagine if Shinka was your gym class partner

Imagine if Shinka was your gym class partner.

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>going to gym class and not skipping to watch anime

get fucked dorklet

I was the strongest in my gym class but 17 years passed after the school and now i'm very weak, Shinka would humiliate me.

Sounds hot.

I have a better gym partner in mind.

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I'm trying to not fap, guys. Stop.

Well too bad, Shinka is your partner.

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Do I get lob (my) balls on her face?

What if Shinka and Mai were each other's gym partners?

Shinka would get her ass kicked

What if Shinka and Jiren were gym partners?

Nah, Mori Summer would definitely win that fight.

I've trained my entire life to defeat Shinka

Shinka more like STINK-a

Imagine if she was your sex partner.


>shinka threads

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I can't

but I'm not a dog

the wet dog smell would be unbearable

How embarrassing would it be if you still lost?

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She'll be grossed out by anons so much her chad bf will beat anons up after school.

its canon that she is a fat slob, why would she go to the gym?

>chad bf
That's a really weird way to describe Deko.

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She's not fat (canonically normal BMI) and you don't know what gym class is. But what do you have against fat people going to the gym anyway? It's great that they're trying to get in shape.

I don't know if I could handle her obnoxious dog smell.

I want Shinka to kill me after i raped her in front of Dekomori

How do you want her to do it?

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the gentlest method, maybe fucking me in the tab of warm water, i take alot of painkiller and start cutting my wrist, she then fuck with me in body tempature water, i become weaker and weaker because of blood loss and with the cumming, my last essence of life is gone

That sounds like a lot of hard work. I think you should just accept having your neck snapped by her thighs, you did rape her friend after all.

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i want to rape her, her only as my death wish

Yeah I misread your post, well I wish you good luck on your endeavours.

i want to dominate shinka

thank you, i wish you a good death too

Keep trying, Deko. You'll get there some day.

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I sucked at sport during school though.
>tfw you only developed positive traits when it was already too late
time machines for your consciousness when?

well, she might have a normal bmi, but even kumin calls her fat. yes, fat people who go to the gym are really trying to change their abhorrent lifestyle, good for them.

she is fat in right place, her tits and ass are fat


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Do you have a non-edited version?

the white spots in the big picture are mine

yeah, she is fat bitch in heat prime for taking, once you get hold on her ass, you cannot leave

You mean like this?

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No, another

Describe the image for me.

Same but without swimsuit photoshopped on.

But the swimsuit isn't shooped?

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I wanna sniff her bike seat and lick her classroom chair.

I saw the original image.

go to work Mr Janitor, stop ogling on girls

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Yes, this image, thanks.

It would be a DISASTER! Just imagine hiding your boner for 45 minutes and you are not sure if she noticed or not.

Who's ogling? I've got a chair fetish. You can't judge me!

we hire you out of prison outreach program, dont make us report you again

I'm hiding behind five proxies and 10 firewalls.

Imagine serving time with Shinka.

I'd be her prison bitch gladly.

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i would sneak off with her to the storage room so we could fuck

How would she treat you?

What’s up with all these Shinka threads?

She's hot and powerful.

One or two anons seem pretty obsessed with her. I can't complain though, since I loved her as well.

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I'd swap her out and take rikka instead because it would be more fun

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Fun in what way?

God I wish Shinka would look at me like that.

Austism duo hijinks

I don't understand. That means anal?

Does that mean im Deko? And she gonna to fuck me silly in the equipment shed?

I want to kill myself with Shinka so that we can be together forever

You are a romantic.

I would make her my doll

I guess

She'd be in heaven, you'd be in hell.

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Why is she sitting like that?

Maybe her butt hurts

Deko wanted to try out some anal play last night.

Great Taste

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Do japanese girls really attend gym class in underwear?

They banned it, I think.

Shinka a shit.

When are you going to settle your differences with her?

Promise Shinka you'll watch her movie when the Blu-Ray releases in July

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Only if she kisses Deko.

Mai-senpai would definitely punish me for skipping gym class.

I'd have to go to the bathroom to masturbate before every class. She'd probably catch on and tease me about it constantly.

japan only got chairs technology a few decades ago

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>Dogfucker in heaven

Who is this?

My personal enforcer.

Sup Forums's queen

/an/'s queen

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Is she gonna sneeze?


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All over you.

Easily the best scene in season 2

How would you get out of this situation?

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