All the bullshit aside, is he the most iconic villain in anime?

All the bullshit aside, is he the most iconic villain in anime?

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I miss when King Kai feared him and made Goku and the rest never to so much as look at Frieza.

Probably either him or Raoh. Maybe Char as well.

That's not Madara or Dio.

He is still something to be feared. He got a hell of a lot stronger and who knows even more now that he is a live and maybe training. Chances are he isnt, and back to conquering. But still he is back as one of the strongest mortals in the universe.

i still think the best part is after the tons and tons of bullshit he did, he still managed to get away with literally everything at the end.

You must be new here

Don't know what any of those people are, so its Freiza to for me.

Dio I can understand? But Madara? Kek. He isn't even the most iconic villain in Naruto.

Those are literal whos except for Madara maybe.

Ask most people around the world about an anime villian and most will say frieza.

Pain or orochimaru. Madara was a cool concept tho

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Nah, Piccolo is

>"literal whos"
Fucking underage soyboys and their laughable ignorance.

>you filthy beasts
yeah, miss me with that gay shit

He's done his time in hell though

You're missing the point of the term Iconic

Hory shet
Dbzfags are cancerrr

>ITT Fags who can't tell the difference between iconic and well written

Dio is more iconic than Madara.

Literally who?

Then where are the Dio Pastas?

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Where are the Madara mudamudamudas or wryyyyys?



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Have they ever actually done anything bad? or at all?

A few years back a group did a poll in Japan among regular folks (non otaku) to see who the most recognizable anime characters were.
1. was Doraemon
2. was Son Goku
3. was Char Aznable
So yeah, it's Char.

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literally the pilaf gang of their series

>Char ahead of Pikachu

Pikachu is not anime.
He is the face of the pokemon franchise that which main draw is videogames.

Pikachu is technically a video game character first. Otherwise you might as well count Mario as an anime character.

>Char Aznable
Literally never heard of him in my life.

In all your 11 years of life? Wow

team rocket has him beat

but yes, hes up there

>thinks if he hasn't meme'd about it then it must not be iconic

this is why he's calling you an underage soyboy. most of the world still doesn't get their opinions from the internet via memes like you do, just like most of the world is older than you and knows more than just nardo and jojo villiians.

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Not even the most famous Ryuusei Nakao villain

Even memewise, Madara gets BTFO.

Did you forget wryyyyyyy already you dumb child.

Who is, then? Mayuri? Caesar Clown? Baikinman?

They can't be that famous if you have to introduce them

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For spics, yeah

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Broly was a better written villain than Cell

Perfect "I need Senzu Bean because I'm getting weaker!!!" Cell


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Don't mind him, he's trying to be edgy for the sake of being edgy..

Freeza is easily the most popular anime villain. Worldwide.

He did nothing wrong.

The world isn't just Mexico, Juan

This guy.

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Objectively speaking? No. Not really.

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Not even the most iconic shonen villain of his decade. The only "iconic" thing going on for him is that dragon ball never stopped getting videogames and thus it is hard to not know about him even if you are some shithead born in the 2000's that never watched a single DB episode.

I can believe that, Doraemon is legit impossible to not know him in japan and Char is as iconic as antagonists can get, what with being so iconic he spawned several of what are called "Char clones"

>Freeza is iconic because people who haven't even watched DBZ recognise him
>But this makes him not iconic

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>You're missing the point of the term Iconic
You being an underage retards doesn't make them not iconic.

You have to be +18 to post here.

Iconic is trascending the barriers of history and be remembered no matter how distant the memory is. Having him shoved in your face almost every year isn't being iconic

Goku literally went Super Saiyan for the very first time because he was so pissed off at this guy for fucking almost everyone over, ever, including (but not limited to) beating the absolute shit out of Gohan, beating the absolute shit out of Vegeta (before killing him) Killing Krillin via impalement, killing Krillin via explosion, genociding his entire race and family.

Now, he's just a buddy that Goku smiles at, and gives a thumbs up to.

>>He's done his time in hell though
The guy literally slaughtered countless civilizations and planets with great brutality. He's spent like 10 years in hell or something. It hardly seems proportionate.

Him or Team Rocket.

you just think so because he's still recent. try and see if he stays as iconic as Aizen is.

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aizen is memorable to the handful of people who stuck it through bleach and no one else.

Not even close.

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Gemini Saga is way more iconic. And like other people said, Char Aznable is the ultimate anime villain, forever remembered.

What? bleach was at it's peak during the soul society arc and when Aizen's plan was revealed. People even know about him without having seen a single episode of bleach.

People knew about WRYYYY and ROADOROLLER years before they probably even knew what Jojo even was

>le spic meme XD
Back to R*ddit with you.

Well Goku is originally a manga character so he doesn't count too

>Not even the most iconic shonen villain of his decade
If you're going to make such a statement then at least tell us who you think is the most iconic shounen villain of that decade.

I still laugh at the fact that he was Lucemon's VA in frontiers. It fits so well

If you're not into Gundam and you're not japanese it is very likely, many countries only started to get Gundam after G or Wing and some like here never got Gundam at all.

Most people in here will way sooner tell you the plot for Saint Seiya than recognize Amuro, Char, Heero or Kira. Even the ones into anime/manga don't pay much atention to mecha, the majority that I found didn't know what Mazinger, Getter or Gundam was.

That's because DB Goku is a completely diferent person from Super Goku and no it's not character evolution, they simply are diferent persons, super Goku is just a retard that makes Abridged Goku look like the brightest person to step the world.

No one gave a fuck about Bleach past the Soul Society arc and Aizen was only revealed as a villain at the very end of it. You're really telling me that a manga that was only successful for a few years before fading into obscurity for the majority of its existence has a villain that is more iconic than the most iconic villain from arguably the most iconic shounen of all time?

Hell, Aizen isn't even as well known worldwide as Cell or Buu. I bet he isn't even as famous as Shisho.

Makoto Shishio a best 90's anime villain. He pretty much drives the plot with his schemes while Freezer is just yet another overpowered guy to overcome once all his mooks are dead, he didn't even have a good personality, being just one of the many smug and overconfident villains eventually undone by his hubris that db has.

>being just one of the many smug and overconfident villains eventually undone by his hubris
That was literally Shishio to a T. He was smug and cocky and got undone by his own arrogance and stupidity. If you showed a hundred random people on the street two pictures, one being of Frieza and the other being of Shishio, I guarantee the vast majority of them would at least be able to tell Frieza's name while not even knowing who the other guy is.


Among Japs? though I'm sure Freeza is up there.

Globally? Most definitely Freeza.

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In Mexico and France lmao



lmfao nobody these days would even know who Shishio is.

I would actually argue that Piccolo is Dragon Ball's second most iconic character after Goku, so he's technically the most iconic villain as well. More people who have never bothered watching or reading DB would recognize Piccolo as a character from that one dumb action show than Freeza.

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That's pure delusion. Not to mention that most people mainly know Piccolo as a hero, not a villain, and this is coming from a Piccolofag.


I must be mistaken, but the way you said that makes it sound almost like you meant it as an insult.

I never once considered Madara ever iconic

And he gets his shit pushed in by an alien bunny woman.

my mom knows who is freezer so yeah probably

They also probably knew of that majestic JoJo Flamboyancy that Dio was doing before Joseph made it cool. And then he was the posterboy for it too in Part 3.

you think he's the best, that doesn't make him iconic. retard.

>Piccolo is Dragon Ball's second most iconic character after Goku
I would actually agree.
>so he's technically the most iconic villain as well
ONLY on technicality, as no one would recognize him specifically as a villain.

i really enjoy halfbaked contrarianism done in an effort to make dragon ball look like just another series, nothing special

Orochimaru is the most iconic Naruto villain

He killed Goku's dad and genocided his people and countless other people and they are perfectly okay with him being set loose to conquere the universe again. The fuck is wrong with Goku and the others.

They arent superheroes amerimutt

Would you watch a new high-budget animated adaption of the Dragon Ball manga?


I google "Dio"... is the singer or the motorcycle???

um, no, sweetie

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>Thinking Piccolo is more iconic than Vegeta, Freeza and Gohan

They are the true heroes

Piccolo is definitely more iconic than Gohan at least, Gohan completely fell off the map

Yes, He is.

Also, greatest redemption of all time.

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