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Spoilers in less than 24 hours.
Will Mama finally eat the cake after nearly 30 chapters?

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Big Mom is about to eat the cake but then Blackbeard shows up to destroy it while making it look like the Strawhats did it. What a wacky guy he is.

Another day closer to Monet's return.
brb puking up water now

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Yeah she will, but she is still gonna be pissed about her plans going up in smoke thanks to Luffy. But they have time to get away.


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Are we going to have another color spread with Hancock, and Marco?

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Remember when the arc was supposed to end with the Chateau collapsing?

Yep. I also believed it. However, thinking back it makes no sense. Why on earth would the escape end after the explosion if it takes 10 hour or so to leave Tottoland?

I would.

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I think it should've ended after Namek to be brutally honest.

No one ever specified that, right? What were you expecting?
>the cake falling
>it alll fades to black
>'wew, we sure had a hard time escaping... Oh look! There's Wano!!'

>brb puking up water now

I guess back then people thought the escape would just be mostly skipped with a few panels showing them sailing at different times. Like Oda sometimes does when they're travelling from island to island.

I recall some people thought when Big Mom went into her hunger disorder that the BMP would be occupied trying to calm her down and minimize destruction and would be unable to chase the Straw Hats too much.

I want three chapters of nothing but Mama eating the delicious cake and reactions of her children who are wondering whether their Mom likes it or not.

I understand because that's how usual escapes are, but if we look at other islands, they're just solo islands. Tottoland is WCI surrounded by 30+ islands and it takes 10 hours or so to reach Cacao Island. So you would have to suspend your belief that it's impossible for the BMP to catch up.

Monetfag has the flu

He only eats snow so he can feel his waifu even closer.

user is on a hunger strike and refuses to eat until he gets Monet back.

The only way to redeem this shit arc is if Big Meme foodgasms eating the cake stripping naked like in Shokugeki no Soma. Her eating the cake and possibly getting "knocked out" is too predictable and underwhelming and you cannot deny that fact.

>Perospero commenting on each orgasmic moan resembling the ones she emitted for each of her childrens' conceptions

Isn't he just trying to get ''pregnant'' with Monet that way? fucking obsession man

As long as this arc ends, for fuck sakes.

enough with furfags.
at least no more katakori yaoi
luffy et al need to return to zou to pick up momo and throw away the rabbit.

Are Charlottefags the mest obnoxious and delusional posters here?Hopefully they will fuck off back to Sup Forums once the Disney arc is done.


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>Big Mom lost weight
>Sanji's food also nutritional
>Big Mom in foodcomma
>When she wakes up she a GILF, stronger than even before

do you have some sort of disability?

I'm genuinely missing Dressrosa and the days where we used to have an actually threatening and complex villain instead of an autistic tumblr whale with pink hair.

see I got the shot, but they picked the wrong strain to vaccinate for.
Bitch I wish I could keep something more than chicken ramen and fruit popsicles down.

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Do people believe Pedro could be alive? Or this just for the Android 17 meme?
>Somehow surviving a dynamite explosion to your ribcage, heavily wounded, stranded alone on BMs territory, surrounded by enemy troops, unable to move

You're still on your autistic rampage?

Somehow this autistic tumblrwhale is more threatening than fucking Doflamingo
And this arc is far better paced than Dressrossa, so I don't know how you can miss that


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Have fun with that, dude.

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Kamsahamida kim chi bim bam bap kamsatang

No user,i am not big mom.

Kata : luffy proposed to me.What should I do now?
Pudding: you will accept it right? After all, I know you love him

I hope so just to see the shitstorm. It'll also entertain me greatly and I can't wait to see how Oda cocksuckers will defend this bullshit.

Dressrosa has to be the arc with worst pacing in the history of the series. I'll take a screeching whale over Doflamingo anytime if the arc is decently paced.

When did you develop your vendetta against them? You've been shitting the threads only since yesterday.


ceasar is gonna help them escape and join the crew, just make peace with it already

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Reminder that eating lots of sugary sweets is the key to true /fit/ness!

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You're an autistic landwhale like her, don't lie, I can tell. You hate her because she reminds you too much of yourself.

Mink durability
Jack couldn't even injure a frail elderly one and Perdo was one of their strongest warriors.
He can probably Sulong himself out of Totland, since anyone who could stop him is busy or defeated
He's still out of lifespan though so he will live long enough to have a sad death scene in front of the rabbit

Since april 2016 when this arc started instead of Wano that has been hyped since PH.

No user,i am a male that actually works out daily and i am not particulary fond of sweets.

>durability again
>Inu & neko are the strongest minks
>Point blank explosion
>He's dead

So why did you wait till yesterday to start voicing your contempt? A newfag?

One of the few reasonable things I have read.

>sanji jumps repeatedly through the air
>carrot literally FLIES

Been voicing my contempt sporadically in the past 2 years,your new is showing.

This artist draws some of the cutest Charlottes going, girls and boys alike.

Also still hoping that Katakuri and Pudding do have a close relationship of some type. It'd be a nice little touch if the whole favourite little sister contest had some payoff like that.

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Non Flash back characters in One Piece are cursed with immortality by default, only the touch of Magma can set people free

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And stop assuming i'm the only one,there's plenty of people with commonsense that hate this shitty arc.

Pedro had a flashback speedreader

He wasn't introduced in it was he faggot?

Well sorry this my first time seeing
>hurdur charlottefags!!
Instead of
>hurdur Big Meme
You've evolved I guess.

>Super speedreader

>He's still out of lifespan though so he will live long enough to have a sad death scene in front of the rabbit
Geez what an asshole, traumatizing her twice in such a short timespan, if true.

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The ninth?

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Carrots actual backstory
>You're bad with swords, have some gloves
sounds great

>Pirate king bobbin

so....the same as luffy?

>Hey, u said my captain's words
>I'll job to a monster and lose my arm

>only the touch of magma can set people free
I don't think so

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>The Frontier agents of Baroque works
Oars Jr ?

For clarity by Flashback characters I meant people like , Hiruluk, Corazon, Ohothime, Kuina, Bellmere, Saul and Olivia, Mother Carmel and the rest who were introduced in someone else flashback with Sabo being the exception


Colour spread in 2 hours.

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thats what was said 3 hours ago

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>loses an arm to a low tier sea king
>your rival doesn't even consider you worth his time because of it
>when asked about your arm you lie and act like you lost it on purpose

Why is Shanks so pathetic?

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>Misspelling "most" when there are 5 fucking spaces between e and o on a keyboard
Good job, expected mental retardation of a wanofag

Where did this 'if you're in the color spread you're a crewmate' meme come from? This colorspread happened at the end of Zou, and Pedro/Momo aren't crewmates. Momo didn't even come with them.

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He's an alcoholic drifter, what do you expect

When will this garbage-tier arc ends?

>got 3 scars from a literal who Blackbeard without a DF


Why do you pretend to read One Piece?

One of my fav colorspreads desu

Does this one mean Shirahoshi Camie and Hatchan are joining?

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Sometime between 10-20 chapters from now.

Let's not pretend this arc doesn't have flaws and hasn't run its course too long.

There's a difference between "Let's not pretend this arc doesn't have flaws" and "this is a garbage-tier arc" user

Have you reread the arc? almost everyone says this about every arc during weekly releases.

>YWN roll around inside a giantess' bra

He just said being in cover art doesn't mean they're a crewmember
Fishman island being destroyed and Posiedon will definetly be relevant one day and Hatchan will likely return with her

I've reread this arc and I felt like it dragged on way too much desu.

Watching the anime certainly doesn't help my preconceived notions either.


The absolute state of dick suckers

This is the only other color spread Carrot's shown up in, and Momo's been in four. And she's in there with Kalifa because it's a Chinese New Year colorspread, and she's a rabbit. There's no hints in the color spreads.

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He just is

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Not him but I did reread it.
Still garbage

He said it's 100% confirmation she's joining if she's in the colorspread. The only example I can find of it actually predicting a future crewmate was pic related, and it's not so much a hint as explicitly laid out for you.

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Worst Yonko desu.

this is bait

hope the bunny dies

This is sad

Keep hoping. Your tears will be delicious.

how did jimbei heal 100%
but luffy has an ugly scar