Legend of the Galactic Heroes 2018

A cover for Sawano Hiroyuki's single "Binary Star" is released.

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that's not mahler
that's not mahler at all

The other song from single is going to be "Cage", the new theme song "Gundam Unicorn"

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Today's reveal is Tsuyoshi Koyama, who is going to play Ovlesser. Tomorrow's reveal is going to be Gregor von Mückenberger

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Not that I care much, but I hoped "Binary star" is going to be about Reinhard & Yang, not about Reinhard and his overgrown Jiminy Cricket

Fucking awful art. They want to pander but can't draw it better.

Yeah, that's one awful shading. It makes their mouths look very unflattering.

Jesus fuck. Thet need to stop with that glowly effect. It looks like it's made by a fujo who just started using photoshop.

Good point mein kakka. The original series totally used Mahler as the OP music, right? Right?

>They want to pander but can't draw it better.

Would you like the designs itself, if they'd choose better artists? By designs I mean uniforms, clothes hair etc

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Thank you seiyuuanon

「銀英伝」の打ち入り “Galactic Heroes” Preparatory Meeting 2018/3/27 22:29
「銀河英雄伝説 Die Neue These」の、打ち入りがありました!
Was the preparatory meeting for “The Legend of the Galactic Heroes: The New Thesis”!
It was a place full of respect for the “Galactic Heroes”.
It’s a really…really…amazing work.
To enchant people, this much…
To love people, this much…
The cast, the staff, combining our emotions,
In order to make the best work,
Is what we pledged that night.

Do you trust Mamo-chan?

There's no point as they didn't get the best artist.

I don't have issue with the uniforms. I just don't understand why they chose someone who can't draw anything but teenagers to do a cast that's mostly thirtysomething adults. It's a bizarre production choice. If they wanted to pander fujos they missed the mark by a mile, I haven't heard of anyone who likes the remake designs.

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No. He has to say it's good anyway. He probably said Osama Game was amazing too.

He probably said these words looking at his paycheck

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My work is done for today

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Better artists who can differentiate faces and make the hairstyles more natural, maybe yes.

kek I'm not even sure what they're trying to do with Kise sulking while Akashi kind of hovers behind.

>trust no one, not even yourself

Don't they actually have a different designer for older characters?

Gundam Unicorn what?

Yes, but by older they probably mean those who is in their 50s, not 30s. This Schoenkopf doesn't look much different from others.

It looks like they watch something bad on TV

Yeah they watched a certain reboot.

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>Kircheis, are we THAT ugly?
>Hai, Rainhado-sama

God I hate the shading, it's so random. And it looks like someone is shining flashlights into their faces.

Ehh... you can tell he prefers certain vocalists that actually compose and just gives his leftovers to the shittier ones.

What are they watching?

Kuroko no basugay

They are looking at their dinner

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>tfw LOGH vs UC Gundam TV special for maximum pandering

Miyano probably reading that on a gunpoint

They are looking at the massive surge of new LOGH fangirls

Homo. Just the way I like it.

>New LOGH will be a total flop
>New LOGH will attract hordes of yaoi fangirls with pockets full of fujobucks
So which one is true?

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I hope it's the first. Low effort don't deserve any fujobucks.

Those two statements don't contradict eachother yet...

In the next seasons there will be some long-awaited homo anime Free! S3 for example
I'm pretty sure or at least I hope they'll divert attention away from LOGH, which for the chara design alone is a letdown. Male idolshit anime are unironically better.

You like your homo being boring, ugly and not even looking at each other?

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Christ, the character art is garbage.

And I seriously hope that's not supposed to be Julian next to Yang.

Confirmed to be Julian

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Anyone has a good quality picture of this calendar?

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Burn it with fire.

Especially Reuenthal and Oberstein are complete misses.
Mittermeyer looks like a school boy.

What in the fuck did they do to Mittermeyer and Schenkopp?

> Sawano making singles for shit he doesn't compose for the whole show
Something different I guess but the guy is still overused to death.

I'm desperate. I'll take anything.

And thats because you're comparing the styles of the blu-ray, not even the laserdisc version.
Seriously Julian is almost as tall as poor Mittermeyer.

The only one who actually looks somewhat decent is Oberstein, even though the old design is still miles better he at least looks like an actual adult.

yare yare, i think we're in for a big steaming pile of shit. i'll be open and give it a chance next week, but my hopes are not high.

For the OVA comparison they could've at least used pre-army Julian.