Pure, virgin seiyuu thread

pic related

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sooooooooooooo cute.

She's had two boyfriends at least. She is anything but a pure, virgin seiyuu.

don't matter she's cute asf, gtfo loser



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>Thread title is Pure, Virgin seiyuu thread
>Puts a used goods seiyuu as the opening picture

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No. Lewd, skanky seiyuu thread.

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Does this video confirm that she's Kizuna Ai?

the purest

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Only Seiyuu who is an actual pure virgin.

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are you trying to imply something?

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Aoi-chan is the purest virgin princess.

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just a reminder that this didn't get a second season because fan hounded one of the voice actors for not being pure

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She lets Onoken eat out her pussy every night.

She grew her hair out and has a boyfriend desu. That girl ain't pure.

Are seiyuu who like other girls pure?

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Kajikyun is the cutest and the purest.

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Virgin girls are shit.

This but unironically

This but ironically.

You have to go back.

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Ew no, he's a satanist.

user in pic related event, she literally sexually harassed an 18 year old boy. An 18 year old boy with a very sexy voice yes, but a barely legal adult nonetheless.

If I have to be trapped in this horrible 3d shell, why can't I at least look like that?

Who Hitomi?

Tatsuhisa is a manwhore and likly has all kinds of STDs.


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Does he whoreship himself?

I can no longer look at her without thinking
>Everyone but the bassist.

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Poor bassist-kun. He'll make it some day.


what are you talking about?
the bassist is a hero

Reminder to report this thread that doesn't belong in Sup Forums

It's not like that didn't happen when he was 17.

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Bassist-sama is an intellectual who doesn't fuck any slut who is too dumb to even wear her bikini properly.

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Wow, Hirano is fucking flat.

She has other assets.

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Isn't she living with some ugly midget.

why is this shit even here? this shitty thread belongs in /jp/


Risa Taneda, Sumire Uesaka, Kido Ibuki, and Haruka Tomatsu

All of them are sluts that suck sound directors dicks.

No. They are all pure and would never do something like that

Pure sluts

Why do so many Japanese men look so feminine with only the tiniest bit of makeup or women clothing?
You never see this is any other race.

Don't mind me, just posting the purest of them all.

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Too much soya sauce.


Maybe it's natural selection. The prettiest-looking buttslut samurais got protected by other samurais.

Then is it the same with Chinese and Korean?

Then I want to fuck Elf men.

pure on what scale

Amount of dicks sucked.

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Ugly flat plank of a body.

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Nips have such ugly teeth. Only Brits are worse.

kek MAO was so trashy on the past. She looks great now at least.

Tomato is pure... right?

>eceleb thread
Fuck off already.