Realistic isekai

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What an exciting story. I wonder why this isn't more common.

This hits too close to home for the Nip. Their soul is too broken to read this

>Not becoming a merchant and out Jewing the competition using accountant trickery

Lost potential salary man turned dish washer.

What series is this?

Like what kind of trickery? explain bit more, they werent idiots in middle ages

Usury/lending money with interest. Believe it or not but there was a time when this wasn't the standard. Medieval Christians, Muslims and even feudal Japanese saw usury as bad/wrong/sinful. It was delegated to Jews but eventually spread to merchants and traders.

Just write a setting where usury is sinful, an isekai'd person isn't a member of a new worlds religion and is thus independent from its religious practices.

Should have studied crop rotation.


>usury is sinful, an isekai'd person isn't a member of a new worlds religion and is thus independent from its religious practices.
So you'd be chased as a heretic.

Good luck lending people money when you don't have any capital.
Also good luck getting the law to side with you in any of your business dealings.

fuck off Schlomo

Jews in Europe were discriminated against but they were often necessary members of banking and trade communities because of their less noble monetary practices.

A poorer independent person can organise weekly interest rates on smaller loans to more middle class or poor people. Clearly difficulties the main character face with religious and civil authorities are a selling point in any story and not a reason to give up.

He should’ve just worked as a prostitute

Is that the only translated pic?

What series is that??

>ok so we're going to take your money and invest it in the adventure to dungeon x and take the profits if that adventure and buy 35% of the most successful inn and take a loan against that collateral to buy cheap orc iron to flip to the blacksmiths of the waring feudal lord annnnnddddd its gone, allll gone.

but for real, GAAP hasnt been around that long

It does happen in Juuni Kokuki to a less boring extent. Unless you're the main character and thus the chosen one, then anybody who ends up in the alternate world is a shit-tier loser who can't speak the language and thus is up shit creek without a paddle.

It happens to both of the main character's friends who get dragged along, and neither of them take it very well. One of the protagonists of a later arc also suffers from this.

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I was thinking more along the lines of this but I suppose an isekai MC founding a new religion around money and goyem hatred would be fun too.

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How does he lend anything to anyone without capital? How does he enforce payment without hired muscle, civil law, or cultural expectations on his side?
If the point is for it to be realistic, he's fucked. You just want to tell an isekai jew story.

It also happened fairly literally in El Hazard to Jinai's sister. An was covered in about two minutes of screen time because it isn't interesting to watch someone wait tables in a fantasy world.


he has no money, no reputation, no knowledge of local culture or laws, cant speak or read the local language, and if loaning is not commonplace in that world i would imagine people would be really sceptical.

>reverse image search
>first result is the wikipedia page for "Wage Slavery"

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There are always other unscrupulous scum willing to work as hired muscle for a percentage. If there is a legal system it isn't going to concern itself with agreements made between some peasant family and a money crazed foreigner, intrigues with the civil magistrates would be for later in the story once the hero is making deals with wealthier individuals. Cultural expectations can also be used to bind a person to an agreement but once you're pissing off enough people the idea is to have enough hired muscle to protect yourself.

No I'm just insulting the laziness of the dishwasher and answering your questions. A isekai built around borrowing and lending money is far more realistic in comparison to wherever the story in OPs pic is going I'm willing to bet anyway.

No need for need trickery, your average salaryman probably knows at least some of pic related and could use it in a profitable venture
But Log Horizon already went there

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No, thats not how it works.
You lend money to people that can pay back, if you said risk assessment you would be correct as you could lend money to someone that have the means to pay back or at least the idea is good enough to take the risk or otherwise you end up with people that borrowed money they cannot pay back.
Also reason why money wasnt very valued in medieval times was because wealth was land ownership, also some of the higher nobility even had the right to mint coin (meaning they could print money if they wanted) and this remained true until the end of the dark ages, the rise of mercantilism and absolutism.

Even if the idea is good the fact is, someone would already come up with it ,,, Isekai should really drop the whole "nobody thought of that" when someone in our world HAD thought of that and it was adapted because it worked, they might as well having a Isekai world were the wheel wasnt invented so we can have then marvel at the Superior Nippon Wheel, Folded 1000 times, at least the Native American never figured that one out.

To be honest I would be down for watching an anime about somebody isekai'd to another world, but their adventures are just them getting an ordinary job and getting along and learning about the new world and its culture.

I still like isekai as a concept, even though it's been over-saturated by hack writers. Nearly every single isekai story has the main character have all of his needs and living situation handed to him on a silver platter by the end of the first episode, there's next to nothing where the main character is just dumped into the deep end and has to figure out how to get along on his own without superpowers or a rich and powerful main love interest to bail them out.

I'm too lazy to read all this. I guess I probably won't survive travelling back in time.


>I'm just insulting the laziness of the dishwasher
That's literally the point of the image though? That being sent to a magical world didn't grant him a magical adventure because he wasn't adventurous.

And no, your guy still literally can't get started because he doesn't have anything to lend to anyone, and even if he did he wouldn't have any way to make them pay him back. Never mind any way to pay for hired muscle.

Already done.

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>that pic
That's great that you can paste 10/10 ideas summarized in a single picture but what happens if something goes wrong with your "inventions"? Not enough funding? Wrong approach? Plagiarism? I can't expect to invent something even if it looks braindead easy on paper without making a few shit drafts until finally nailing something. By then, you would've already got a stable job there, living as a hermit or you're dead.

The problem is that you're probably still stuck with a hack writer, and a story that misses what most of the isekai audience wants. Watching bland anime lead guy sweep floors in Not Dragon Quest World is not going to be interesting.

A lot of this assume that you have the time, money and ressources to pull it of.
You can't make a plane without a motor, you can't have a motor without petrol/electricity and a high level of mechanical expertise. Without that you can make a glider at most, wich you would only be able to fly from high places without cars to propel you. Experiment will likely result in death or broken limbs.

How do you heat milk just before it's boiling point without gas ? Natural fires are far more unstable than gas ones, good luck getting just the right temperature.
>Copper wire
>Middle age technology
>Look for mold that looks like crazy hands when viewed under a microscope.
>Making alluminium by running current through-

Unless you're a rich phycisist with assistants a lot of things listed here are impossible to do, and even then a lot of these are impossible with middle age tecnology.

>just invent heavier-than-air flight from this wing shape
How incredibly practical.

>only chapter 0 is available
what the fuck

>I'm too lazy to read all this
Don't bother, that pic is several orders of magnitude more useless than advice that to walk a tightrope over a bottomless pit you just need to keep your balance. It doesn't say anything wrong, but there's so much more to building even a simple unpowered glider for example than just "attaching two airfoils to a central body" holy shit. Like what airfoil exactly, there are myriads for all kinds of purposes and minute differences in shape are sometimes extremely important, how big it should be, how should you make the internal structure so it'd be light enough to lift off the ground but not break under your weight halfway up. Then you can't just go to a store and buy some aircraft grade timber and plywood, you're most likely be left with some odd sticks of unknown mechanical properties you'd have to somehow process without any of the modern tools and test and adjust the structure accordingly. There's also a matter of control and stability, etc. etc. My head hurts evrey time I imagine what loops I'd have to jump through if I was left stranded in some primitive world without a way back and tried to make even the simplest of the most common modern appliances from the scratch.

Also while germ theory and sanitation are reasonably practical because they can be as simple as boiling water, good luck convincing the medical establishment that they're wrong. Look up Semmelweis to see how hard it is even while being a doctor yourself and having good statistical data proving your point.

After a week of frugal living a person can loan a small amount of money to a person easily, he is employed and it is possible. Threat of violence is a great motivator for getting payment, his ability to intimidate a person is reliant on who he loans money to, I would suggest not 8ft strongmen at first. Obviously unless he is not strong enough to frighten powerful characters he will need an assistant eventually but that is entirely reliant on the author. The author can give him a big strong friendly idiot that also works as a dish washer or an employer that is willing to assist in collection for a small fee.

You are for whatever reason totally against a harmless "for fun" suggestion and creating any reason possible to discard it despite the fact that the story doesn't exist and if it did the mechanics and details of it are entirely up to the author to decide. Stop being an angry brainlet.

A main character could take something valuable as collateral to cover his loss (perfect way to start a harem btw). Usury isn't so much not thought of, people knew about it, they just considered it as a practice to be immoral. In all isekai settings money is move valuable and widely used than it was irl. Isekai are typically well past the dark ages despite claiming to be.

Who would pay for a human cock in a fantasy universe?

Do you have realistic isekai about gaijin transported to Japan during the 90s?

I'm not against your jew isekai story. I'm against your claim that it's realistic.
You're conveniently assuming he has a job that pays more than he needs to live on, and that he has a buddy that for some reason doesn't object to his taboo business. And no one just rips him off, mugs him, or whatever else.

Could you write a story about it? Sure. But you're presenting it like it's an obvious smart move that anyone could make a success of. It isn't, by a long shot.

If a person can't save money in six months they need to find a new job or manage their finances better. After that, how successful he is and his relationships along the way and entirely within the purview of the author of the fantasy book they are writing. You cannot judge how realistic or fantastical this theoretical characters chances are because that depends entirely on the setting. How taboo his actions are, how serious law enforcement is in the region or how lucky or unlucky a person is. It all depends on the author and can all easily be written in such a way to be realistic in their setting.

It isn't an easy shot to success that anyone can pull off, I intentionally mentioned the taboo and difficulties such a course would take because struggle is what makes a good story as well as explaining why it hasn't already been done before in the setting. Something being hard is what makes the reward worth it. Unless you're interested in isekai for the power fantasy wish fulfillment difficult shitty jobs no one wants to do like loan money with interest OR being a dish washer are your options. Loaning money would just make a more exciting story.

You'd need to be a specialist in each field to realize these.
Just learn how black powder is made like Drifters and you're set.

>Open isekai thread
>The posting speed is average, not so much going on
>Go to sleep
>Thread hits bumplimit
Man, I do I hate timezones!

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he doesn't know the language

Check your job and race in your isekai
>well-intentioned Human Cleric from a small family bakery who wants to smash the capitalist system

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fuck off dumb commie dragon

>he still insists on wearing a tie
Despite telling himself otherwise, he simply enjoys being a wageslave, nothing to see there.

Red Dragons - best dragons.

I'm not so sure about this.

>sensitive Gnome Cleric from the slave fighting pits who has a burning hatred for pirates
Come on, I'm 5'9", give me a dwarf.

>tfw no Sun Ring animu or mango ever

name of this manga

"A Wage Slave is Reincarnated In Isekai!! It's Heartbreaking!!!"


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>warm-hearted Half-orc Rogue from the Gladiator Arena who mistrusts anyone smaller than them
>hard-working Elf Ranger from the base of a volcano who is afraid of sharp edges
>gentle Dragonborn Barbarian from a sheltered upbringing who is afraid of heights
>cautious Halfling Bard from the tundra who always refers to inanimate objects as 'she'
Choices, choices...

And this is why John Carter books sold like crazy, and Guliver of Mars was a flop.

>crass Elf Barbarian from a laid back beach town who meditates before dawn
This makes no fucking sense.

>considerate Gnome Bard from a small town on the border who has taken a vow of silence

Wait what?

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Claims to be 'realistic' but MC doesn't shit his guts out and the town isn't dead from Japanese cold so idk

thank you very much




This actually hits a bit too close to home.

sombre Half-orc Druid from the now dry swamp who seems to know everyone


It's also One-Shot, I have second thoughts of getting an actual series.

sounds about right.


Cool I have an edgy backstory

Meanwhile in Tanaka.

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Yes, this is everything I ever wanted.

Into the trash it goes

Tieflings are only bad when you don't play them as annoying smug shits.

>hating the demonic cock

>Search thread for Grimgar
>No results


You misspelled jewloli

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You're the hero of the village, the guy everybody knows, someone with a shitload of history and many stories to tell, it's a pretty neat concept for a character but it sounds hard to actually pull it off right.

Well grimgar had their memories wiped.
The key point in isekai is to have the knowledge of the old world.

Too bad, wasted premise.
But the idea of an iseaki where the MC has no powers is far too interesting and will probably be done at some point if not already.

The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar
MC gets transported to bronze age tribe, has half hour of access to internet per day, nothing else

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>bronze age
>doesn't sack cities for loot
>doesn't raid for slaves
It's trash.

No it's not, that one-shot is basically what all of them would look like if they didn't feature the protagonist dying in a ditch somewhere because throwing a modern man into wilderness with no tool access is basically murdering them.

Eww, her hair must touch the toilet seat.

>Intolerant Human Ranger from the black citadel who always refers to inanimate objects as 'she'
>BLACK citadel

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Are you talking about the novel or the manga? Sounds interesting.

> discerning Dragonborn Bard from a moving island who unwittingly misuses words all the bloody time

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I read somewhere that this is ntr shit

>No it's not
Not an interesting premise? Yes, it is.

>throwing a modern man into wilderness with no tool access is basically murdering them
People aren't equal, a very smart person, someone with a vast knowledge base like a scientist, one of those survival eagle scouts, a soldier, a doctor (remember those medical time-slip shows?) etc won't be the same and that is what makes it interesting. Cheat powers makes one type of MCs, but relying on Earth skills will make very different stories.

>Chipper half-elf ranger from a dysfunctional marriage who needs to earn the trust of a hated duke
>Churlish gnome fighter from a ruined city who always wanted to learn magic but struggled with it
>Fearless human monk from a camp of army followers who gates to be clean

I love all of them.

>who always refers to inanimate objects as 'she'

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>title of the chapter is Bitch Invasion
I love this series

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>romantic Dwarf Sorcerer from a rural construction company who mistrusts anyone taller than them
>mistrusts anyone taller than them

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How would you loot a city after you burned it down?

Tanaka is pure shit. It's yet another series where the world functions like an awful CRPG and has all the tired isekai cliches such as an adventuring guild. The series starts out with the premise that the MC is a healer but then quickly shits on that by letting the MC use overpowered attack spells that make him more powerful than experienced adventuring parties.

Tanaka's personality is pretty unpleasant. He's in his 30s, but he acts like the kind socially awkward horny 14 year-olds you see in harem series. E.g. he stared at a girl when she was trying to piss, which was creepy as fuck and he leers at every girl he meets. The other characters are pretty awful as well. E.g. the girl he met in prison and escaped with him wanted to turn him in immediately afterwards, which made her an idiot and massive hypocrite. Or the mage noble who sliced off both legs of an innocent girl just so that Tanaka could demonstrate his healing power to him. And Tanaka himself didn't give a fuck about that and was perfectly happy to be friends with him.

>How do you heat milk just before it's boiling point without gas ?

With a steam bath. Boiling (fresh) water (at sea level) is always exactly 212 degrees, and the seam will be the same temperture. Once the water reaches it's boiling point, it starts absorbing its heat of vaporization to transition from liquid to gas, absorbing thermal energy without an increase in temperature; ergo, as long as some water remains, the water-steam system cannot exceed it's boiling point (unless heat is being added to the steam directly, but you should be able to avoid that).

You actualize this setup by boiling water in very large kettle, and placing the milk bottles in a heating chamber connected to the kettle by metal piping. The steam will cool as it moves through the piping, so it's just a question of getting the spacing right to make sure the milk doesn't overheat.

Wouldn't the difference in environmental pathogens immediately cause you to get sick and fucking die? Or vice versa. Think the Columbian exchange but on an even bigger scale.

Either you die from ultra smallpox, or the spread of the deadly Japanese common cold annihilates all human/demi-human life.

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