Violet Evergarden Episode 12

5 hours until Livestream

Are you ready?

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Cover of VEG BD2 (KyoAni shop only)

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Very bland

I can't believe AOTS is almost over.

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Has Gilberto taught Violet about the birds and the bees yet?

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It is confirmed that episode 14 OAV will be set in between episode 4 and 5 events and will be about male singer that requested Violet's services.

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reminder that violet wants to know what love is

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Probably saving it for the movie.


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VEG Chronicle fanbook confirmed to have insight in what production process/how story was shaped. For example what Fujita added to storyboards etc.

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Google translate of the ep 11 setting info:

It is the northernmost country of the Telsis Continent and the majority of the country is in the subarctic zone, so it is cold throughout. However, in the summer the temperature rises to the extent that agricultural production is possible, so people also live. Furthermore, since the Northern allies are blessed with underground resources, the living standards of residents are kept relatively high by exporting them to neighboring countries. However, it is causing conflict with neighboring countries, and many countries do not feel comfortable with Kutrigar country under the water.

Also during the continental war, it continued to make profits as a resource exporter, and domestic factions wanted to continue warfare. As the war ended and abundant and inexpensive resources were imported from the south, profits of their country drastically declined, so the continuing war continued to work and set up a civil war against the government that accepted peace. On the other hand, neighboring countries co-dispatched for public security, and from the Republic of Solvus, troops were stationed at Menace Base located along the border at the southeastern tip of Kutrigar. Near the Menace Base there was a camp in the main battlefield, so there were not so many units as it was originally the monitoring duties there.

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Bits of chapter 2-3-4 text from vol 3

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Vol 3 reviews from Amazon (google translated):
>Animation is also in the final stage, release of Gaiden at the place where it is getting more and more exciting.
Although the episode as a public love sentence of Dorothy Kingdom, which seemed to be an anime original, an episode as a doll is also nice, personally the story of Benedict and old story of Hodgins and Gilberto were fun!
Of course, the story that drew after the main part is heartburn. It seems that Violetto and Gilberto are happy, it was really good!


There are many episodes on the violet which did not fit in the top and bottom in the hands of the author, and it seems that some of them became this "Gaiden".
The story of usual style where Violette writes a letter is only "Princess and automatic doll" of the first episode. This is the fifth episode in animation. I will move people with emotions overflowing emotions.
The second episode "Eternity and Automatic Recording Doll" is a bit tied to the first episode, and the Violet touches the girl Isabella with a different role rather than as an author. Isavera more than the violet Amy's thought is painful and warm. The end that leads to the future after 10 years is wonderful.
From the third episode, C & H postal company violet colleagues, Benedict Blue's past and now, Katrea Baudelaire's love, and Gilberto Bougainvillea and Claudia Hodgins at the military academy's school are talked about I will. I knew the atmosphere of this attractive colleague / president, but knowing this story makes me realize that it is true. By the way Chris who had dinner with Cattley is a good person, maybe someday get involved in the episode.
The final story "Postman and automatic note doll" is the last one in time series, the violet who again got the war axax witchcraft stabbed into the outlaw's nest, along with the rigid arm cattleya, battle madness Benedict, including the president of Hodgins Everyone will feel pampered and rampage. The author seems to like to draw a battle. But the last thing to bring good points is Gilberto · Colonel Bougainvillea. It can not be helped, I love you with Violet.
While being conscious of being strong, painfully adorable, artificial hands symbolized by hands of both hands, while being conscious of the future lost with the backlit, the clumsy awaited love is a different color heroine, the charm of violet is increasingly striking.

I do not stop the ya ya ya ya ya niya ya. I looked at animation and thought that Benedict was cool, I had browsed at the bookstore somehow and had chapters of Benedict, so I bought it soon enough. It was the best. Thank you very much. And, when it comes to the beauty of the poster 's posterity! It was too bad for my body if I was from a person like me who is dirty. Please be careful as people like "Do not like inspiring things or like fish" will be torn down by holy water.

>whatever this gibberish means

Seems like chapter 6 in vol 3 as expected is "shit got real" moment as the last chapters in vol 1-2 as well. Violet wielding her axe again, Cattlaya, Benedict and even Hodgins fighting. Gilbert being involved as well.

Quoting author previously:
>I love flowers,and I love poetry. But the most fun I have writing is war scenes.


nice and sad art

Pic related never happened and it was just his hallutination before breathing his last.

Correction, not a male singer but female Diva. So

Might actually be reserved for episode 14 and not finale as people speculated. But still nice, instead of expeted Onsen episode KyoAni makes another Idol episode.

pfft, some japanese went to Leiden in Netherlands, just to find it has no relation to VEG whatsoever (the city was based on Genua instead visually)

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And the actual CH Company building is located in Kyoto

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Surprise Lux episode!

Nah, still not betting any money on what today's episode will be. 10-11 were predicted correctly, but chances are content of next one will be changed from novel.

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No post-train episode? Well, fuck. Guess we still don't even know how that thing is going to go down, but I was really hoping for something like that.

Those will probably be saved for the movies.

Well vol 3 spoilers confirm Violet and Gilbert are happy. with occasional axe storm

I am so happy!!

Yeah, I've seen that, but there's still no guarantee they're not going to make any drastic changes to that whole train scenario. Plus, I really wanted to see that shit on screen. Maybe another time then, perhaps like said, fingers crossed.

>Due to staff unavailability, episode 12 of Violet Evergarden will be delayed by 24-48 hours. We thank you for your understanding and patience.

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welp that sucks.

You best be fucking trolling.

It is not like anyone cares about Asenshi at this point. One still has to watch VEG in 1080 quality and there are plenty of non english subs.

Now only if Davinci worked harder, i need my Saiki subs.

Meh, HS is tomorrow anyway.

But it's just released? VEG within 2-3 hours too later.

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litterally week later, episode 11 is length available. It seems Davinci waits for Refrain japanese subs to translate those, instead of making own translations and typesetting.

Sounds hard being EOP

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I speak 5 languages and would not think why would one ever learn Indonesian, unless one intends to join ISIS there.

Cute dead couple.

>it's a fucking idol OVA
For fucks sake I just wanted some cute Gil + Violet stuff.

For Gilbert feeding Violetto classical european stapple food of Sweet Potatoes, but LN vol 3

>dead couple
She’s probably going to marry a nice farmhand and move on. Sadly.

2 Childhood friends BTFO so far: In episode 4 and 11.

Why did that guy reject Iris again? Iris is quite a catch.

I now regret that Groom chapter will not get animated, because Groom's waifu should be pretty cute (being an exotic mail order thai bride) and we will not see KyoAni designs of her

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Violet is the true Saber now. Everyone else inferior emulations.

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2 hours

Ishihara episode?

I'm convinced Ishihara is too busy to do any work on VEG.
>inb4 it's an ishihara episode

What the fuck are you smoking, tripfag

>本日、ABC朝日放送、TOKYO MX1、テレビ愛知にて第12話放送です!是非ご覧ください!

He's talking about the Asenshi's subs.


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>panic because the episode isn't starting, then remember you switched to daylight saving last week

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I had the same problem. You're not alone fellow burger.

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I was wondering why the threads were so quiet, my legs are still shaking. I can't miss my weekly Baioretto.
Not a burger though, I'm pasta

Raw links?

>my legs are still shaking
Everything ok?

Yeah. I was just scared that I missed some update, but in fact I'm just a retard.

30 min niggas

Any guesses on what the episode will be?

Judging off what kyoani does for the last two episodes previously, it's a set up for the finale. It'll probably be slow.

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I want to see Narutoviolet again

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20 minutes

Where's the news for this "movie"? I don't see anything.

On cover strap on new volume of VEG novel, it says "New anime project in the works".

Might be movie, might be something else. But highest chances it is movie.

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My beautiful waifu Violotto- don't runs so beautifully.
Sometimes I dream of running g around the streets with her like that while we write letter for people who look at us while we run around the streets writing those letters for the people that looked at us while we were running around the streets.

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Your waifu? Excuse me, but Violet is mine.

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I'm sure kyoani will notice the song I wrote for Violet yesterday and make it into the opening of the new anime, that will show the world how much I know Violet Evergarden.

Impossible, you don't even run like her.

I've taken care of Violet ever since she was little. Unless your name is Gilbert like me, keep your hands off my wife.

15 minutes, place your bets

[X] Flying Letters chapter a.k.a. "Gilbert, I love you" chapter
[ ] Episodic Client a.k.a. finale only happens in a future movie
[ ] Anime Original

You are just a wannabe otaku that believes Violet is real.
Me on the other hand, I have Violet right here with me, therefore we can run everyday.

This song?

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Yes, thank you user, now everyone can see the love in the song I wrote for my dearest Violet-kun-dono.
Dietfried coke has not a chance.
My love is infinite.

>[X] Anime Original

>Flying Letters
I'll bet one Violetcoin.

You know, the anime may be original, it may even be about my song.
Kyoani confirmed for being greatest stodio ever.

Now sing with me:

Myyyyu~ chooooooco yooooo~~~~

Chocho chocho chocho chocho chocho Choco Choco Choco chocoletoo chochocoletto Violetto~~~~


Are we going to find out if Gilbert is alive today?

I'm totally alive, user-kun.

Gilbert is a good guy. He is /ourguy/

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Thank you, user.
I'm glad to be your got.

We're five minutes away, nigga. You gonna know soon enough.

What happened to Violet?

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>how to pick up old women

she got blacked.

KyoAni did not even need to wait for BD to fix it

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Sheet got a lot of love.

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Is that the best working link?

Scroll down a little


Stop posting those links. I refuse to spoil part of the experience by listening to the OST. Fucking Violet Snow hasn't even been played yet.

>the army thinks Gilbert is dead
>so does his brother
Welp, there goes all hopes for happiness.