Killing Bites

Was this really a necessary scene?
I mean come on, I don't even remember his name.

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is this anime good?

My dick says yes.

Story of my life.

Its ridicilous and stupid but its very fun, it doesnt feel like its too good for anything, while still remaining a kinda serious mood

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So is this what キリングバイツ is?

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Imagine if WWE was made into an anime.

> sharpest fangs win
sharpest fangs win
> sharpest fangs win
sharpest fangs win
> sharpest fangs win
sharpest fangs win
> sharpest fangs win
sharpest fangs win
> sharpest fangs win
sharpest fangs win
> sharpest fangs win
sharpest fangs win
> sharpest fangs win
sharpest fangs win

Literally me

It'll all make sense in the next story arc

Are they going to tack on a romance plot to this? It better be yuri.

>It better be yuri.
Haha no

They already did Beagle-chan confirmed Nomoto/Hitomi.

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Yes, it sets up the fact the climax, where he decides to move his piece, is the first time in his life he has made a decision for himself instead of someone else making the decision for him.
For such a stupid premise (a literal 2010 meme), this show is actually well-directed (by a newbie, no less). Hopefully he doesn't get canned because Nips have shit taste.

Wait, there's story?

A little bit yeah, the anime is covering the prologue of the actual plot

We truly did it, we truly became Killing Bites.


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Doujins when?
Not interested in following this shit, but I like designs.

I just want Ratel and Cheetah to lez out some more. I refuse to believe I'm the only one. Sup Forums cannot be so gay.

Too bad, Civet's dead.

Well, they're just going to have to do it without her help then!

They aren't lovers, only friends.

Face it, you want Cheets to fuck the Badger.

And that yuri scene is an equivalent of a rapist forcing two girls to fuck; neither of them wanted it and it's very unerving to watch.

It's wednesday already.

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Soon, don't be impatient

but i'm kinda retarded when it comes to weeb stuff. Where do I even search for it? How will I know when it's available to download?

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>Put smelly cat in hole
>Cover up hole

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Who has the biggest clitoris? cause we all know that's what killing bites is.

Spotted Hyena.

Hyena girl

>neither of them wanted it
Cheetah clearly wanted it

>neither of them wanted it
Sure they didn't.

Just watch it

the real question is PORN WHEN

Where the doujins at?

In the end he understood the true meaning of Killing Bites.

Not soon enough.

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Is porn even neccessary for this

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You just wanted to post that specific sequence of anime girl reaction images, didn't you?

I hear it's furry. Is it furry?

No, it's kemonomini

It's shit.


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no its about the one which has the sharpest fang.

outrageous claims

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Good enough for me.
The aphrodisiac episode was one of the best faps I've had in a while.
It's kind of boring when everything is exposed.

That's a cute keychain

>Not a single post with smoll badger
what are you doing

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Then post the .gif of her licking her hand and make it happen

Here for you

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You planned this all from the start, didn't you? Is this what killing bites is?

>ywn get sandwiched between Cheetah and Badger

What's his brute form? Armadillo Or wolverine would be coolio

Find out Sunday.

That's exactly what killing bites is
still no OST btw

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I want to pound this bunny's mochi

We all do. Inabutt is Inabest

whens caterpillar animu


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> in nature, rabbits are known to somersault kick their predators in the fucking chin
I think I liked it more when they gave real facts instead of bullshit lies.

Somersault kicks need to be nerfed by the next destoyale.

Destroyale got his name changed to Dentival now

Got "its" name changed to *Destival

destival sounds so lame for some reason

yes, we still haven't seen cheetah and ratel go ass 2 ass