Is it good?

Is it good?

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Rin is the punchline yet again.

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Ah, yes. Studio Copypaste is my favourite Background Art Company.

No, dropped it after episode 3. Good direction won't save a boring story.

Hey, it's that character who was so popular after Extra that she appeared in other works.
Seriously, I can't even remember her name.

Fuck no. I still have no idea how they manage to make each spinoff worse than the one before.

I love Nero so much!


Yes, i love Violet Evergarden.

>Is it good?
No Tamamo, so no, it's shit.

It's a bad show overall. The plot sucks and the characters suck.

The only thing keeping me going is that watching a shaft show is calming somehow after a stressful day at work.

it's really good if you're not an autistic sperg


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No it's shit.

Yes, very much so.

Who is this mysterious book?

nope it's pretty bad

just stop milking Fate already, Nasu

>Nerowank the Animation

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Opinion discarded

lack of good direction is what makes this show so shit tho

Not even worth watching for just Nero.

There's only been like 2 moments where Nero got real focus. Most of the anime has been about NIKUIface

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>shit animation
>retarded shit like the dead face
>managed to make Hakuno even more boring
It's fucking terrible

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It's to Fate as to what Mekaku City Actors was to Kagerou Daze.

my wife Nero is feeling frustrated!


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What are they doing?

Nero is the best saber clone in fact I would go as far and say she is 100% superior to any saber clone AND the original, she should be the real saber as gentlemen, we have found ourselves the literal perfection. She is what saber should've been but because of Nash's still infertile mind it was just never meant to be.
HOWEVER, DAGA SHIKASHI here we are my lads you may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like

I'm a huge nerofag and fate lover and this is the worst thing I've ever watched in my life
>Garbage animation, garbage OST
>Hakuno doesn't translate well to anime at all
>Tryhard Madoka-esque stylisations because SHAFT just can't leave well enough alone
This is truly bottom of the barrel


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Male Hakuno was a mistake

Yes it's really good and this is only the start of the animated extraverse there's more to come

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>Tryhard Madoka-esque stylisations
More interesting than yet another ufotable snoozefest

The KnK movies had fantastic direction, though. Ever since Ufotable hasn't been anywhere near as good, it's miserable.

Sure I agree with that, but I mean in terms of Fate.

Stretching their backs obviously