Toei Animation launches department dedicated to Dragon Ball

And you guys actually thought it was over...

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Say it with me: We are the C___s of Sup Forums


>as of April 1

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Nobody thought DB was over for a minute. That wasn't the issue here. Toei being disorganized and disheveled when they worked on DBS, to the point when numerous episodes had shitty animation and directing, was the real issue here.

Hopefully DB getting its own personalized department is going to fix a lot of Toei's problems with this franchise going forward. DB is their biggest cash cow especially in international sales; they should treat it as such. If this department is managed well, it should be promising news.

They're also bringing one of the guys in who worked on Digimon Adventure Tri, so the animation should be much better than before.

You idiots will fall for anything

Start of the new business quarter, Japan doesn't really do April Fool's Day


Yes Japan has April Fool's Day.


> April Fool's Day

If it was a prank they would drop the news the same day, not in advance.


Holy fuck, fuck off, you gigantic newfag.

Every year anew, lots of anime and manga creators do April Fool's jokes, some of which contain actual announcements. Sup Forums has always posted these. The fact that you don't even know about something as huge and unavoidable as that is best proof that you haven't even been here for a year yet you still smear shit all over this place.

Fucking DBSfags swarming in from tumblr and all other places of the net.

joe capo save us...


Sorry to tell you, oldfag, but we are here to stay. ;)

There is nothing wrong with new users not knowing a board's customs and interacting in only a few threads. There barely are any good anime anymore either apart from DBS, Boruto and Little Witch Academia. Maybe you shouldn't be such a triggered special snowflake?



This news is years old

>Barely any good anime
>Lists DBS as an example
AHAHAHAHAHA. Get the fuck out

Wow. So it's perfectly OK to disregard set rules because lulz we're new?

Stop being elitist, this is exactly the kind of Internet culture we shouldn't make use of in 2018.

I come here twice a week for Boruto and DBS and nowhere else, not on reddit, not even on GameFAQs, do I get rude responses like this.

Ah, so that's why they decided to C&D abridged.

I don't know. I tried watching some of the new movies and I kind of hated them. DB used to be about more than retarded powerups.

Oh, as if you actually give a fuck about rules

Yes, thi— I mean, Hanya~n!

>Reddit, Gamefaqs
You clearly don't belong here if you don't have the guts to stomach what I'm saying. Now go back

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Oh. Yet another triggered oldfag who is unwilling to accept that a NEW GENERATION is taking over.

Face it, sweetheart, times change and yours are kind of over. At least in DBS threads.

Actually, Sup Forums is one of the better boards precisely because moderation and rules are applied here. Don't think Sup Forums is a shit hole like Sup Forums


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I love how even be most cancerous generals can come to the consensus that Dragonball is be worst of them all. This board is for anime, not 'popular anime that I like'.
Grow a spine reddit-kun, cause I'm actually pretty new myself and came during Re zero, yet had the decency to lurk and learn the rules before posting shit

Sup Forums's topics of discussion are too broad but Sup Forums is too narrow. I don't even fucking bother trying to talk about shit like Princess Tutu, Caveboy Rai, Slayers, Candy Candy or Maze: Megaburst Space because you guys think watching Galaxy Express 999 on a russian cam in 2001 gives you the authority of an oldfag.


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Those usually happened on April 1st, not few days in advance.

Dragon Ball is bigger than Jesus.

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>Actually, Sup Forums is one of the better boards precisely because moderation and rules are applied here
Could have fooled me.

Which is why we have 8 Franxx threads at any given time full of incel/virgin/whore shitposters who are clearly from /r9k/ and tumblr.

And it will still be animated like shit.

Darling in the Franxx is an epidemic, I do agree that kids need to be more proactive in ensuring that the board isn't flooded with threads days after the initial whitethorn, it's not something that warrants it

Mods* not kids
Shit storm* not whitehorn

Spin-off when?

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>came during Re Zero
Go back and take him with you

>Hopefully DB getting its own personalized department is going to fix a lot of Toei's problems with this franchise going forward
The reason DB is animated like trash is exactly because it's a cash cow. They know retards will lap it up regardless of how shit it is.

>They're also bringing one of the guys in who worked on Digimon Adventure Tri, so the animation should be much better than before.
Of Digimon Tri's many flaws... animation is among them.

>make shoddily produced 131 episode dragonball anime
>create animation department for it after it's over

based toei

Explain the Love Live puppet episode then.

I come from Sup Forums
Complain when your board is filled with the autistic run-off of Sup Forums, Sup Forums and Sup Forums and the mods are pushing actual board content to /trash/

If this is real and not an April Fool's Day joke, I kind of would like to see some side stories about the other universes. It would be nice to see backstory behind some of them, as the Tournament of Power introduced a lot of potentially neat characters and concepts but did not bother to flesh them out much.

Isn't that a little late?
DBS was okay and all, but it really felt like a little hooray for old times sake.
If they did this 10 years ago it would have made more sense. Is the demand for Dragon ball really still there, in these dimensions I mean?

there's a whole new generation of kids getting in to dragonball now. perfect time to churn out more content.

think of it this way - Super was their Dragonball. whatever comes next is their DBZ/GT/Kai, etc etc.

not necessarily in terms of quality, but in terms of demand.

Who knows what adventures they'll have between now and the time the show becomes unprofitable?


Dragonball actually went through a stupidly big surge during Super. It's easily Toei's (licensed products even beat One Piece in Japan itself based on Toei's numbers) and Bandai's biggest franchise right now (surpassing something like Gundam, that's entirely owned by Bandai, while DB is just a license, yet is still making more money).

That's why they are giving the anime a break, and restructuring departments to focus solely on DB?

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if they actually get their shit together and produce something worthy of the franchises' roots that will be impressive.

and i'm not just talking about good animation - but good design, story and everything inbetween.

the problem i see though is that toriyama is passing on too many responsibilities to toyotaro and he's just not as good as him and probably never will be.

It's almost like they're making a movie while the main branch is busy with Kitaro

>this much delusion
Why are spics such sad fucks?

Again? I thought they already made that "dragon ball room" shit. Anyway, DBS was absolute trash so I don't expect anything good coming from this movie.

It is so funny how the loli character design harem anime Sup Forums lovers bullshiting on Dragon Ball. Truth is Dragon Ball was, is and will be most beloved Manga/Anime Series of the World with no Contest.

too late

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april 1 is a sunday, the start of the quarter is april 2

I am probably in the minority but you guys have no idea how happy i am for Dragonball's success

what's wrong with loli? DB has plenty of them

dragonball has literally never been a (financial) failure

why the hell is his gi yellow?


Ah yes, milk the series until it becomes even worse than spongebob.

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If someone grabbed Frieza and slide him head first in a bowling lane:

1: would he get a strike?
2: how would Frieza take it afterwards?



>dragon ball gt

If this gets us a Trunks and Goten gag series I'm all up for it

Does that mean that the animators and the writers are going to improve?

>Re zero
Shut the fuck up newfag
All the generals here are cancer, including dbs, but we all agreed the worst of them all is Fate, fuck off with your hipster contrarian opinions, DB is popular for a reason

Do they have a similar department for precure or onepiece? If not then this is quite big. A lot of the quality of the animation in anime hinges on the planning.

Some special should be fine.

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I guess young chi chi.... and pan in GT. Thats all I can think of.

Where's their holiday spirit? Don't tell me they don't celebrate Christmas as well.


What happened to the Dragon Room? Is that no longer a thing?


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That's a separate department over at Shueisha. It's still very much a thing that will be working in conjunction with Toei's new department.

You cunts will keep watching no matter how shit it gets,so of course they will keep milking it until even sub 80 IQ spics will get bored.


If anything I would hope this restructuring will only improve the quality of the end product. Hopefully they'll tighten up the writing and put the animators on a better schedule so that shit like episode 5 doesn't ever happen again.

>"hey Kenji, you will be transferred to the Goku Division. Yeah, more working hours but at least the pay is higher. You begin this Monday."

>but at least the pay is higher.

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>Dragon Ball 17

what will be the plot?

Demon Worlds Tournament
Sun Wukong is Back
Zarama Saga


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scouring the other universes for his sister


El Dorado

>Start of the new business quarter
That part is true.
>Japan doesn't really do April Fool's Day
That part is not.
Japan has been doing April 1st hard in the last few years.
Especially in the realm of Sup Forums.

too late

>There barely are any good anime anymore either apart from DBS, Boruto and Little Witch Academia
None of those are good anime.
There are some good anime, you're just too much of a newfag to know them. You're both a Sup Forums nu-newfag and an anime newfag.
From this decade alone, I can think of some decent anime, like Kaiji - Against All Rules, Recovery of an MMO Junkie, DBZ Kami no Kami and Fukkatsu no F, Diamond is Unbreakable, etc.
I'm not even deep into modern anime, I'm a classicfag and I know you're wrong. There are even anime coming out that are automatic 10/10s, like Middle Manager Tonegawa.
And Boku no Hero Academia is far superior to DBS and Bort, and it's not even good.

I just don't understand where they can even plausibly go with the series now. We just got through the fan fiction-tier shitfest of Goku becoming literally one of the strongest things in existence, so what the fuck is left now?

It's not like we can go on fun, quirky adventures and fight weirdos with new kung fu moves, no, it's just going to be


Fuck this stupid fucking series

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You have to be 18 to post here. Get the fuck out.