Sora yori mo Tooi Basho

fuck you Sup Forums you lied to me
i told you dropped it when they start sailing and you told me they would all die
just skip watched the last episode
why did you lie to me?
why didnt you want me to watch this?
why did you told me its a drama and not a comedy?

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What is the true story?


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i want to have a child from each of them

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fuck off weeb

>skipping to the last episode
yeah don't do that.

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>lying about an animes outcome
this is what you dont do you assholes!

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Were you entertained?

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till episode 6 or 7 where ii let off, yes

best comedy anime this season

I blame Megu for this.


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Post your top 3 episodes from this show, Sup Forums.
12 > 7 > 2

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fuck you
why did you lie do me?

You brought this on yourself.

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tfw will never see this adorable autist ever again

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You Really Think Someone Would Do That? Just Go On the Internet and Tell Lies?

Geez, did you genuinely believe it user?

It was just a joke, god you're such a dork

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But they said we'll see each other real soon...

Shut up, I need a season 2. The search for Megu-chan.

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12 - for obvious reasons
10 - Yuzu's first birthdays with friends, cried tears of joy
5 - I'm sympathetic to Megumi and I cried so much at the end

12>2>5=7>1>the rest

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Anyways, this show is definitely my AOTS. this + yuru camp made this season very comfy

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That picture is still my favorite OC from this whole season

There is literally nothing wrong with streaming anime.

>not using VLC

This show was way too good for it's summary, it really seems like a slightly less than generic CGDCT show if you only read that, and it's nothing like that. There's a sizeable amount of people who just find those slice of life shows insanely boring, and this show is really going to be underwatched thanks to that connection.

Was there something you would have liked to see? For me it was the bond between Shirase and Gin. Except for the laptop scene, there wasn't really an emotional farewell.

Except that you lose quality in all shapes and forms.

>This show
It had some comfy moments, yeah, but this shit made me cry my eyes out.

Antartica has like 12,000 fans on MAL, and Yuru Camp has 25,000. MAL isn't quite mainstream, but it's as close to normie as an anime rating website can get.

The average anime fan probably has their "niche" of shows they watch, action/romance/comedy/harem/slice of life/etc. The fact that this show doesn't fit into a niche very well is probably going to hurt in the short term, since it doesn't get a lot of initial viewers that way, but in the long run, most of those types of shows end up getting more popular through word of mouth, which is something anime fans tend to do very well.

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Hokkyoku has Polar bears instead of your regular meek black bears.

Now that the dust has settled, Which part did the tears start flowing for you Sup Forums?
For me, it was this part. Had some grade A performance from HanaKana.

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Most of the episodes made me feel, but episode 12 is the only one that made me cry a little.

When she started listing off the jobs she did while counting her money.

I teared up a couple times in previous episodes. After Yuzu's dream, when the girls went out in the storm, I almost cried in the "Piss off" moment.
But, after this whole episode had me on the edge, the second her mails started appearing I just couldn't stop. Hell, I cried for like half an hour because I kept recalling little details about her life and the tears just kept flowing.

yeah that was the saddest scene in any anime

shirase screaming for her mom was too much for me

OVA will be megu's journey to the arctic, S2 will be the girls joining the winter expedition and travelling back to antarctica

Here, honestly. Of course bigger tears came later, but their little journey in the first ED made my eyes well up and my breath draw in. The show's spirit was already coming through full-bore, and to say I started crying anywhere later than this would be pretending this show didn't have me absolutely captured from episode 1.

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This will be our S2.

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Is there any porn of Kimari's mom punishing Megu yet?

>look mom. I have truly become the sora yori mo tooi basho
Are you fucking kidding me with this shit?

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fuck you janny asshole
who allowed you to delete my post
here again:
fuck you
i will never trust you again
this is just to cruel
i hate you Sup Forums!
if i didnt fast forward this episode ( on a stream, yes get mad i didnt download it !) i would have thought for ever it had a dramatic ending
i will never forgive you!

fuck off

Wait is the mother alive? What was with that mail and what came after?



It was in her outbox. Gin just sent it when she turned on her laptop.

Ghost email.

And you don't seem to understand~

So did Shirase’s Mom die because she turned around in a blizzard to send an email?

Every episode.

I think she tried to send it from the other station but didn't get any signal. I mean the laptop was closed.


It's a wonderful and resonant titular line. Her beloved mother's book, written about her passion that would eventually take her but also inspire her daughter to continue her work. The place of Antarctica, beautiful and unknown, but far and cold and desolate enough that it may as well be outer space. And a place in the human heart that transcends physical location, that lets people love and grow with each other even in the harshest of places, that let Shirase be with Takako again even when the universe didn't allow it.

Like so many of the tropes that this show pulls off, they went beyond earning it. They would've been silly not to.

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Stop, I don't want to cry in public.

post Kimari or [spolier]your momma will die in her sleep tonight[/spoiler]

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Pretty much this tbqhwy

You should die in your sleep tonight.


nice spoiler mate!

>he doesn't know how to spoiler

>failed spoiler
>posting a bannable post

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>being so embaressed about your post you delete it
>everyone already saw it

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mods got it kiddo

sure they got it HAHAHAHAHA
10/10 excuse

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Maybe next you shouldn't be such an edgelord tryhard, this isn't Sup Forums. And learn to peoperly use the spoiler function, kiddo

Thread theme:

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I was joking user.

Anime doesn't give me feels, ever, except this.

It wasn't me you retards.

I know. Thank you for causing me to reflect anyway.

I love you, Sup Forums.
Never change.

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Christ, why are the insert songs so good?

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I'm alright ;_;

>not using mpv
Hello there, Windowsfag.

How will you celebrate the AOTY?
I just opened a bottle of masumi sake

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I teared up when Kimari pointed towrds the sky and the aurora was there.
Then I stopped for a moment, confused, thinking "why the hell is this making me cry, it's not all that emotional"
And then I realized. That fucking insert song.
It's like a pavlov response now. I hear that shit and my eyes are watering on their own.
It's not fair.

>no more puddi
I'll never forget all the good times we've had anons. ;_;

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Some of you guys are alright
Don't come to Antarctica tomorrow

Today’s the deadline, have you all signed and turned in your friendship contracts?

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i miss the cute dorks already

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I fucking hate nu-Sup Forums

>streaming is bad because of quality loss
It's not noticeable unless you stream at resolutions higher than 1080p.
>"lol not using [insert whatever shitty media player you use here] in [insert current year]"
Nobody cares about what you use to watch your north korean cartoons, so you shouldn't care about what others use either.

>in the same year as Violet Evergarden

God the scenery porn in this show was something else.

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I signed up the boyfriend contract several episodes ago.

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Wait a second...

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>signing up the boyfriend contract
>while I was signing the marriage contract

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So that user is fucking your wife?

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You fools should've read the fine print. You signed away your souls to She Who Thirsts.

Last 4 episodes were bullshit. That final dumbass reveal made zero sense.