Why does Sup Forums hate this?

Why does Sup Forums hate this?

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Because the manga exists

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Ugly art style

People have several gripes with this series, mine is this:
I started reading it hoping they would fight with their helmets and armor on, but they don't, they're always doing dee-bee-zee aerials.

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But Sup Forums doesn't hate the show.
Sup Forums hates Sup Forums who bases his whole opinion on the anime, without reading the manga.

all i know is that the main girl is so hot

On all series, I preffer to start on the anime and then keep on with the manga, so I haven't started reading the manga for this yet. On a scale from 1 to 10, how much better than the anime is it? I already assume it's better but dunno if there's much difference at all.

>On a scale from 1 to 10, how much better than the anime is it?
1.NnT works much better in black and white. Not mentioning the coloring in the anime is bad.
2.The animation should have stayed on that spear catching and throwing back scene to make the fights look on equal level as the manga
3. Anime is rushed as hell
4.Cuts scenes from the manga that are important later on
6. Ruins awesome scenes by lazy art
Only good to say are the voice actors and the music isn't bad.

Huh, well that's nice. Gonna look forward to reading in once this season ends.

I did only watch the anime, and only like 4 esp.
I just didn't like the "lol our main character is a pev and the main female is a retard "
I have only so much time in the day, and boring unrealistic leads just get skipped.
I am suppised it's got picked up by main stream as much as it has.

??? I like the manga too. But it's great that it gets anime. Much love.

You'd be better off reading the manga from the beginning. First season skipped a lot of important set up and foreshadowing for S2. Namely that Dreyfus was possessed.

>lol our main character is a pev and the main female is a retard
For once Elizabeth isn't really retarded. She is just beta since she really needs his help.
Second there is a reason why he acts like that, without spoiling too much.
Let's just say he only acts toward Elizabeth, like that.

>Namely that Dreyfus was possessed.
Well now that you mention it, that was really weird at first. Fuck. Might as well read the whole thing then, why not.

but i like it

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>Sup Forums is one person

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Fans like to see a mc who worked hard to be where they are while we haven't seen Meliodas train and he's strong because he's a demon or some shit

Sup Forums is full of tryhard primaries

the art of animeonly is lost, only a very few patricians animeonly practice it up to nowaday.

based opinion

Not enough Merlin?

Battle shounenshit


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I actually dropped the manga when right when they introduced powerlevels. How relevant are they and if very, how well integrated? I really didn't want to go through all that jazz again.

Sup Forums loves SDS. Wtf are you talking about user?

Tbf, armor is pretty useless given that even low-level knights destroy them without a care with their attacks.

> How relevant are they
Literally only used as a plot device in order to show how effective a power up was. Mangaka uses it as a way to give us a general picture of the current chars standing instead of forcing the char into a fight every time he/she gets stronger.

Plus even the chars in-story say that the powerlevels (unless they are SUPER far apart) have little say in the outcome of the fight.

The anime just butchers Nakaba's art.

It also fails to make cool moments... cool.
Everything just feels lackluster in comparison. They don't know where to focus to make scenes emotionally impactful.
WIT studio is actually really good at this because they focus their all into making scene jive real fucking good. They throw their best OST track they've saved for that special moment. They also pour as much detail as they possibly can into the shot and slow down the animation to show off whats going on.

But then look at this shot.
I mean fucking really A1? Is this the best you've got for what's supposed to be a shocking moment?

Let's also not mention that the past-sins in their armor look like variations of fruit.
And Galan looks fucking abysmal.

If this series was handled by a more competent studio, it would've been an orgasm. But I'd say it's nearly comparable to the tragedy that is Berserk 2017.

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I'm literally watching S2 right now. I haven't read the manga, but judging by the anime alone. It's one of those most meh shounen I've ever watched. It's not bad enough that you call it horrible nor it's good enough you call it great. I also generally dislike the ensamble cast form and prefer the more common one MC/one rival. The powerlevels part is good. The fights are good. Hawk is one of my all time favorite mascots. The overall plot is meh, people keep talking how the manga is better but unless the manga is so different that it's basically another story, I don't think any improvement in storytelling would affect the quality THAT much.


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Manga moves faster by comparison.
I'm not going to lie though with the plot, it does have a couple of moments where it stalls and you have no fucking clue what's going on.

Nakaba focused too much on the short-term and never really set up the long-term goals early on which causes the problem.
Would've worked better if we understood some of the stakes earlier, like Meliodas's past stuff getting delayed for so long was a part of the problem imo because that's central to the main plot. And it being delayed didn't help the plot in any way.

If we had known Fraudrin existed far earlier, it would've been for the better because after Hendricksen got defeated we would've been more suspicious that there's someone pulling his strings instead of not having anything to go off of. I mean the only hint was Gowther getting mentally bullied, which was hardly foreshadowing that Hedricksen wasn't the true leader of the operation.

That whole arc was my least favorite part in the whole series (last 5 episodes or so in S1).

>Nakaba focused too much on the short-term and never really set up the long-term goals early on which causes the problem.
The problem is that it isn't commiting to one of them. Nothing is wrong with episodic small arcs, but NnT is doing somthing in between which isn't really good. All in all, S2 seems to be better so far. The Ten Commandments are a much more interesting antagonist.

i love it and plan to continue with the manga.
Sup Forums opinion is usually shit.

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Arthur's ability activated upon his death and he is now sealed in the sword. The sword copies abilities of humans it's absorbed. Arthur's ability is going to be some bullshit like immortality or regeneration so his body can no longer die but his spirit is trapped in his sword.

Escanor is going to die protecting Merlin. Someone (I'm thinking Ban) will cause Escanor to take over Arthur's now soulless body. I'm thinking Escanor likely has an ability of his own that was mutated by Sunshine out of his control. Why? Because if Sunshine was a Blessing, then what is Escanor's ability?

I'm suspecting it's a strengthening magic since Mael seemed to only have possession over the fire-type abilites.

And ofc Estarossa is going to be revealed to be Mael. He's likely in love with Elizabeth and probably started the Holy War. Demon Gowther manipulated him/everyone to end the last war

thats a big girl

The story became kind of chaotic after the Holy Knight-Saga.
So many characters with so many backstories, not to mention all the powerlevels

This, the artist might be great but his color selection designs is incredibly hit or miss, which shows in the anime.

i just want to see escanor animated

For you