One punch man

Which one is the best character and why is it darkshine?

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Pig god because he's the manifestation of Sup Forums

The loli.


>ch089 translation
I know beggars can't be choosers but what the fuck, were they even trying

90 fucking when?

5 minutes

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Obviously Mumen Rider


That looks like lo mein Pig God is cooking, and goddamn do I want some of it.

wouldn't that make him the worst character?

Wait, i just realized that DriveKnight is eating, so he is a cyborg after all and not a robot? Well, headcanon destroyed

t. PG

Fuck I just noticed that too

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What killed the hype?

>Angry because his bait thread died

I dont usually fall for anime girls, but this one got me with my guard low.

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Legends say that she doesn't wear a panties


Going to dump the chapter.

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"Thank you Four your playing".

Doesnt bother me because Murata english is still lacking.

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how is this a bait thread

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>hype will come back when good translation is out they said

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It's CLEARLY a reference to Sup Forums. Clearly. No doubt about it, nope.

I can't believe Garou's dead

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The previous one not this

>This reply made 2 minutes ago
>user's previous reply 32 minutes ago
Geez, user.

Also, I'm a freaking detective, yes.


Ikr Bomb, its just cabbage, and Fubuki returns as expected.

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Why the fuck you would ruin the dump

What happened to the big thing Saitama killed?
niggerstream translation is shit as usual.

It's a reference dumbass

Such a good girl is Fubuki, returning the cabbage to Saitama.

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Genos and king should hang together sometimes

It's a parody.

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Fubuki is actually right, what Saitama did was a douche move.

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It’s sensei.
He came back just fine…
Were you successful?
Man, I’m done… / I ran into quite some trouble.
Did…did you really run into garou?
Huh? / king and the gramps are still here? / It’s getting crowded in here…
Sensei, is this the hero hunter’s blood…!?
Nah, ran into some monsters on my way back.
From the monster association!?
No, just the usual occurrences around this area. / I have no idea why. / that’s fine and all, but…
Never existed

Fubuki have all the rights to be angry, saitama is an asshole

What's is this character's problem?

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When are Tatsumaki and Darkshine gonna be confirmed as canon couple?

Why does every look she does make me diamonds

Not only Genos is jealous of Fubuki, but he is also a hypocrite imo.

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all i want in life is have a fubuki mommy gf when i come home

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That was the meme translation, MS actually got this right this time

Probably the most amount of dmg Saitama received in the series so far.

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Remove the frog and I'm fine with it

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In the proper translation. Saitama said he encountered something really big implying Orochi.
Niggerstream likes removing important information in their translation just like when the narinki squad first appeared, they removed the information that the suits came from the organization.

BLACKED will be Happening soon

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She's saitama's

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Mommy gib milkies

Doc, what about upgrading Genos durability?

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Are you actually gonnaost all 100 pages

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Something really big was losing the wallet retard.


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That HxH dialogue box was perfect for the joke, good job MS.

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Genos' logic was a bit forced to have King do it, but for joke purposes it's fine I guess. I doubt Kuseno's armor was giving more energy than a demon.

Godspeed user

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emotional damage is a real thing

Fuck !
FUck !
I love OPM that's terrible, user' is supposed to hate everything, HALP !

Rich kid wasn't wrong though. Metal bat would have solod the MA by himself. Infinite strength is too OP.

Thit was a funny page, poor Fubuki.

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Dumb user

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Kuseno's suit reminds me of some Vidya

I was more talking about Bang's, Bomb's and Fubuki's side.

Then again, I guess it's fair since King would give absolute victory.

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So kuseno is from the organization confirmed?

It's hilarious how everyone just totally ignores Saitama's requests to leave.

Fubuki is cute

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Someone should edit this into a HxH joke

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MB doesn't have infinity strength

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Fubuki fags BTFO

That Dog monster

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I'm sure you know more than the author himself.
ONE said his strength can reach infinity.

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How badly will they job?

calls Fubuki a chick
niggerstream translation btw