Why should I feel sympathy for him again?

Why should I feel sympathy for him again?

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He got a mech upgrade, F/a/toshi is fine.

you shouldn't

Because you're supposed to be a clingy fatso IRL.

Literally me tho

You will all apologize when he turn himself into chadboy muscles after working out.


F/a/toshi >>>>>>K/r9k/oro

cuz we are fat ugly bastards

Is Futoshi going to cure Ikuno of her lesbianism?

Because he's a good person that was hurt. Unless you think that a certain physical trait of his grants him inherent unlikeability, which is rather illogical and probably stems from your own insecurities.

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Unironically this.
I used to go to gim when I was a skinny dude and all fat fucks there grew muscles much faster than me.

You shouldn't.
You also shouldn't feel happy that Mitsuru has a new girl to nearly kill when he fails to perform again.
You also shouldn't feel happy that Kokoro literally promised Futoshi to be with him forever and then first chance she gets she's off fucking some other dude.

Because he is a fat fuck and he is supposd to remind you of him

They still couldn't make the Franxx move, which means the are only compatible as friends, and of course it's not the case for everyone.

but it's okay because it was all out of wuv, like when 02 nearly killed Hiro.

You shouldn't.

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Who is Papa?

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You shouldn't he's honestly better off without her.

this, I hope he gets a redemption arc and turn into an alpha that slays pussy whenever he breathes.

>probably stems from your own insecurities
I bet fat fucks in Sup Forums are those who constantly make threads and shit on him over and over.

Don't know but pretty sure Mitsuru will be one soon.

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He's learning a harsh but valuable lesson that will turn his life around and make him a better person. There's no need to pity him.

Because he's fat and is a perfect specimen incapable of doing any wrong. Fatshaming is NOT ok.

>Kokoro was just holding him back

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>Fat guy with heartbreak: "I am growing stronger"

because he's fat and pathetic.

Imagine being Kokoro in that scene and having to be all like "damn, Futoshi, you fuckin' fine, all sexy with your fat body and horrific flabby monster face. I would totally pilot with you, both as a pistil and as a person." when all she really wants to do is seduce Mitsuru in her Franxx. Like seriously imagine having to be Kokoro and not only sit there and agree with him while he flaunts his disgusting body and creepy hand-grabbing, the favorable lighting barely concealing his stretchmarks and pimply skin, and just sit there while he stares and grabs lecherously at you. Not only having to tolerate his monstrous fucking visage but his clingy attitude as everyone in the control room tells him he's A NICE GUY and DAMN, FUTOSHI LOOKS LIKE *THAT*?? because they're not the ones who have to sit there and watch his flabby fucking pizza face contort into types of grimaces you didn't even know existed before that day. You've been lusting for nothing but a baby from the angsty aloof, slick-haired, green-eyed chad for your ENTIRE CAREER coming straight out of the boonies in Plantation 13. You've never even seen anything this fucking disgusting before, and now you swear you can taste the sweat that's breaking out on the rolls of his protruding stomach as he sucks it in to writhe it suggestively at you, smugly assured that you are enjoying the opportunity to be forced to be his partner and to sit there and revel in his "statuesque (for that is what he calls himself)" beauty, the beauty he worked so hard with personal chefs in the previous months. And then the fatty pressures you into agreeing to be his partner forever, and you know you could go into stampede mode and kill every single person in this place before the plantation security could put you down, but you sit there and endure, because you're fucking Kokoro. You're not going to lose your reputation as the sweet girl, sync ratings and secret milkings with Mitsuru over this. Just bear it. Lie to him and bear it.

They named him Futoshi of all things.

I'm not a fatoshifag but I think you are right.
Ikuno and fatoshi will workout together so they can grab some pussy, screenshot this.

>Hiro literally named him Fat

No mercy.

him being a fat fuck isn't just a physical trait. it speaks to his mental weakness. he always cries too and is really clingy so yeah he's pretty fucked up and basically worthless as a human. fat beta Sup Forumsnons will continue to defend him though im sure

It's for the best.

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>tfw Zorome and Futoshi.

Yeah, see that's always the reasoning provided by the insecure, but all people have mental weaknesses, being fat is just one divot and hardly the worst. There's nothing wrong with crying either, it only means he's open with his emotions. Neither makes a drastic characteristic of his worth as a human being, yet you still despise him. And it's pointless to despise something that doesn't damage you, meaning in some way those characteristics threatens you personally. Now I can see two possible reasons as to why you'd feel threaten by fat people: either you developed association between fat people and hurt from being treated badly by one systematically, or the fact that he embraces his weakness provokes your own unsatisfied weakness that you try to suppress but it keeps nagging at your subconsciousness.


No, because was being an obsessive overbearing fat sperg
this is an obvious plot set up to make him lose weight
this show is not exactly subtle

...Legit would be cool.

He's even built for that. Seems like a logical next step.

Also these.

based psychoanalysist user
I feel somewhat smarter after reading this

>not even nips



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This. It was just a painful wake-up call. That's life. Get /fit/ or get fucked.

Because you're not a sociopath?

I don't understand this
>be a fat slob with zero personality and interests
>get dunked
>work out, get motivated, develop hobbies
>become a real human bean instead of doritos devouring sack of lard
>Yeah you didn't like me when I was completely unlikeable, fucking owned
If he gets /fitlit/, first thing he does should be thanking her

I like this guy.

Are people unironically defending him, though? He's clingy, forced a promise to her and then cried like a little bitch when she "broke" it 5 minutes later as if it was a huge deal to begin with. He acts like a white knight faggot thinking all women need a man to protect them. The fat fuck is the typical "nice guy".

Do you want me to tell you how I know you are fat?

I don't know if he's fat or not but he's obviously never seen the show. Futoshi's personality is almost a parody of the m'lady white knight meme, absolute garbage.

I very much do, because that would mean you went defensive, proving me right.

>Kokoro forcing herself to connect with Futoshi for the good of the plantation
>thinking about puppies and pretty flowers
>doesn't work, can't get her mind of the fact she has to become one with this incoming mass of blubber
>barely avoids vomiting
>meanwhile futoshi is so fat he can't even see his own stamen anymore
>"What's wrong milady, Papa will be mad if you can't connect and you HAVE to connect with me"
>Kokoro suddenly feels like she got stabbed with a small pen
>she remembers Mitsuru who was writing poetry the other day and calms herself

556 deserves a medal.

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There's nothing quite like seeing a guy destroy another user with a well thought out post.

>good person
Punches a guy for saving his former partner from killing herself (punches him before even hearing an explanation, btw). Unaware of how unrealistic it is to expect a beautiful girl like Kokoro to love him back. Gluttonous.
>a certain physical trait of his grants him inherent unlikeability
His fatness.
>which is rather illogical
Why so?
>and probably stems from your own insecurities.
How can you say so?

Your argument:
Dislike fatties -> threatened by fatties -> must have some sort of mental insecurity
Actually, I hate fatties because I am biologically programmed to find them ugly. Pretty sure about that. And futoshi can go suck it. Being fat isn't the only bad thing about him, but it's a big warning sign.

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>Punches a guy for saving his former partner from killing herself
He was expecting him to dodge it, but Mitusuru didn't dodge. To be honest he needed to be punched in order for him to actually care about other people

>Actually, I hate fatties because I am biologically programmed to find them ugly.

so you admit you hate ugly people?

And none of what you say makes sense, simply because fatness is not universally despised as you state it to be. Most people are perfectly fine with fat people, there are plenty of women who genuinely fall in love with fat people (this is the part where you claim all that either those fat people are rich or the women are insane). You keep making up excuses that only highlight the fact that you personally have a very high disdain for fat people, to the point that you project it onto others which makes zero sense. And that only furthers the illogicality of your statements, further proving that your mind can't allow itself to accept people being fat, and only reason that would happen is if it feels inherent danger in them.
By the way the punch was the showing of newly developed male bond and understanding between Futoshi and Mitsuru, and you misunderstanding of it could possibly be extrapolated into you being a closet homosexual, but would take a lot more assumptions for me to be entirely sure, maybe you're just dumb and didn't get it.

No. He's a cautionary tale, a warning. He was begging to be cucked since day one with all that beta pussy pedestalizing, and he got it.

Abe-sama is dropping the hard truths. It hurts, but it's for the greater good.

You shouldn't. It's not Kokoro he cared about, it's food.

>grill gets cucked, acts desperate and jealous, and gets constant sympathies and heated arguments defending her
>boy cucked, acts desperate and jealous, and there is nothing but laughs and his character perception is permanently fucked

>girls should never be allowed a choice on who they want to be with

You’re not supposed to feel sympathy. He was a pathetic fat fuck with an immature idea of romance.
He’s basically CWC with a mecha which is a terrible thought.

Or he could not be bitter and just ignore the shit out of her? Maybe you'd get it if you were /fit/

>Maybe you'd get it if you were /fit/
You seem to be assuming that I think she did anything wrong

>Gets fit and handsome.
>Kokoro wants to partner with him.
>he denies her.

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Normies get out

His personality would still be shit. And he wouldn't be able to stay fit.

>Futoshi, Mitsuru and I are going out to dinner tonight for our anniversary. Could you watch the children for us? All 5 of them are pretty well-behaved.

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>Also give us your credit card and the keys to your car

>Most people are perfectly fine with fat people
[citation needed]
> there are plenty of women who genuinely fall in love with fat people
Not enough. Obesity is linked with unattractiveness.
Theres plenty of ground to claim that fat people hate (or just disgust) has evolutionary genetical component to it. Either from association of obesity with disease or some artefact from tribalism - dislike of weak members of the tribe.

>also we need your bedroom

Your personality is shit, he is just and awkward kid who doesn't know how to deal with emotions.
t. not futoshi

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Of course milady.
All that matter is your happiness.
Can I do anything else for you?

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>and your whipped cream.
>N-n-not the whipped cream!!!!

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1) Fatoshi wallows in self pity and becomes even more pathetic, probably dies.
2) He hits the gym, becomes hardened and straightens the yuri.


Ichigo actually has some redeeming character qualities, fat sympathizer.

Stay put in your cuckshed, mitsuru will unlock you in the morning

>this sinful body belongs to Mitsuru now

Just let that sink in for a bit.

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Thats Ichigo user, pic related is Kokoro

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What will Mitsuru do with this pair of melons?

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No, he should bang Nana in front of every parasites to show who's the boss.

Nothing He's gay.

Because he's genuinely a nice guy betrayed by the person he loved, who not long before promised to be faithful to him always. Jesus Christ you people need to stop being so angry over a fat guy liking a cute girl.
Inb4 >butthurt fatass hurr durr
5'9", 154lbs, frequent exercise, and struggled to gain weight most of my life.

>melon milkshake

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Like what? It's not like fatty himself hasn't been pulling his weight for years, even after he got cucked.

To me this is what seems to be happening, that and the youngsters realising there's a difference between childhood crushes and actually developing love with another person. I think it'll be mainly restricted to Futoshi and Mitsuru who falls in love with people other than their (former?) partners. Rest probably keeps things as they are.

>a fucking gayboi was more attractive to females than this fatfuck

Who the fuck doesn't hate ugly people? They're gross to look at and sight happens to be our primary sense.

There's something seriously wrong with someone who can look in the mirror every day and see a lardass and not do anything about it. A lot of character flaws are hidden and harder to fix, with fat it's so undeniable and has such a simple solution, literally just eat less and exercise more

The white knighting was cringy as shit. Even after the break up he was all focused on Mitsuru and "protect her". It wasn't about Kokoro as a person. I actually wish this will be addressed in future episode. Futoshi is supposed to be just naive and overeager so he was oblivious to the whole "nice guy" routine he was doing so I wish we see him mature and understand.

You shouldn't. Futoshi is an obese, emotional train wreck who was dead weight to Kokoro. She made the right decision trading up for Milkman and her womb will bring forth a great brood of klaxo-human hybrids as the next generation of pilots.

All according to keikaku.

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>klaxo-human hybrids
The mother of dragons

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You mean heavenly right? She's an angel of fertility and motherhood

More like infertility and barren wombs.

They are doctor Franxx's rebellious experiment against the adults who no longer have children.

we Cross Ange now.

>Expect a beautiful girl
You think certain numbers can't mesh with others?

Breaking a promise used to be considered a grave sin equal to killing a member of your tribe.
There can be no forgiveness for Kokoro.

Who would punish her? Definitely not Futoshi, her ultimate white knight defender.
Now that Mitsuru gave a promise that he would protect Kokoro, Futoshi has to support them forever and be the ultimate Mitsukoko-defender.

He will always and forever support Kokoro.

No reason, he only has himself to blame. Real problem tho is if he wont learn on his mistake.

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