Tokyo Ghoul: re

Until when was it good?

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56 or so.

Why that? Wasn’t Kanekis fight with Arima the highlight?

>Hair randomly turns white like in S1 of the anime, makes zero sense whatsoever
>Arima and Eto get killed off to make Kaneki the OEK except he's not even remotely capable enough
>Kaneki ''defeating'' Arima makes no sense considering how weak he was

A highlight of mediocrity maybe

Fight's soo bad even Arima committed suicide.

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I hate the clowns so fucking much. The manga is already inconsistent but those guys take it to a whole other level. Willing to bet every one of them is on Kaneki level strength. Roma was the first one to fight all out and she was fucking SSS-rate, so you know it's only getting worse from here on out.

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AaaaaaaAAAAAAaaaaaa....... I LOVE TOUKA!!!!!

When it comes to Itori and Uta I don't find that as offensive considering Uta is most likely old fart from Underground and we know nothing of Itori. We also know nothing of Nico's abilities asides from that he can heal and that there is V member looking like him. But Donato is biggest offender among them. Dude literally got destroyed in past by Mikito (guy child Eto fodderized) and Iwao (guy kakuja Roma fucked up).

Him being more powerful then Roma is bs.

Until ch1 p1

It's not just the clowns. Those ranks are retarded though, they might have meant something at the beginning but now everything below """""SSS""""" is so useless that it might not even exist and the power differences in that rank make the rank itself meaningless as well. :re was a mistake.

Me too, user.

Don't forget omniscient, indestructible Furuta.

What he said Besides QUINX are master of asspulls.Not even Donato the walking asspull tops them.

It slowly started to drop after the Tsukiyama raid arc ended but personally I still enjoyed it until the end of Cochlea.
Rue Island was a drag and everything that came afterwards is utter garbage.

I tend not to think of him as actual part of Clowns among that group.

I like how people bitch about Furuta predicting everything all time yet no one says shit about Uta's le spoiler tattoos and le masks that perfectly predict future as well. Hypocrites.

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>This art style
Did Ishida got fucking lazy? The Rueisland/cochlea arc art was beautiful

>Did Ishida got fucking lazy?
Why bother when retards are gonna slurp up everything regardless while screaming YO WHAT THE FUCK ISHIDA on top of their lungs?

In defense of his "le spoiler tattoos" at least: those he tattooed after himself and his own life and not as "prediction" to Kaneki.

Furuta knowing all of a sudden perfectly well everything old oek when he didn't knew jack shit in past just so he can pull epik Aizen meme on another hand is BULLSHIT!

>masks that perfectly predict future

Re was a mistake.

Not him but to name some that come to my mind:
>Kaneki's mask = Hide
>Urie's mask = his kakuja mask when Donato fucked him up
>Mutsuki's mask = Kaneki 2.0 = Karren too since it got stitches and Ishida said Mutsuki is foil to Karren

like someone else already said about his tattoos, those represent Nagaraj and not Kaneki. Kaneki living trough same ordeal that Nagaraj did got nothing to do with Uta trying to predict future with his tattoos and his own Actuion mask is again spoiler for Nagaraj rather then some """""future prediction""""". Biggest spoiler on his tattoos would be crosses that resemble Donato's kagune.

That being said, Ishida always does this sort of thing with every character in order to make them appear """""clever""""". He done same with Eto too, then you have Autisma and Hirako as well being aware of things that are gonna happen in future. Furuta still takes cake there as nobody makes other characters more retarded in comparison then him in order for him to be most """""clever""""" one.
(As other guy again mentioned) Furuta didn't knew shit about oek or what is deal with it. Clowns obviously never wanted to share any info with him about it as well. Roma considered him her """""playtoy""""" for amusement and Uta doesn't look like type to have told him his life story, yet Furuta all of a sudden just like that knows everything he didn't in past. Even when there is moment that he ain't such Gary Stu after all, he pops up again with "keikaku doori" meme.

>where dafuq (17047808) this one came from?